A Jesuit Becomes the Pope of Rome

A Jesuit Becomes the Pope of Rome, PDF format

Rome in a Jesuit Vice-Grip Through Its Two Popes, “Black” and “White”!


The “Black Pope”, the Jesuit General


The “White Pope”, Francis I

The Jesuit Pope of Rome

On 13 March 2013 a Roman Catholic cardinal from Argentina, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, was elected by his fellow-cardinals as the new pope of Rome.  He took the name of Francis I.

His election is full of deep significance, and will have far-reaching, indeed global, ramifications.  There is so much behind the choice of this man.  But first and foremost is this fact: Jorge Bergoglio, Francis I, is a member of the Jesuit Order!  He is in fact the first openly acknowledged Jesuit to ever become pope of Rome!  And nothing, nothing whatsoever, about the election of this man is more significant than this.

For centuries, the Jesuits have controlled the Roman Catholic institution.  They are the real power behind the papal throne.  This is a fact so certain that the Jesuit General, the man in charge of the Order worldwide, is known within Roman Catholic circles as “the black pope.”  Not because he is a black man, for he is not, but because he is the shadow pope of Rome, the real power behind the scenes.  The present Jesuit General is Adolfo Nicolás, and I have written about him before.[1]

In my book, The Jesuits: the Secret Army of the Papacy, I wrote: “ever since its founding, the Society [the Society of Jesus, as the Jesuits call their order] has been totally dedicated, first and foremost, not to the pope, but to the Jesuit General.  The Jesuits are a law unto themselves.  While outwardly acknowledging the authority of the pope of Rome, their real allegiance is to the Jesuit General.  All orders come from the General; even the pope’s instructions are only passed on if the General sees fit.  It is not surprising that the Jesuit General came to be known as the ‘black pope’.”[2]

The Jesuits have always operated behind the scenes, secretly, furtively, pulling the strings of power where few could see them.  Theirs has always been the world of cloak-and-dagger.  This has suited their purposes.  That they have now seen fit to boldly come out  and appoint one of their own, openly, as the pope of Rome, indicates that they believe the times call for such an appointment.  They believe none but a Jesuit can lead the Roman Catholic institution through the troubled waters ahead.

And so the Vatican now has two Jesuits in the two highest positions of authority within the Roman Catholic institution.  There is the “black pope”, the Jesuit General, Adolfo Nicolás, who controls the entire institution from behind the scenes; and now there is Jorge Bergoglio, Francis I, the pope of Rome, on the surface the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, and yet a man who  will obey the Jesuit General above all others.  Again from my book: “Obedience is absolutely vital to the Jesuit Order.  Every Jesuit must be in total obedience to his superior, obeying him without question.  In the Constitutions of the Order, it is repeated some 500 times that the Jesuit must see in the General, not a fallible man, but Christ Himself!  This was said by a professor of Roman Catholic theology.[3]  In the words of Ignatius [the founder of the Jesuits]: ‘We must see black as white, if the Church says so’…. In the ‘Society of Jesus’ there is a greater authority than the pope, and a greater authority (as far as the Jesuits are concerned) than God Himself – and that is the General.”[4]

What an extraordinary situation!  A Roman pontiff, supposedly at the pinnacle of power within the Roman Catholic institution, and yet, as a Jesuit, actually under his General!  A Roman pontiff, believed by Papists to be the Vicar of Christ, “Christ Himself under the veil of the flesh”, and believed to be infallible when he pronounces ex cathedra on matters of faith and morals, who is a Jesuit under his General, and who sees in his General, not a fallible man, but Christ Himself!  Even though all popes for centuries have had to obey the Jesuit General and lived in fear of him, never before has a Jesuit been openly elevated to that position, a man who has taken a vow to obey his General above all others, and at all times!

The Jesuits are now in total control of the Vatican, and of the Roman Catholic institution worldwide.  These are extraordinary times indeed.  Even the speed with which the new pope was chosen is indicative of the extraordinary nature of these happenings.