Roman Catholic Necromancy – Praying to Dead Popes

One might also ask: if in truth, as Papists believe, a pope is the Vicar of Christ on earth, “God on earth”, “Jesus Christ Himself hidden under the veil of flesh” (to give just a few of the many blasphemous titles that have been bestowed on popes), surely just one miracle would be enough?

So what was the single “miracle” attributed to John XXIII?  Caterina Capitani, a Neapolitan nun who, it has been reported, had endured 14 surgeries for a gastric haemorrhage, was “inexplicably healed” after relics from John XXIII were placed on the fistula on her abdomen.  Thereafter she claimed she saw a vision of John XXIII in her sickroom as she lay dying, and he told her to get up, for she was healed.  “I’m hungry, I want to eat,” she kept saying, even though all she ate would just come out of the fistula in her abdomen.  She kept repeating, “Pope John told me the wound is healed.”[17]  Many doctors – at least so we are told – apparently agreed that there was no medical explanation for her healing.

Many people, especially Roman Catholics but also many “Protestant” Pentecostals and Charismatics, are quick to believe such claims as genuine, regardless of what the Bible says.  This is absolutely tragic.  Firstly, it is nothing but forbidden occultism to lay “relics” on someone so that they may be healed.  This is the use of what are called charms, supposed “magic objects” possessing supposed healing powers, and charming of any kind is forbidden in God’s Word (Deut. 18:11).  Secondly, in biblical times men occasionally had visions of the Lord Himself, who spoke to them; but the Lord never sent dead people to anyone in a vision, and nor does He do so now.  Contact with the dead is strictly forbidden in His Word.  Some point to the dead Samuel who supposedly appeared to King Saul when a witch, a spiritualist medium, called him up; but this was not Samuel, it was a demon impersonating him, as the entire account in Scripture makes clear (1 Sam. 28).  If this poor benighted nun really did experience a visitation from the spiritual realm, it was not the dead John XXIII who came to her, but a demon masquerading as John!

Thirdly, just as in Pentecostal/Charismatic circles there are any number of claims about spurious miraculous “healings” supposedly verified by doctors, so it is in Roman Catholic circles as well.  In this particular case, either there is a perfectly natural explanation, or it was all an elaborate hoax – which is far more common than many realise.  Only one thing is certain, and we say it with absolute conviction based on what the Word of God teaches: the dead John XXIII is in hell, and cannot – cannot – cannot return to this world and heal the sick!  The very idea is outright necromancy dressed up as “Christianity.”  It is not Christian, it is utter heathenism.  We may not always know what actually happened, but we can with certainty know what did not happen.

In John Paul II’s case, there were two supposed “healings”.  The first was the apparent healing, after prayer, of a French nun, Marie Simon-Pierre, who had Parkinson’s disease.  As for the second “miracle”, this was the supposed healing of a woman with a cerebral aneurism.  Floribet Mora Diaz, from Costa Rica, was told by doctors that she had a month to live.  She said that when she heard this, “I held God’s hand tightly, praying for the intercession of John Paul II.”[18]  Note how she prayed for the intercession of the dead pope!  This is Roman Catholic prayer, and it is an abomination before God.  It is not a looking by true faith to the true God, through the mediation of His Son Jesus Christ, and a trust in Christ’s intercession for His people; it is rather a looking, by spurious faith, to the Roman Catholic god, and to dead Roman Catholics to intercede with the Roman Catholic god.  She continued: “He had not been beatified yet, although I always thought John Paul II was a Saint – not just now that he is going to be canonized.  While he was alive I considered him a Saint, always, he was such a special person.”

When she watched the beatification ceremony of John Paul II on TV in her home (beatification is a step on the road to canonisation), she fell asleep on the sofa holding a magazine with his photo on the cover.  She continued: “I heard a voice in my room that said to me: ‘get up,’ and a second time, ‘get up and don’t be afraid.’  There was a magazine there which had a photo of John Paul II on the cover and I saw the Pope’s hands jut out.  Then I got out of bed, without fear, without agony, with an incredible peace, knowing that I was cured.”  The tragedy in all of this is that this poor deluded Roman Catholic woman experienced a demonic deception.  It was not the dead John Paul II who spoke to her in her room that night.  The dead do not, and indeed cannot, contact the living (Lk. 16:27-31).  The Lord’s elect are in heaven, the rest are in hell.  The Roman Antichrist, John Paul II, being, as all popes are, “the son of perdition” (2 Thess. 2:3), is in hell.  No, if Floribet Mora Diaz heard a voice that night, it was a demonic delusion.  It was the same kind of demonic delusion that occurs in spiritualist séances.  It was a devil impersonating a dead man.