Ukraine, Russia, the US/EU: What’s Going On?

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Understanding Five Important Points

As they say, the first casualty of war is truth.  This is certainly the case with what has been unfolding in Ukraine in recent weeks.  From all sides there are lies, distortions, and deliberate disinformation.  But even so, Christians can have a good understanding of these momentous events if they clearly grasp five important points, and never lose sight of them. Continue reading

Copeland in Popeland: Kenneth Copeland Embraces “Unity” with the Roman Pope

Copeland in Popeland, PDF format

It caused a huge stir – but really, should any Christian be surprised?
At a conference in Texas, USA, under the auspices of the “ministry” of veteran Charismatic charlatan and false prophet, Kenneth Copeland, a man appeared on a giant TV screen and gave his “blessing” to the assembled congregation.  That man was no other than the Jesuit pope of Rome, Francis I.[1]
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