The Arch-Druid of Canterbury

Williams the Ultra-Liberal Leftist

In addition to being a pagan druid priest, it was well known long before his appointment as archbishop of Canterbury that Rowan Williams was a theological ultra-liberal.  After his appointment he described himself as a “hairy lefty” who used to belong to the Labour Party.[6]  Furthermore, as was reported in 2002: “He is said to have authored the Christian Socialist Manifesto published in the run-up to General Election in Britain.  In this he backed higher taxation for the rich and, of all things for a tourist destination, cutting car use and air travel by tourists to reduce pollution.  ‘People with higher income should pay higher tax, both raising money for expenditure and decreasing the gap between rich and poor to create a more equal society.’  Pretty much of a yawn really, but there is stronger stuff in the Manifesto: more support for asylum-seekers and immigrants (an issue over which Europe is seething with anger) and going easier on criminals, a high percentage of whom are, of course, immigrants: ‘The strongly punitive approach of some prisons should be replaced by greater emphasis on reparation and rehabilitation, with jail sentences banned for criminals under 16 years.’”[7]

Yes, the ultra-liberal Williams supported all kinds of various unbiblical and anti-biblical positions in both “Church” and State.  Read on, and the evidence will continue to mount up.

Williams: Pro-Priestesses, Pro-Sodomites

Being an ultra-liberal, Williams was very much in favour of women and homosexuals being ordained to the Anglican “ministry”!  With no regard for the Holy Scriptures, he pushed his liberal, anti-Christian agenda.  We will pass by his stance on the ordination of women, so very plainly contrary to the Bible (see 1 Tim. 2:11-15; 3:1-7; Tit. 1:5-9; 1 Cor. 14:34,35).  This issue has been tearing the Anglican institution apart for many years; and yet the Bible is so crystal-clear.  But let us pass over this issue, and examine his heretical statements about sodomite relationships and the ordination of sodomites to the Anglican “ministry”.

We will start with this one about sodomite relationships: “If the Bible is very clear – as I think it is – that a heterosexual indulging in homosexual activity for the sake of variety and gratification is not following the will of God, does that automatically say that that is the only sort of homosexual activity?  My own personal conclusion is that I can see a case for acknowledging faithful same-sex relationships”.[8]  Please read that sentence again, and let what this wicked man was saying sink in!  To his warped way of thinking, a non-homosexual indulging in homosexual activity is sinning, but a homosexual is not!  The mind boggles at such wickedness and heresy!  For him, it is not the act of homosexuality that is sinful – provided it is committed by a homosexual!  The one who sins is the non-homosexual who engages in homosexuality!  No wonder members of the Lesbian and Gay Alliance in Britain welcomed his appointment, describing it as being “for the good of the whole Church of England”![9]

But there is more where that came from.  Oh, much more: