The Rat(zinger) Abandons His Ship

Benedict’s Resignation

  Getting back, then, to the traditionalist Benedict XVI and his resignation: if, as is highly possible, even probable, he believes that men such as Manning correctly interpreted Bible prophecy, then he would see what has happened since the Second Vatican Council as being (at least to some extent) the departure from the true faith of which Manning and others spoke as coming one day – just as many other Roman Catholics believe.  And thus, putting all these things together and tying them in with the “prophecy” of Malachy, Benedict would feel that the only hope is for him to step aside and let the final Romish pope come forward, who will put it all right before the end of time.


  Those with an understanding of the Futurist view of Bible prophecy will have already noted the similarity between Malachy’s “prophecy” and popular (but false) present-day Futurist views (originally invented by a Jesuit and then accepted by vast numbers of Protestants) of a future (but near) apostacy, a future great tribulation, and then the second coming of Christ.  And note: in this view, it is not the pope of Rome who is the Man of Sin!  So this plays right into Satan’s deception.  Could it be that the devil is actually setting up the world stage to make it look (for a time at least) like the Jesuit Futurist interpretation of Bible prophecy is correct, with an individual “False Prophet” and an individual, political “Antichrist”, which is in truth contrary to prophetic Scripture?  And then, when their time is up and the world does not end, the disillusioned masses reject God’s Word as unreliable?  This happens, in fact, every time some preacher has stood up and said this man or that one is the Antichrist; only to be proved wrong in time.  Imagine how much greater the harm could be this time! 

  Again, time will tell.  But one thing is for certain: this would not be the fulfilment of the prophecies of Antichrist and the False Prophet!  It would be a satanic delusion.  The truth would still be that the Papacy itself has always been the Antichrist, and the priesthood has always been the False Prophet.  Two individuals at the end of time simply will not be able to fulfil these prophecies.

  We are nearing the end of the world, as is clear from the prophecies of God’s Word.  And the devil, who knows this too, is filling people’s minds with false prophecies and great happenings on the world stage, in order to deceive!  With him it is always about deception, in a thousand and one diabolical ways.  By rejecting the true prophetic Word of God and believing the false prophecies of Malachy, Papists will remain within this iniquitous system, unto the damnation of their souls. 

  All these events simply fulfil (as does the death or resignation of every pope and the ascendancy of another) the true prophecies of the Word of God regarding the Antichrist:

 “For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many” (Matt. 24:5).  Here we see that Antichrist is one man at a time, but nevertheless a dynasty of men, each one succeeding the other.  Whoever is pope of Rome at any given time, he is the Antichrist at that time.  Antichrist, therefore, has been here for many centuries already!