The Arch-Druid of Canterbury

Williams Staunchly Pro-Roman Catholic

When Rowan Williams was appointed as the new archbishop of Canterbury, this announcement was greeted with joy within Papist circles.[14]  This fact alone speaks volumes!

Williams advocated “disestablishment” – the ending of the Anglican institution’s privileged position as England’s legally established “church”, whose supreme governor is the Queen of England, known as “Defender of the Faith”.[15]  Of course, the entire concept of a “State Church”, with a political monarch at its head, is completely unscriptural anyway; but the point here is that “disestablishment” is precisely what Rome has been working for, for centuries!  Significantly, Williams was reputed to be mystical in his regard for Mary; and before his appointment he gave support to the Anglo-Catholic Walsingham Shrine movement.[16]  He most certainly was Anglo-Catholic throughout his period as archbishop of Canterbury, and before his appointment as well.[17]

In 2005, this archbishop/druid attended the funeral of the Roman pope, John Paul II, becoming the first Anglican archbishop to do so – and he sat among the Roman Catholic “clergy” and praised John Paul II.[18]

Then in 2008 he became the first Anglican leader to accept as true the visions of Mary which Papists believe are occurring at the shrine of Lourdes.[19]

But there is much more!

Williams met the pope of Rome, Benedict XVI, on more than one occasion.  Prior to that he had met the previous pope of Rome, John Paul II.  At the 2012 meeting in the Vatican between Benedict XVI and Williams, they held private talks, and then an evening prayer service together, in true ecumenicity.  Williams gushed about how “honoured” he felt to have been invited to address the world synod of Roman Catholic bishops later in the year, and said in an interview: “I hope that it’s a sign that we [i.e. Anglicans and Papists] can work together on evangelisation in Europe.”[20]  This plainly revealed his belief that Roman Catholics are Christians just as Anglicans are, preaching the same “gospel”.  In truth they are united as false “christians”, but that is all.

During his homily at the joint prayer service, Williams referred to the Camaldolese branch of the Benedictine order of Romish monks and nuns, saying how their efforts to balance solitude and community life teach the virtues needed by individual “christians” and “christian communities” to accept each other, work together, and witness the “gospel” to all – again showing his belief that Papists and Anglicans are both true Christians, and that the “gospel” both preach is the true Gospel (even though both preach “another gospel”: see Gal. 1:6,7).

He added that both Anglicans and Papists are committed to “a vision of the restoration of full sacramental communion, of a eucharistic life that is fully visible, and thus a witness that is fully credible, so that a confused and tormented world may enter into the welcome and transforming light of Christ.”  The world, however, is not hearing the Gospel from either Rome or Canterbury; nor can it, for the Gospel is not preached in either institution.  These two religious systems, in fact, do immense harm to the cause of Christ and His precious Gospel, and will be judged by Him for it; for they present to the world two religious monstrosities naming the Name of Christ, and yet disgracing His holy Name at every turn.

That this “ArchDruid” could cheerfully pray with the Roman Antichrist reveals as plainly as can be the true nature of Anglicanism, and of Rowan Williams’ utterly false “christianity”.

In an interview with Vatican Radio, Williams said that Anglicans and Roman Catholics can become so fixated on issues of authority and “church” structure “that we can forget the gift of baptism and the gift of one another in baptism”, which (he claimed) are the true basis of unity.  In saying this, he revealed his Romish belief that the “sacrament” of baptism is what makes one a Christian!  This devilish lie, which Rome has taught for centuries, is perpetuated within Anglicanism as well.

An openly homosexual, ex-Anglican priest named Michael Worsnip, said in an article in 2002 that some twenty years previously Rowan Williams, who was then his supervisor at Cambridge University, introduced him to the writings of a fifth-century Syrian monk called Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite.  The heretical writings of this man had a profound impact on Worsnip, who said to Williams at one point, “Oh dear, I think I am becoming a heretic.”  And what was the reply of this man who would later be elevated to the highest position within the Anglican institution?  “Don’t worry, many great Christians were heretics.” [21]

Well, coming from a man who believed one could be a “Christian druid”, this response was not surprising.  But it certainly said a lot about his theology.  For him, there was no contradiction here, no tension: “Christian heretic,” “Christian druid”, it was all possible to him.  Paul wrote, “A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject; knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself” (Tit.3:10,11).  But Mr Williams, in direct opposition to the apostle, declared that many great Christians were heretics.  And there are people who actually believe that the Anglican hierarchy is in direct succession from the apostles!  How tragically blind they are.

Worsnip wrote, revealingly: “Williams is a man steeped in the mystical theology of the eastern Orthodox Church.  He certainly is not your ordinary Anglican conformist.”  An Anglican archbishop steeped in Eastern Orthodoxy, which is nothing less than the eastern breakaway from the Roman Catholic institution, and like Rome, utterly heretical!