The Arch-Druid of Canterbury

In 2010, Williams said that he had “no problem” with the ordination of sodomites as bishops, but that sodomite “clergy” must remain celibate (of course, he did not call them “sodomites”; the preferred word is “gay” or “homosexual”).[10]  But a few years before, it was noted that he did not believe in banning sodomite priests from having sex.[11]  Two very contradictory stances!

Either sodomy is sinful, or it is not.  If it is (and it certainly is), then no Christian can be a sodomite.  But if it is not – as Williams has made clear he believes – then how could he say (contrary to what he had claimed before) that sodomites should remain celibate?  He cannot have his cake and eat it too.  By saying that sodomite bishops should remain celibate, he was implying that the act of sodomy is sinful, which of course it most certainly is (in a true Christian church of course, a sodomite would not even be ordained!).  But by saying that sodomites should be permitted to become bishops as long as they remain celibate, even though previously he had said sodomite priests should be permitted to have sex, he was sending a mixed message that must have been utterly confusing to his followers.  It was however so typical of the confused, fuzzy thinking of hand-wringing liberals seeking to accommodate everyone, bending whichever way the wind is blowing, with no backbone, no settled convictions, having jettisoned the Bible and therefore having no moral foundation, no sure and certain standard of right and wrong.

In June 2012, he added the following disgusting statements to the many others he had made about sodomy and sodomite “marriage” over the years: after saying that the “Church” was “mired in the middle of a lot of tangles” with regard to the issue of women bishops, he said, “Same with same-sex marriage, where once more we’re used to being alongside people who are gay; many of our friends may be – indeed we may be – wrestling with that issue ourselves, and the Church is scratching its head and trying to work out where it is on all that, and what to think about it.  What’s frustrating is that we still have Christian people whose feelings about it are so strong, and sometimes so embarrassed and ashamed and disgusted, that that just sends out a message of unwelcome, of lack of understanding, of lack of patience.  So whatever we think about it, we need, as a Church, to be tackling what we feel about it.”  Essentially, as the heading of the article reporting these statements put it, Williams was saying: “Christians must confront their own ‘disgust’ over homosexuality”![12]

This man’s statements were so heretical, so appalling, that the mind reels.  Starting with what he said about women bishops, the Anglican “church” might be “mired in the middle of a whole lot of tangles” about it, but the true Church of Jesus Christ is absolutely clear about it, for it obeys the Bible alone; and the Bible forbids such a thing entirely.  Then, moving on to his shocking statements about sodomite “marriages” (which in truth are not marriages at all), he claims that many (presumably Anglicans, although he may also mean other false “christians”) are “wrestling” with the issue, and that the “Church” is “scratching its head” in confusion and uncertainty about whether sodomite “marriages” are right or wrong.  Well, we have news for him and those like him: the Anglican and other false “churches” might be full of “wrestlings” and “scratchings”, but – blessed be the Lord! – true Christians and true Christian churches know there is nothing to wrestle over and nothing to cause confused scratchings of the head: sodomy is sin, sodomy is abomination, and marriage is only and for ever between a man and a woman! (Rom. 1:24-27; 1 Cor. 6:9; Gen. 19; Lev. 18:22; 20:13; Gen. 2:24; Matt. 19:5,6; etc.).

Then comes his statement to the effect that there are “still” Christians who are disgusted by sodomy!  Clearly, in this man’s mind, we live in such an enlightened age that no Christians should dare be disgusted by this abominable act anymore!  Do you see what has happened here?  Things have been turned upside down to such an extent, that what is sinful is now declared righteous, and what is righteous is now declared sinful!  In his mind, it is Christians who are disgusted with sodomy who are the sinful ones, whereas the wicked who embrace sodomy are the righteous of the earth!  These wolves in sheep’s clothing push their perverse, anti-Christian, pro-sodomite agenda – and then Christians are told to deal with their disgust over sodomy?  What times we are living in, when men claiming to be Christian leaders can preach a doctrine that is utterly opposite what the Bible truly says, and still be accepted as Christian leaders!  The Bible says sodomy is an abomination, and Christians are to treat it as such; but Rowan Williams and those of his ilk say Christians who oppose sodomy are the sinful ones, and the sodomites are poor, suffering, persecuted, misunderstood people who must be embraced and welcomed with open arms!  These wicked religious leaders are bending over backwards to appear “tolerant”, but their toleration extends only to those committing the most vile and abominable acts.  They are openly intolerant of true Christians!

Truly this Scripture is fulfilled: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isa. 5:20).

In an interview in 2012, Williams suggested that the “Church’s” past condemnatory attitude to sodomy could have caused mental harm to some people!  “We are trying to catch up with a reality which for a long time we didn’t handle at all well,” he said.  “I think the Church has in recent years tried quite hard to say we are not condemning a person as such for their sexual orientation and that is a serious commitment.  Nonetheless there is a hang-over from the feeling that you are condemned in your entirety for what you are doing, for what you are.  If people are getting the message that they are condemned for what they are then of course there is a serious mental health impact, I hope this is not what the Church is doing and I certainly don’t think it is what the Church should be doing.  It is not just the Church, it is also a climate of homophobia which still exists in our society, we still have work to do.”[13]

Note again: to Williams, sodomites are not sinful; the sinful ones are those within the “Church” who condemn sodomy for the filthy abomination it is!  He is full of concern over the “mental health impact” to sodomites, but has absolutely no concern for the glory of the Lord, the cause of God and truth, and the teaching of the Lord’s own holy Word!

The correct Christian response to sodomites is to view them as sinners just as all men are, and to preach the Gospel to them.  The elect among them will be saved, and from that moment on will cease to be sodomites.  This is clear from 1 Cor. 6:9-11.  There are true Christians who are ex-sodomites, but there are no true Christians who are still sodomites.