Copeland in Popeland: Kenneth Copeland Embraces “Unity” with the Roman Pope

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It caused a huge stir – but really, should any Christian be surprised?
At a conference in Texas, USA, under the auspices of the “ministry” of veteran Charismatic charlatan and false prophet, Kenneth Copeland, a man appeared on a giant TV screen and gave his “blessing” to the assembled congregation.  That man was no other than the Jesuit pope of Rome, Francis I.[1]
He spoke in Italian, with subtitles provided, delivering an ecumenical message that was lapped up by those Charismatics like a word from heaven itself.  The Roman Antichrist, employing all the subtlety for which the Jesuits are infamous, said that he yearned that “this separation comes to an end and gives us communion.”  He went on to say: “we have to encounter one another as brothers.  We must cry together…. These tears will unite us, the tears of love…. I speak to you in a simple way, with joy and yearning.  Let us allow our nostalgia (yearning) to grow, because this will propel us to find each other, to embrace one another.  And together to worship Jesus Christ as the only Lord of history.”
Indeed the Papacy yearns for the day when all spiritually blind “Protestants” are all united under the Roman banner.  But this yearning is the yearning of a hungry wolf for the goats which are so close to its slavering jaws that it can almost taste them.  While those same silly goats bleat on about “how wonderful it is that we’re all coming together” and yearn for “unity” with Rome which, they naively believe, is the unity of sheep with sheep (even though both sides are comprised of goats), the Papacy has no such illusions.  It knows that what is happening, step by step, is not unity, but the annihilation of the other side.  This is all it desires: conquest.  Conquest over the non-Papists by any and every means.  And so its pope, faithful to his Jesuit orders, waffles on about all being “brothers” and about the need to cry together and embrace one another; and the Charismatics – already softened up by decades of touchy-feely emotionalism produced by their “tongues-speaking” and their repetitive songs, their swaying together as they sing and cry and swoon in heaps from the mass-induced hysteria which they blindly attribute to being “slain in the Spirit” – ignore biblical doctrine as they always have done and embrace the Roman pope’s call as they would one of their own false “prophecies”.

But Antichrist had one more trick up his sleeve – and when he pulled it out he had that Charismatic conference eating out of his hand.  He asked them to pray for him.  “I thank you profoundly for allowing me to speak the language of the heart,” he said.  “Please pray for me, because I need your prayers… Let us pray to the Lord that he unites us all.  Come on, we are brothers.  Let’s give each other a spiritual hug and let God complete the work that he has begun.  And this is a miracle; the miracle of unity has begun.”
He ended with: “I ask you to bless me, and I bless you.  From brother to brother, I embrace you.  Thank you.”[2]
Well, that brought the house down.  A pope of Rome, asking non-Romanists to pray for him?  It was clever, it was jesuitically subtle and deceptive, and it had the desired effect.  Kenneth Copeland took the stage, shouting, “Glory!  Glory!  Glory!  Come on, the man asked us to pray for him!”
No doubt, once Francis heard of Copeland’s response, he winced a little at being called, simply, “the man”.  Much better for him if Copeland had called him “His Holiness” or some other dearly-beloved papal title.  But he could overlook it, at least for now, because he knows that allowances have to be made for Charismatic ignorance about Roman Catholicism.  Charismatics and Pentecostals are woefully ignorant of the false doctrines and practices of Rome; and the reason for their ignorance is that they are woefully ignorant of the true doctrines and practices of biblical Christianity!
As far as Francis was concerned, the great objective was certainly achieved.  When Copeland called for his followers to pray for the Roman pope, they immediately began doing so throughout the crowd, praying in what they believed to be “unknown tongues” (in truth, nothing but gibberish).  And Copeland himself prayed as follows: “Father, we answer his request…. We know not how to pray for him as we ought, other than to agree with him in his quest… for the unity of the Body of Christ.  We come together in the unity of our faith.  Hallelujah!”

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