The Arch-Druid of Canterbury

The Arch-Druid of Canterbury, PDF format

Rowan Williams United Anglicanism and Paganism…and That Was Just for Starters

The dual priesthood of Rowan Williams: Anglican priest/archbishop, Druid priest

  In late 2012 Rowan Williams, the Anglican archbishop of Canterbury, announced that he would be retiring, after a decade at the helm as spiritual leader of the world’s Anglicans (numbering something like 85 million souls).  Anglicanism was in an appalling state long before Williams took over, but under his leadership it sunk to greater lows than ever.  To call the Anglican institution a true Christian church is to utter a falsehood, and that there are men, professing to be Christians and evangelicals, who actually do so, is disgraceful.  It cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be accepted as a church.  It is an utterly false religious institution masquerading as a Christian church, just like its mother, the Roman Catholic institution (Rev. 17:5).

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