Ukraine, Russia, the US/EU: What’s Going On?

Ukraine Russia US EU, PDF format

Understanding Five Important Points

As they say, the first casualty of war is truth.  This is certainly the case with what has been unfolding in Ukraine in recent weeks.  From all sides there are lies, distortions, and deliberate disinformation.  But even so, Christians can have a good understanding of these momentous events if they clearly grasp five important points, and never lose sight of them.

The first point, and the most important of all, is this: the nerve centre of all world events – biblically and historically – is Rome.  To be specific, the Roman Papacy; the Roman Catholic institution.  This is the heart of Satan’s activities and intrigues worldwide, religiously and politically (Rev. 17).  Nowhere else!  All roads truly do lead to Rome.  It relentlessly seeks to expand its own influence and power over the nations of the earth.[1]

And so we must ask: what will Rome achieve by these events in Ukraine?  And when we do this we find that the Vatican supported the Ukrainian revolutionaries who overthrew the government and established one of their own.

The second point is this: Communism is not dead; the so-called “collapse” of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s was a deliberate Communist deception; and Russia is still under Communist control.[2]

The third point is: the plans for the New World Order are now at a very advanced stage; and these involve a one-world government that is Socialist/Communist; the merging of East and West under Communism – of the USA with Russia and with the European Union (EU), and with all other regional entities worldwide (such as the African Union, etc.).

The fourth point: the United States of America is not, today, a bastion of anti-Communism.  In fact, the Communists’ decades-old plot to conquer the US government has succeeded, and that government today is Communist.[3]  The evidence is plain for those with eyes to see.  American expansionism across much of the globe is for the purpose of promoting the Communist one-world agenda.  Once upon a time, when America led what was called the “free world”, anti-Communists and freedom-lovers looked with hope to America; but that time is long past.  What a tragedy that much of the world now views America’s global influence with the same dread as they would the influence of Russia or China.  And with good reason: America’s government is now no better than that of Russia and China.  All three are Red.

Also, allied to the US, the European Union is a gigantic ultra-Socialist monstrosity, under the same one-worlders and working for the same Communist world, under a world government.