The Arch-Druid of Canterbury

In early August 2002, just three months before he was appointed as archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, at the time the Anglican archbishop of Wales, dressed in the druidic white robe, with his thick white beard making him look for all the world exactly like a druid, was made an honorary druid at a pageant in Wales!  He accepted the title of honorary Druid in the Order of the White Robe of the Gorsedd of Bards.  The ceremony was held in a circle of stones in a mist-shrouded field at the tip of a peninsula jutting out into the Irish Channel.[3]

Then, when the ceremony was over, Williams changed from his white druid robe back into his clerical dog-collar (swopping his pagan druid outfit for his equally pagan Romish one!).  He immediately denied that the ceremony made him some kind of pagan, saying the fact that some English journalists would confuse him for a pagan was “disappointing.”  Three months later, he became archbishop of Canterbury.

The archbishop of Canterbury is the spiritual head of the worldwide Anglican institution, professing to be called by God to lead its tens of millions of members.  He professes to be a minister of Christ.  He is not, of course, but this is what he professes to be, and what all Anglicans believe him to be.

A druid, on the other hand, is a priest of an ancient heathen religion, going back centuries before Christ.  The druids were an order of men among the ancient Celts of Gaul and Britain.  They were priests, magicians, soothsayers.  In essence they were wizards. The god they worshipped was called Samhain, the lord of death and evil spirits.  They practiced human sacrifice as a vital part of their religion.  They were powerful and savage occult sorcerers.

And they are still very much in existence today!  Not only in Britain, but in other parts of the world as well.  The druids always held their rituals in stone circles; and in fact, every year there is a druid celebration at the most famous “circle of stones” of all: Stonehenge.  Of course, they claim that they no longer practice human sacrifice; but this was always an essential part of their religious system.  It is just done secretly now.  Druids are nothing less than Satanists.

The Bible says, “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for… what communion hath light with darkness?  And what concord hath Christ with Belial?… And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?” (2 Cor.6:14-16).  Well, the message sent by Rowan Williams to the millions of Anglicans was that there could be concord between Christ and Belial, there could be agreement between God’s temple and idols!  Not that this man was a true Christian, of course; but he believed himself to be, and therefore was quite willing to overlook the teaching of the Word of God and in effect say to the Lord, “Thy Word is incorrect!  There can be such a yoking together of Christian and  idolater, Christ and Satan!”  It almost defies credulity.  And yet it really happened.

Some Anglican “clergymen”, falsely professing to be evangelical, actually welcomed Williams’ appointment! – revealing just how far from “evangelical” they really were.  And also just what liars they were too, many of them: one Anglican priest wrote, “Rowan Williams is totally committed to biblical Christianity…. He is not a pagan priest (druids in Wales are figures of cultural respect, and nothing to do with dodgy earth worship), he is not a wishy-washy liberal, and he has challenging but hardly unscriptural views on social ethics”.[4]  The only thing to say about this statement was that it was designed to be deliberately deceptive.  Rowan Williams was made an honorary druid and accepted the title – and yet this Anglican priest said he was “not a pagan priest”!  Williams favoured sodomites and women in the Anglican “ministry” – and yet this man claimed he was not a liberal!

What devilish game was this man, Rowan Williams, playing?  What a sign of the times we are living in, what times of widespread apostasy, that a man who professed to be a Christian and a minister (even though the Lord’s people will know this profession to be utterly false) could become an honorary pagan druid, which is nothing less than an honorary priest of Satan, and yet still be accepted as a Christian leader!  The sheer ignorance, the spiritual darkness, upon the masses of so-called “christians” today, is astounding!  Paul called on all true Christians to be absolutely separate from such things (2 Cor.6:17)!  And yet we have lived to see the day when a man professing to be a Christian and a minister openly and unashamedly became a priest of Satan – and was accepted as a Christian by his followers!

In the 1960s and 1970s there were children’s comic books about “Wendy, the good little witch” and a “cute” little devil called “Hot Stuff.”  Satan was already preparing the minds of a generation of children to accept the possibility that not all witches or demons were bad.  And things just went from bad to worse, until we had the Harry Potter phenomenon, with all its occultic evil, fully accepted by the Western world.  Once we had the “good” witch Wendy and the “cute” demon Hot Stuff; and now there have been  television programmes and movies portraying such a contradiction in terms as a good vampire!  And in days gone by I have remarked to friends that such are the times we are living in, such a blurring of good and evil, that I would not be surprised if one day, Hollywood actually came up with the ultimate oxymoron: the concept of a “Christian witch”, or some such thing.  Something that would always have seemed so far-fetched as to be impossible: the joining of light and darkness, the greatest opposites of all.  Well, forget Hollywood: incredibly, the Anglican institution went beyond even vile Hollywood, and appointed a “Christian druid” as its head!

Even though Williams was not a true Christian, imagine such blindness on the hearts of men that a so-called “Christian druid” could even be possible!  But it was not fantasy.  It happened.  Satanism and what passes for “Christianity” – united!  In agreement!  In concord!  How the devil must have laughed and cheered.

But one just has to think of the origin of the Anglican priesthood.  It merely continued from the succession of the priesthood of Rome.  As a daughter of the Roman Catholic institution, the priesthood of the “Church of England” was viewed as being in the legitimate line of the supposed priesthood which Anglicans believe was established by the apostles.  The apostles did not establish any priesthood, of course; but the Roman Catholic system claims they did, with Peter as the first pope and the other apostles as the original “clergy”, and it claims that there has been a direct “apostolic succession” ever since then.  And when Anglicanism was formed in the sixteenth century, it simply claimed to be continuing that “apostolic succession” within the Anglican priesthood!

The truth, however, is that the Romish priesthood, which the Anglican priesthood claims to have “reformed” and improved, originated not with the apostles, but many centuries earlier with the priesthood of ancient Babylon!  The Babylonian mystery religion developed over the centuries, finally developing into the Roman Catholic system; so that Rome became the headquarters of the ancient Babylonian religion, now pretending to be “the true Christian Church”; and the priests of Rome became the legitimate successors not of the apostles, but of the ancient priests of Baal.[5]  And thus things continued until the sixteenth century, when Anglicanism came into being, and the Anglican priesthood continued in the same vein, minus the pope of Rome of course.

Knowing, then, that this entire system of the priesthood originated in ancient paganism and has nothing to do with New Testament Christianity, throws much light on the wedding of druid paganism and the false “christianity” of Anglicanism in the person of Rowan Williams.  Roman Catholicism is the successor of ancient Babylonian Baal worship; Anglicanism retained the heathen priesthood (among other things) of the Romish (and thus of the Babylonian) system; and druidism is in fact one of many ancient branches of Babylonian Baal worship.  Williams then was simply uniting in himself two branches of the same religious abomination, just as priests of Rome had been doing for centuries before him!