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Under the Curse of the Council

  Oh, and just to end by revealing the true nature of this Whorish religion masquerading as a Christian church: at the Council of Trent, held in the sixteenth century, Rome declared as an official article of faith: “Whereas the power of conferring indulgences was granted by Christ to the Church, and she has… used the said power…. The sacred, holy synod teaches and enjoins that the use of indulgences… is to be retained in the Church, and it condemns with anathema those who either assert that they are useless, or who deny that there is in the Church the power of granting them.”[14]  Oops… I have just come under her infamous condemnation of anathema.  In past ages this would have been my death sentence, and still today this is the Papacy’s desire, all ecumenical overtures notwithstanding.  She may use  different tactics at present, but the old hatred remains.

January 2013

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