The Arch-Druid of Canterbury

The Arch-Druid of Canterbury, PDF format

Rowan Williams United Anglicanism and Paganism…and That Was Just for Starters

The dual priesthood of Rowan Williams: Anglican priest/archbishop, Druid priest

  In late 2012 Rowan Williams, the Anglican archbishop of Canterbury, announced that he would be retiring, after a decade at the helm as spiritual leader of the world’s Anglicans (numbering something like 85 million souls).  Anglicanism was in an appalling state long before Williams took over, but under his leadership it sunk to greater lows than ever.  To call the Anglican institution a true Christian church is to utter a falsehood, and that there are men, professing to be Christians and evangelicals, who actually do so, is disgraceful.  It cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be accepted as a church.  It is an utterly false religious institution masquerading as a Christian church, just like its mother, the Roman Catholic institution (Rev. 17:5).

Let us consider this man’s beliefs and his shocking legacy, as well as the state of the religious institution over which he presided.  When he was first appointed in 2002, I wrote an article about him in The Bible Based Ministries Magazine,[1] which, although used as the basis for this present article, has been greatly expanded with the inclusion of much additional material.

The Appalling State of the Religious Monstrosity Known as Anglicanism

The Anglican institution has never been a true Christian church.  Its heretical doctrine of baptismal regeneration, its alliance with the State, its very birth under the wicked King Henry VIII, its persecuting spirit, and its unbiblical hierarchical priesthood, among many other things, saw to that.  From the very beginning, it was nothing but a harlot daughter of its Roman Mother (Rev.17:5).  It did not bear the scriptural marks of a true church of Christ, and did not deserve the name of one.

In recent decades, however, as the Rome-controlled ecumenical movement has gained momentum, and as the Jesuit desire for the subjugation of the “Church of England” to the pope of Rome has proceeded apace, the Anglican institution has sunk to even greater depths.   It is far, far worse today than it was even just a few decades ago – and it was very bad back then.  Its modern freefall is easy to document, for it has been very public and scandalous: we can see it plainly in such things as its co-operation, interaction, fellowship with and acceptance of the Papal system; its ordination of women as priests (priestesses in reality, although they do not refer to themselves as such, for this has an even more heathenish ring to it than when it only had priests, as bad as that was!); its acceptance of sodomy and even the ordination of sodomites to the priesthood; its vast financial support for Communist terrorist organisations; the rejection by an increasing number of its leaders of even the most fundamental Christian doctrines – including the Trinity, the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, His bodily resurrection, His divine Sonship, the reality of an eternal hell for the damned, etc.; and so much more.  A survey held in 2002, consisting of questions sent to some 2000 Anglican priests and priestesses, revealed that many Anglican pulpits were occupied by people who rejected basic biblical truth: only three in ten priestesses and six in ten  priests believed in the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ; and only half of all priestesses and seven in ten priests believed in the physical resurrection of Christ.  The findings also suggested that Anglican “clergy” (so-called) did not actually believe 75% of what they preach on Sundays.[2]

Many wonder just how far Anglicanism will sink.  Well, the ultimate degradation will be its complete disintegration, and the absorption of what is left of the worldwide Anglican movement into the Roman Papacy’s fold.  In preparation for that, the destruction of Anglicanism proceeds apace.  And after the appointment of Rowan Williams as the new archbishop of Canterbury in December 2002, no true Christian has any reason to ever be surprised by anything emanating from this heathen institution masquerading as a church of Christ.

For the new archbishop of Canterbury was, openly and unashamedly, a pagan druid priest!

Almost Beyond Belief: a Druid Priest Becomes Archbishop of Canterbury!

Rowan Williams in Druid garments.

In early August 2002, just three months before he was appointed as archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, at the time the Anglican archbishop of Wales, dressed in the druidic white robe, with his thick white beard making him look for all the world exactly like a druid, was made an honorary druid at a pageant in Wales!  He accepted the title of honorary Druid in the Order of the White Robe of the Gorsedd of Bards.  The ceremony was held in a circle of stones in a mist-shrouded field at the tip of a peninsula jutting out into the Irish Channel.[3]

Then, when the ceremony was over, Williams changed from his white druid robe back into his clerical dog-collar (swopping his pagan druid outfit for his equally pagan Romish one!).  He immediately denied that the ceremony made him some kind of pagan, saying the fact that some English journalists would confuse him for a pagan was “disappointing.”  Three months later, he became archbishop of Canterbury.

The archbishop of Canterbury is the spiritual head of the worldwide Anglican institution, professing to be called by God to lead its tens of millions of members.  He professes to be a minister of Christ.  He is not, of course, but this is what he professes to be, and what all Anglicans believe him to be.

A druid, on the other hand, is a priest of an ancient heathen religion, going back centuries before Christ.  The druids were an order of men among the ancient Celts of Gaul and Britain.  They were priests, magicians, soothsayers.  In essence they were wizards. The god they worshipped was called Samhain, the lord of death and evil spirits.  They practiced human sacrifice as a vital part of their religion.  They were powerful and savage occult sorcerers.

And they are still very much in existence today!  Not only in Britain, but in other parts of the world as well.  The druids always held their rituals in stone circles; and in fact, every year there is a druid celebration at the most famous “circle of stones” of all: Stonehenge.  Of course, they claim that they no longer practice human sacrifice; but this was always an essential part of their religious system.  It is just done secretly now.  Druids are nothing less than Satanists.

The Bible says, “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for… what communion hath light with darkness?  And what concord hath Christ with Belial?… And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols?” (2 Cor.6:14-16).  Well, the message sent by Rowan Williams to the millions of Anglicans was that there could be concord between Christ and Belial, there could be agreement between God’s temple and idols!  Not that this man was a true Christian, of course; but he believed himself to be, and therefore was quite willing to overlook the teaching of the Word of God and in effect say to the Lord, “Thy Word is incorrect!  There can be such a yoking together of Christian and  idolater, Christ and Satan!”  It almost defies credulity.  And yet it really happened.

Some Anglican “clergymen”, falsely professing to be evangelical, actually welcomed Williams’ appointment! – revealing just how far from “evangelical” they really were.  And also just what liars they were too, many of them: one Anglican priest wrote, “Rowan Williams is totally committed to biblical Christianity…. He is not a pagan priest (druids in Wales are figures of cultural respect, and nothing to do with dodgy earth worship), he is not a wishy-washy liberal, and he has challenging but hardly unscriptural views on social ethics”.[4]  The only thing to say about this statement was that it was designed to be deliberately deceptive.  Rowan Williams was made an honorary druid and accepted the title – and yet this Anglican priest said he was “not a pagan priest”!  Williams favoured sodomites and women in the Anglican “ministry” – and yet this man claimed he was not a liberal!

What devilish game was this man, Rowan Williams, playing?  What a sign of the times we are living in, what times of widespread apostasy, that a man who professed to be a Christian and a minister (even though the Lord’s people will know this profession to be utterly false) could become an honorary pagan druid, which is nothing less than an honorary priest of Satan, and yet still be accepted as a Christian leader!  The sheer ignorance, the spiritual darkness, upon the masses of so-called “christians” today, is astounding!  Paul called on all true Christians to be absolutely separate from such things (2 Cor.6:17)!  And yet we have lived to see the day when a man professing to be a Christian and a minister openly and unashamedly became a priest of Satan – and was accepted as a Christian by his followers!

In the 1960s and 1970s there were children’s comic books about “Wendy, the good little witch” and a “cute” little devil called “Hot Stuff.”  Satan was already preparing the minds of a generation of children to accept the possibility that not all witches or demons were bad.  And things just went from bad to worse, until we had the Harry Potter phenomenon, with all its occultic evil, fully accepted by the Western world.  Once we had the “good” witch Wendy and the “cute” demon Hot Stuff; and now there have been  television programmes and movies portraying such a contradiction in terms as a good vampire!  And in days gone by I have remarked to friends that such are the times we are living in, such a blurring of good and evil, that I would not be surprised if one day, Hollywood actually came up with the ultimate oxymoron: the concept of a “Christian witch”, or some such thing.  Something that would always have seemed so far-fetched as to be impossible: the joining of light and darkness, the greatest opposites of all.  Well, forget Hollywood: incredibly, the Anglican institution went beyond even vile Hollywood, and appointed a “Christian druid” as its head!

Even though Williams was not a true Christian, imagine such blindness on the hearts of men that a so-called “Christian druid” could even be possible!  But it was not fantasy.  It happened.  Satanism and what passes for “Christianity” – united!  In agreement!  In concord!  How the devil must have laughed and cheered.

But one just has to think of the origin of the Anglican priesthood.  It merely continued from the succession of the priesthood of Rome.  As a daughter of the Roman Catholic institution, the priesthood of the “Church of England” was viewed as being in the legitimate line of the supposed priesthood which Anglicans believe was established by the apostles.  The apostles did not establish any priesthood, of course; but the Roman Catholic system claims they did, with Peter as the first pope and the other apostles as the original “clergy”, and it claims that there has been a direct “apostolic succession” ever since then.  And when Anglicanism was formed in the sixteenth century, it simply claimed to be continuing that “apostolic succession” within the Anglican priesthood!

The truth, however, is that the Romish priesthood, which the Anglican priesthood claims to have “reformed” and improved, originated not with the apostles, but many centuries earlier with the priesthood of ancient Babylon!  The Babylonian mystery religion developed over the centuries, finally developing into the Roman Catholic system; so that Rome became the headquarters of the ancient Babylonian religion, now pretending to be “the true Christian Church”; and the priests of Rome became the legitimate successors not of the apostles, but of the ancient priests of Baal.[5]  And thus things continued until the sixteenth century, when Anglicanism came into being, and the Anglican priesthood continued in the same vein, minus the pope of Rome of course.

Knowing, then, that this entire system of the priesthood originated in ancient paganism and has nothing to do with New Testament Christianity, throws much light on the wedding of druid paganism and the false “christianity” of Anglicanism in the person of Rowan Williams.  Roman Catholicism is the successor of ancient Babylonian Baal worship; Anglicanism retained the heathen priesthood (among other things) of the Romish (and thus of the Babylonian) system; and druidism is in fact one of many ancient branches of Babylonian Baal worship.  Williams then was simply uniting in himself two branches of the same religious abomination, just as priests of Rome had been doing for centuries before him!

Williams the Ultra-Liberal Leftist

In addition to being a pagan druid priest, it was well known long before his appointment as archbishop of Canterbury that Rowan Williams was a theological ultra-liberal.  After his appointment he described himself as a “hairy lefty” who used to belong to the Labour Party.[6]  Furthermore, as was reported in 2002: “He is said to have authored the Christian Socialist Manifesto published in the run-up to General Election in Britain.  In this he backed higher taxation for the rich and, of all things for a tourist destination, cutting car use and air travel by tourists to reduce pollution.  ‘People with higher income should pay higher tax, both raising money for expenditure and decreasing the gap between rich and poor to create a more equal society.’  Pretty much of a yawn really, but there is stronger stuff in the Manifesto: more support for asylum-seekers and immigrants (an issue over which Europe is seething with anger) and going easier on criminals, a high percentage of whom are, of course, immigrants: ‘The strongly punitive approach of some prisons should be replaced by greater emphasis on reparation and rehabilitation, with jail sentences banned for criminals under 16 years.’”[7]

Yes, the ultra-liberal Williams supported all kinds of various unbiblical and anti-biblical positions in both “Church” and State.  Read on, and the evidence will continue to mount up.

Williams: Pro-Priestesses, Pro-Sodomites

Being an ultra-liberal, Williams was very much in favour of women and homosexuals being ordained to the Anglican “ministry”!  With no regard for the Holy Scriptures, he pushed his liberal, anti-Christian agenda.  We will pass by his stance on the ordination of women, so very plainly contrary to the Bible (see 1 Tim. 2:11-15; 3:1-7; Tit. 1:5-9; 1 Cor. 14:34,35).  This issue has been tearing the Anglican institution apart for many years; and yet the Bible is so crystal-clear.  But let us pass over this issue, and examine his heretical statements about sodomite relationships and the ordination of sodomites to the Anglican “ministry”.

We will start with this one about sodomite relationships: “If the Bible is very clear – as I think it is – that a heterosexual indulging in homosexual activity for the sake of variety and gratification is not following the will of God, does that automatically say that that is the only sort of homosexual activity?  My own personal conclusion is that I can see a case for acknowledging faithful same-sex relationships”.[8]  Please read that sentence again, and let what this wicked man was saying sink in!  To his warped way of thinking, a non-homosexual indulging in homosexual activity is sinning, but a homosexual is not!  The mind boggles at such wickedness and heresy!  For him, it is not the act of homosexuality that is sinful – provided it is committed by a homosexual!  The one who sins is the non-homosexual who engages in homosexuality!  No wonder members of the Lesbian and Gay Alliance in Britain welcomed his appointment, describing it as being “for the good of the whole Church of England”![9]

But there is more where that came from.  Oh, much more:

In 2010, Williams said that he had “no problem” with the ordination of sodomites as bishops, but that sodomite “clergy” must remain celibate (of course, he did not call them “sodomites”; the preferred word is “gay” or “homosexual”).[10]  But a few years before, it was noted that he did not believe in banning sodomite priests from having sex.[11]  Two very contradictory stances!

Either sodomy is sinful, or it is not.  If it is (and it certainly is), then no Christian can be a sodomite.  But if it is not – as Williams has made clear he believes – then how could he say (contrary to what he had claimed before) that sodomites should remain celibate?  He cannot have his cake and eat it too.  By saying that sodomite bishops should remain celibate, he was implying that the act of sodomy is sinful, which of course it most certainly is (in a true Christian church of course, a sodomite would not even be ordained!).  But by saying that sodomites should be permitted to become bishops as long as they remain celibate, even though previously he had said sodomite priests should be permitted to have sex, he was sending a mixed message that must have been utterly confusing to his followers.  It was however so typical of the confused, fuzzy thinking of hand-wringing liberals seeking to accommodate everyone, bending whichever way the wind is blowing, with no backbone, no settled convictions, having jettisoned the Bible and therefore having no moral foundation, no sure and certain standard of right and wrong.

In June 2012, he added the following disgusting statements to the many others he had made about sodomy and sodomite “marriage” over the years: after saying that the “Church” was “mired in the middle of a lot of tangles” with regard to the issue of women bishops, he said, “Same with same-sex marriage, where once more we’re used to being alongside people who are gay; many of our friends may be – indeed we may be – wrestling with that issue ourselves, and the Church is scratching its head and trying to work out where it is on all that, and what to think about it.  What’s frustrating is that we still have Christian people whose feelings about it are so strong, and sometimes so embarrassed and ashamed and disgusted, that that just sends out a message of unwelcome, of lack of understanding, of lack of patience.  So whatever we think about it, we need, as a Church, to be tackling what we feel about it.”  Essentially, as the heading of the article reporting these statements put it, Williams was saying: “Christians must confront their own ‘disgust’ over homosexuality”![12]

This man’s statements were so heretical, so appalling, that the mind reels.  Starting with what he said about women bishops, the Anglican “church” might be “mired in the middle of a whole lot of tangles” about it, but the true Church of Jesus Christ is absolutely clear about it, for it obeys the Bible alone; and the Bible forbids such a thing entirely.  Then, moving on to his shocking statements about sodomite “marriages” (which in truth are not marriages at all), he claims that many (presumably Anglicans, although he may also mean other false “christians”) are “wrestling” with the issue, and that the “Church” is “scratching its head” in confusion and uncertainty about whether sodomite “marriages” are right or wrong.  Well, we have news for him and those like him: the Anglican and other false “churches” might be full of “wrestlings” and “scratchings”, but – blessed be the Lord! – true Christians and true Christian churches know there is nothing to wrestle over and nothing to cause confused scratchings of the head: sodomy is sin, sodomy is abomination, and marriage is only and for ever between a man and a woman! (Rom. 1:24-27; 1 Cor. 6:9; Gen. 19; Lev. 18:22; 20:13; Gen. 2:24; Matt. 19:5,6; etc.).

Then comes his statement to the effect that there are “still” Christians who are disgusted by sodomy!  Clearly, in this man’s mind, we live in such an enlightened age that no Christians should dare be disgusted by this abominable act anymore!  Do you see what has happened here?  Things have been turned upside down to such an extent, that what is sinful is now declared righteous, and what is righteous is now declared sinful!  In his mind, it is Christians who are disgusted with sodomy who are the sinful ones, whereas the wicked who embrace sodomy are the righteous of the earth!  These wolves in sheep’s clothing push their perverse, anti-Christian, pro-sodomite agenda – and then Christians are told to deal with their disgust over sodomy?  What times we are living in, when men claiming to be Christian leaders can preach a doctrine that is utterly opposite what the Bible truly says, and still be accepted as Christian leaders!  The Bible says sodomy is an abomination, and Christians are to treat it as such; but Rowan Williams and those of his ilk say Christians who oppose sodomy are the sinful ones, and the sodomites are poor, suffering, persecuted, misunderstood people who must be embraced and welcomed with open arms!  These wicked religious leaders are bending over backwards to appear “tolerant”, but their toleration extends only to those committing the most vile and abominable acts.  They are openly intolerant of true Christians!

Truly this Scripture is fulfilled: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isa. 5:20).

In an interview in 2012, Williams suggested that the “Church’s” past condemnatory attitude to sodomy could have caused mental harm to some people!  “We are trying to catch up with a reality which for a long time we didn’t handle at all well,” he said.  “I think the Church has in recent years tried quite hard to say we are not condemning a person as such for their sexual orientation and that is a serious commitment.  Nonetheless there is a hang-over from the feeling that you are condemned in your entirety for what you are doing, for what you are.  If people are getting the message that they are condemned for what they are then of course there is a serious mental health impact, I hope this is not what the Church is doing and I certainly don’t think it is what the Church should be doing.  It is not just the Church, it is also a climate of homophobia which still exists in our society, we still have work to do.”[13]

Note again: to Williams, sodomites are not sinful; the sinful ones are those within the “Church” who condemn sodomy for the filthy abomination it is!  He is full of concern over the “mental health impact” to sodomites, but has absolutely no concern for the glory of the Lord, the cause of God and truth, and the teaching of the Lord’s own holy Word!

The correct Christian response to sodomites is to view them as sinners just as all men are, and to preach the Gospel to them.  The elect among them will be saved, and from that moment on will cease to be sodomites.  This is clear from 1 Cor. 6:9-11.  There are true Christians who are ex-sodomites, but there are no true Christians who are still sodomites.

Williams Staunchly Pro-Roman Catholic

When Rowan Williams was appointed as the new archbishop of Canterbury, this announcement was greeted with joy within Papist circles.[14]  This fact alone speaks volumes!

Williams advocated “disestablishment” – the ending of the Anglican institution’s privileged position as England’s legally established “church”, whose supreme governor is the Queen of England, known as “Defender of the Faith”.[15]  Of course, the entire concept of a “State Church”, with a political monarch at its head, is completely unscriptural anyway; but the point here is that “disestablishment” is precisely what Rome has been working for, for centuries!  Significantly, Williams was reputed to be mystical in his regard for Mary; and before his appointment he gave support to the Anglo-Catholic Walsingham Shrine movement.[16]  He most certainly was Anglo-Catholic throughout his period as archbishop of Canterbury, and before his appointment as well.[17]

In 2005, this archbishop/druid attended the funeral of the Roman pope, John Paul II, becoming the first Anglican archbishop to do so – and he sat among the Roman Catholic “clergy” and praised John Paul II.[18]

Then in 2008 he became the first Anglican leader to accept as true the visions of Mary which Papists believe are occurring at the shrine of Lourdes.[19]

But there is much more!

Williams met the pope of Rome, Benedict XVI, on more than one occasion.  Prior to that he had met the previous pope of Rome, John Paul II.  At the 2012 meeting in the Vatican between Benedict XVI and Williams, they held private talks, and then an evening prayer service together, in true ecumenicity.  Williams gushed about how “honoured” he felt to have been invited to address the world synod of Roman Catholic bishops later in the year, and said in an interview: “I hope that it’s a sign that we [i.e. Anglicans and Papists] can work together on evangelisation in Europe.”[20]  This plainly revealed his belief that Roman Catholics are Christians just as Anglicans are, preaching the same “gospel”.  In truth they are united as false “christians”, but that is all.

During his homily at the joint prayer service, Williams referred to the Camaldolese branch of the Benedictine order of Romish monks and nuns, saying how their efforts to balance solitude and community life teach the virtues needed by individual “christians” and “christian communities” to accept each other, work together, and witness the “gospel” to all – again showing his belief that Papists and Anglicans are both true Christians, and that the “gospel” both preach is the true Gospel (even though both preach “another gospel”: see Gal. 1:6,7).

He added that both Anglicans and Papists are committed to “a vision of the restoration of full sacramental communion, of a eucharistic life that is fully visible, and thus a witness that is fully credible, so that a confused and tormented world may enter into the welcome and transforming light of Christ.”  The world, however, is not hearing the Gospel from either Rome or Canterbury; nor can it, for the Gospel is not preached in either institution.  These two religious systems, in fact, do immense harm to the cause of Christ and His precious Gospel, and will be judged by Him for it; for they present to the world two religious monstrosities naming the Name of Christ, and yet disgracing His holy Name at every turn.

That this “ArchDruid” could cheerfully pray with the Roman Antichrist reveals as plainly as can be the true nature of Anglicanism, and of Rowan Williams’ utterly false “christianity”.

In an interview with Vatican Radio, Williams said that Anglicans and Roman Catholics can become so fixated on issues of authority and “church” structure “that we can forget the gift of baptism and the gift of one another in baptism”, which (he claimed) are the true basis of unity.  In saying this, he revealed his Romish belief that the “sacrament” of baptism is what makes one a Christian!  This devilish lie, which Rome has taught for centuries, is perpetuated within Anglicanism as well.

An openly homosexual, ex-Anglican priest named Michael Worsnip, said in an article in 2002 that some twenty years previously Rowan Williams, who was then his supervisor at Cambridge University, introduced him to the writings of a fifth-century Syrian monk called Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite.  The heretical writings of this man had a profound impact on Worsnip, who said to Williams at one point, “Oh dear, I think I am becoming a heretic.”  And what was the reply of this man who would later be elevated to the highest position within the Anglican institution?  “Don’t worry, many great Christians were heretics.” [21]

Well, coming from a man who believed one could be a “Christian druid”, this response was not surprising.  But it certainly said a lot about his theology.  For him, there was no contradiction here, no tension: “Christian heretic,” “Christian druid”, it was all possible to him.  Paul wrote, “A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject; knowing that he that is such is subverted, and sinneth, being condemned of himself” (Tit.3:10,11).  But Mr Williams, in direct opposition to the apostle, declared that many great Christians were heretics.  And there are people who actually believe that the Anglican hierarchy is in direct succession from the apostles!  How tragically blind they are.

Worsnip wrote, revealingly: “Williams is a man steeped in the mystical theology of the eastern Orthodox Church.  He certainly is not your ordinary Anglican conformist.”  An Anglican archbishop steeped in Eastern Orthodoxy, which is nothing less than the eastern breakaway from the Roman Catholic institution, and like Rome, utterly heretical!

Williams: Simply a Naive Puppet Dancing to Rome’s Tune… or Something More?

Worsnip ended his article with these words: “[Rowan Williams] is not past leading innocent theology students down the slippery slope of ‘unknowing’ by pointing them in the direction of heretics of the church and with impunity!  And this, because he does not claim to know any answers about God at all, save that he does not know them.  And that,” the heretic Worsnip concluded, “makes a very pleasant change.”

A man appointed to be the spiritual head of tens of millions of souls worldwide, and yet he did not claim to know any answers about God at all?  How utterly tragic, not only for Rowan Williams personally but for those millions under his supposed “pastoral” care.  But there is another possibility.  Yes, he may indeed be a man with no answers, no absolutes, floundering in a theological “soup” of druid paganism, Eastern Orthodox heresy, Papist Mariolatry, and Anglican doctrinal confusion, as clueless as the “mixed multitude” he led along the broad way that leads to destruction.  But… what if he was a man who knew exactly what he was doing, in true Jesuitical fashion?

A servant of Rome?  Rowan Williams kneels and kisses John Paul II’s ring

  The Papacy has worked for 400 years to undermine and destroy the “Church of England.”  Jesuit secret agents of the pope have throughout all this time infiltrated this institution and risen to hold high positions within its hierarchy, in order to lead it into ever-deeper confusion and ultimately lay its wasted form at the feet of the pope of Rome.[22]  When the Anglican institution took the decision to ordain women to the priesthood, large numbers of disillusioned Anglicans flocked to Rome.  With every passing year its numbers decline, its influence wanes even further, and increasing numbers of “traditional” Anglicans, now more Anglo-Catholic than ever before, look with longing eyes towards Rome as the answer.  Tired of the rot within the “Church of England”, the rudderless leadership, the doctrinal confusion, and conditioned over many years to believe that the break with Rome in the sixteenth century should never have happened, they are feeling that the only answer is to convert to Romanism.  It is extremely significant that under Williams’ term of office as archbishop, the pope of Rome, Benedict XVI, took a huge step towards bringing about the eventual complete destruction of the Anglican institution when he created a specific ordinariate within the Romish system to accommodate unhappy Anglicans who wanted to convert to Rome.[23]  When this was established, it immediately began to attract numbers of discontent Anglicans, thereby further weakening the Anglican institution.  Williams was sidelined and undermined by the Vatican’s plan,[24] and he criticised what the Papacy was doing;[25] but he could do nothing to stop it, and failed to see that his and his predecessor’s policies had paved the way for this papal onslaught on the Anglican citadel.

Or… perhaps he knew exactly what was happening, and secretly approved!

Could it be that Rowan Williams was deliberately advanced within the Anglican hierarchy at this time in history, to preside over the further terminal decline of the “Church of England”?  Certainly he wanted Anglican unity with Rome and worked for it.[26]  Just as certainly, his appointment as archbishop of Canterbury was greeted with joy in Roman Catholic circles.[27]  Was he a naive puppet of the Jesuit powers at work behind the See of Canterbury, or was he in fact a knowing and active agent of that Order?  We do not know.  But knowing all these facts about Williams, would we be surprised if one day it turned out that he was indeed an agent of the pope of Rome?  Not in the least.

Further Overwhelming Evidence of Williams’ Pro-Papist Position

Just to rub Anglican noses in the dirt of humiliation even further, Benedict in 2010 made a triumphant visit to the United Kingdom, a visit of immense significance that showed to all the world just how weak and ineffectual the Anglican institution now was, and how powerful Roman Catholicism was becoming in the territory once ruled by the “Church of England.”  As I wrote in an article at the time, Benedict used the occasion “to constantly push the theme of Britain’s Roman Catholic past, and of the need to revive that ancient faith so as to combat secularism and atheism in society.”[28]  This, too, occurred during Rowan Williams’ term as archbishop of Canterbury.  The following is taken from that article:

On the second day of his visit to the UK Benedict met with Williams.  Showing Williams’ utter blindness to the true Gospel, he and Benedict “affirmed the need to proclaim the Gospel message of salvation in Jesus Christ, both in a reasoned and convincing way in the contemporary context of profound cultural and social transformation, and in lives of holiness and transparency to God,” said the communiqué released after the event.[29]  What “gospel” does the Papacy proclaim?  And what holiness is lived by a man such as Benedict or any of his minions?  Roman Catholicism preaches an entirely false “gospel” of salvation by man’s own works, a devilish lie that has damned multiplied millions to hell.  As for “holiness”, what is holy about a religion which has abused children on a massive scale; which finances and supports revolutions around the world; which has massacred multiplied millions of people through the centuries; which is filled with every vice and every filthy and abominable deed? (Rev. 9:20,21; 18:2).  But Williams could affirm this joint communiqué with Benedict because birds of a feather flock together!  Anglicanism is a spiritual harlot daughter of the Mother Whore of Rome.  It, too, proclaims a false “gospel” of the lie of baptismal regeneration, of Anglo-Catholic works-salvation via ritual, and it too is an unholy, ungodly mixture that is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord.  This is not a time for mincing words.  The truth must be told.  Like mother, like daughter.

During the meeting, the two men spoke of the importance of improved ecumenical relations.  What a joke.  Rome is not interested in “unity” with Anglicanism, only in absorbing Anglicanism – and it is well on the way to doing precisely that.  Rome makes all the right noises, but the truth is that Anglicanism is pretty much finished.  It is on its way out.  A triumphant Papacy is marching across Anglicanism’s home turf, and there is nothing, nothing whatsoever, that Canterbury can do about it.  It is too late.

Williams, in his speech to the Anglican and Papist bishops gathered for the event, said, “We do not as churches seek political power or control, or the dominance of Christian faith in the public sphere”.  What a lie!  This, coming from a man who is the spiritual head of a so-called “church” which proudly boasts of its “State Church” position in England, a “church” where the English monarch is its head and is officially known as “Defender of the Faith”!  Anglicanism has exerted varying degrees of political influence over England for centuries!  And then there is Rome – a religio-political harlot which has most definitely,  aggressively and ruthlessly, sought for political power and control across the whole earth for many centuries!  A “church” which, if it had its way, would allow no religion to exist in a country except itself.  A “church” whose pontiff is not only a spiritual leader, but a head of state and was received in England on this visit AS a head of state!  Yet Williams says, “We do not as churches seek political power or control, or the dominance of Christian faith in the public sphere”!

But it did not stop there.

During his evening prayer address, Williams said: “Christians in Britain, especially in England, look back with the most fervent gratitude to the events of 597, when Augustine landed on these shores to preach the gospel to the Anglo-Saxons at the behest of Pope St Gregory the Great.”  But Augustine was not a true Christian, he was a violent and wicked man, an ambassador not of Christ but of the pope of Rome!  Yet Williams praised him and Gregory who sent him.  Going on, Williams sunk even lower: “For Christians of all traditions and confessions, St Gregory is a figure of compelling attractiveness and spiritual authority – pastor and leader, scholar and exegete and spiritual guide.”  Yet what does history actually reveal of this Roman pontiff of “compelling attractiveness”, and of his servant Augustine?  The following extracts are from the book, The Story of the Light that Never Went Out:

“Gregory the Great was a most ambitious pope; nothing but the conquest of the world to Rome would satisfy him.”  “Gregory the Great had chosen the right man to accomplish this work; Augustine was as ambitious as he was to see the world brought under the sway of the fast developing kingdom of papal Rome…. Gregory despatched more missionaries [to England], and loaded them with vestments and church ornaments, and a quantity of rags and bones – supposed to be the relics of saints and martyrs, to which the increasing superstition of the times attributed many absurd and fabulous miracles.  With these relics Augustine might hope to overawe and vanquish the English!”  And when the professing church in Britain refused to submit to the authority of the Roman pontiff, Augustine said to them: “if you will not receive brethren who bring you peace, you shall receive enemies who will bring you war.  If you will not unite with us in showing the Saxon the way of life, you shall receive from them the stroke of death.”[30]  And the military power of Rome was used to subdue England by bloodshed.

These were the men – Gregory and Augustine – whom Williams praised so highly in his address to the Roman Antichrist!  But he was not done; he had to sink lower still.  He said: “The fact that the first preaching of the Gospel to the English peoples in the sixth and seventh centuries has its origins in his [Gregory’s] vision creates a special connection for us with the See of the Apostles Peter and Paul; and Gregory’s witness and legacy remain an immensely fruitful source of inspiration for our own mission in these dramatically different times.”  Williams should have brushed up on his history (or was it a deliberate smokescreen again?): the Gospel reached Britain long before Gregory ever sent Augustine to that land.  But by saying this Williams gave the impression that Britain has Popery to thank for the arrival of the “Gospel”!  Plus, he referred to Rome as “the See of the Apostles Peter and Paul” – another historical inaccuracy as Peter was never actually in Rome, and Paul never had a “See” there.  Once again Williams was pointing out the special, unique role of the Roman pontiff over all Christendom, by virtue of being, supposedly, the “successor of Peter” – a great falsehood.

Williams then went on to praise the life and work of the evil Roman Catholic “saint”, Benedict, founder of the Benedictine order of monks, and the man whose name Joseph Ratzinger chose for himself when he became the Roman pope, Benedict XVI.  Williams said British culture had tragically lost sight of that original Benedict’s “vision”, but that the present Benedict had made a huge “contribution to a Benedictine vision for our days”.


A warm embrace: Rowan Williams and Benedict XVI

When Williams then spoke of the meaning of the role and mission of the pope of Rome, it was very evident that he conceded a unique place to the pope of Rome within the “universal Church” (which of course is not the true universal Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, but the many false “churches” worldwide).  He said: “Christians have very diverse views about the nature of the vocation that belongs to the See of Rome.  Yet, as Your Holiness’s great predecessor [John Paul II] reminded us all in his encyclical Ut Unum Sint, we must learn to reflect together on how the historic ministry of the Roman Church and its chief pastor may speak to the Church catholic – East and West, global north and global south – of the authority of Christ and his apostles to build up the Body in love; how it may be realised as a ministry of patience and reverence towards all, a ministry of creative love and self-giving that leads us all into the same path of seeking not our own comfort or profit but the good of the entire human community and the glory of God the creator and redeemer.”[31]

Cutting through all the sweet-talk, what Williams was saying was that the role of the Roman Catholic institution and its pope is a very special one, and unique.  And his words were well understood by Roman Catholic journalist, Robert Moynihan, who said: “Of course, Williams is not saying here that he and his fellow Anglicans will recognize without qualification the Bishop of Rome’s ministry as the head of the Christian Church.  But… he is clearly linking the two concepts of ‘the Roman church and its pastor’ (that is, the Pope) and ‘a ministry… towards all’ (that is, a universal ministry).  The implicit suggestion is that, for Williams, there is, in fact, a mission ‘towards all’ which must be carried out by ‘the Roman church and its chief pastor.’”[32] Williams was opening the door towards some as-yet undefined submission to the See of Rome as time goes by.

And even though Benedict was in the UK to beatify John Henry Newman, an Anglican who converted to Rome and who did such damage to Anglicanism and such good work for Rome, Williams managed to speak well of the man, saying Newman “decided that he must follow his conscience and seek his future in serving God in communion with the See of Rome”.[33]  Even though Benedict was there to triumphantly rub the nose of Anglicanism in the dirt, Williams spoke meekly of Newman’s “conscience” and of “serving God in communion with” Rome!  One does not hear Romish bishops or archbishops speaking of ex-Papists as “following their conscience and seeking their future” in Protestant churches.  They are never that generous, that magnanimous.  The generosity and magnanimity are always from the non-Papist side.

We can be sure of this: Rowan Williams was the perfect choice, as far as the Jesuit Order was concerned, for the position at that time.  And during his decade in office he did immense damage to what was left of Anglicanism.  And that is precisely what they wanted.

Other Unbiblical, Anti-Christian Statements by Williams

In 2006, Williams denounced the biblical teaching of creationism.[34]

In 2008, Williams came under fire for saying that it “seems unavoidable” that aspects of Islamic sharia law would be incorporated into British law.  He suggested Britain should adopt aspects of Sharia law to appease Muslims![35]  What kind of a “Christian” speaks thus of vile, vicious, murderous Islamic law?  Not a true Christian, for sure!

In 2009 Rowan Williams made the statement that God was “pretty useless” on September 11, 2001, when the huge terrorist attack on New York’s twin towers occurred![36]  What kind of God, then, did Williams worship?  Certainly not the sovereign, almighty God of the Bible!  And yet millions of people think Rowan Williams is a Christian, and that he heads a Christian church!  The man’s theology, no less than his deeds, reveals him to be an outright heretic, unregenerate, utterly spiritually blind to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Williams Defends His Record in Office

When Williams announced that he would retire in 2012, he defended his record after a decade in office.  Asked if he had left the Anglican “Church” in a worse state than he found it, he replied, “I don’t think so.  There is no golden age in Christian history when you might think, ‘Oh it was relatively problem free then’ – I don’t think that’s true.  When I’ve got problems I think, ‘At least it isn’t the fourth century, at least it isn’t the seventeenth century’.” [37]

It is true that no age in Christian history has ever been free of problems.  But the question was not about whether or not there were problems during his period in office.  The question was whether or not he had left Anglicanism in a worse state that he found it.  Anglicanism was in an appalling state anyway, long before Williams took office; but the fact remains that under his leadership it sunk even further.  Much, much further.  And the cold, hard truth is that Rowan Williams himself was responsible for much of this  collapse.  The problems of which he spoke were to such a large extent aggravated by his period in office!  He did nothing to improve things, but a whole lot to make them far worse.

But then again, we must remember what Anglicanism is.  It is not a Christian church.  It is a religious daughter of the Roman Catholic institution (Rev. 17:5).  And for this reason, no archbishop of Canterbury could ever fix it up!  For one cannot take a false religious institution and transform it into a true Christian church.  That is simply impossible.


And so the druid-cum-archbishop hands over the reins to the next man.  But make no mistake: the next man will not be a true Christian who somehow turns the Anglican institution from being a false “church” into a true one.  No true Christian would rise to supreme spiritual authority within this system and preside over this religious smorgasbord, for no true Christian would be part of the leadership of an institution which is so utterly unbiblical that it simply cannot be treated, by any true child of God, as a Christian church.  A true church of Christ does not hold to the heresies which Anglicanism holds to, it does not practice what Anglicanism practices, and it does not tolerate what Anglicanism tolerates.  This is a false religious system, it is not a biblical Christian church.  It uses Christian terminology, but that means nothing – so does its harlot mother, the Roman Catholic system.

True Christians should pray for Rowan Williams, his successor, and the other priests and priestesses who together make up the hierarchy of this religious system.  But when I say they should pray for them, what should they pray for, specifically?  to pray (as so many professing Christians say they do) for “conservative” Anglicans to take control of the institution, or for Anglicanism to “return to what it used to be” is not to pray biblically!  It is not a matter of “conservatives” trumping “liberals” at the next Anglican synod, like children playing on a seesaw: when one child is up and the other is down, and the next moment the roles are reversed!  This is not how a true church is governed, and just shows yet again that Anglicanism is not a true church.  It is a false religion, a religious harlot pretending to be the bride of Christ, and false religion cannot be reformed; it can only be rejected and forsaken.  No, the only thing true Christians should be praying for is that the Lord would regenerate and convert many of those caught up within this false system!  And those whom the Lord saves, He will call out of this religious mess (2 Cor. 6:14-18), to serve Christ “without [outside] the camp” (Heb. 13:13).  There is no place for any true child of God within the Anglican institution, and those who falsely claim to be converted but who remain within it and justify their conduct by saying “this is where the Lord wants them to be”, are sinning against the Lord and deceiving themselves.  For this is to act in direct opposition to what the Lord has commanded in His Word.  An institution which has had a druid for its leader, the Roman pope for its master, priestesses and sodomites and various other Bible-mockers and wicked people for its “ministers”, and baptized goats for its pew-warmers can be called many things, but the one name that can never in truth be applied to it is the name of a Christian church.

                                                                                                                                            November 2012

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