America: Communism Triumphant

America – Communism Triumphant, PDF format

The United States of America has become a Communist-controlled country!

  Are you shocked by that sentence?  It would not be surprising if you are.  Most Americans, and indeed most people throughout what once was called the “free world”, believe two things: that Communism is dead, and that the United States could never become Communist anyway because it is “the land of the free”, supposedly the great anti-Communist bastion.  Tragically, they are wrong on both counts.  Let us look at both misconceptions:

Communism is NOT Dead

  Ever since the early 1990s the world has been deceived into believing that “Communism is dead.”  This is one of the greatest deceptions of modern times.  Communism is certainly not dead – not in Russia, nor in the former Soviet states, nor in China, nor in Latin America, nor in Africa, nor in Europe – in fact, it is more powerful than ever before.  The following is from my book, “Holy War” Against South Africa:

 “In [1989] the world witnessed what was portrayed enthusiastically by the international media as the ‘collapse of Communism’ in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.  It is outside the purposes of this book to examine these events in detail.  Suffice it to say, here, that there is a vast body of evidence to show that Communism in the old USSR and Eastern Europe did not collapse in 1989: that it was a deliberate Communist smokescreen, designed to fool the West into disarming, and into financially supporting the now supposedly ‘former’ Communist regimes; and it worked.  Just some of the evidence that this ‘fall’ was stage-managed is the following: it was planned years before it actually happened;[1] the same people remained in power behind the scenes; after 1989, in almost every one of the Eastern European countries, Communists resumed open control, having been re-elected (in what were no doubt rigged elections, as was to occur in South Africa in 1994) under the new names of ‘Social Democrats’, etc.; and around the world after 1989, Communism continued to expand, Communist guerilla forces continued to receive funds and support from Moscow, and South Africa fell to the Communist forces in 1994.  Far from being dead, Communism was very much alive and at work.”[2]

  “How diabolically clever the conspirators had been!  By fooling the world into believing that the changes in Eastern Europe meant that Communism was dead, that those countries were now ‘free’ and ‘democratic’, and that the ‘New World Order’ was something wonderful, an order in which all countries of the world would be united in peace, living as one big, happy global family, they had succeeded in concealing the fact that the New World Order was precisely what international Communism had always been working for!  Communism was not dead in Eastern Europe or anywhere else, and the peoples of those countries were not truly ‘free’.  The tactics had simply changed: by making it appear to the world as if Communism was dead, and all the old Communists had suddenly been converted into freedom-loving democrats – whereas in reality, behind the scenes, the same men, the same powerful forces, were in control as before – the world had been deceived.  A major step towards global enslavement had been taken, hidden behind such terms as ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’, and the ‘death of Communism’.  And the United Nations was to play a major role in the future.

  “And deep in the shadows, behind the United Nations, behind international Communism, behind the liberal, closet-Socialist rulers of the US, behind the pro-Marxist World Council of Churches, behind the leftist world media, were the Jesuit/Illuminati forces working for the subjugation of the whole world to the Vatican.” [3]

  For evidence that Communism is not dead, but has merely changed shape so as to advance itself as never before, see my book, “Holy War” Against South Africa, as well as my lectures (available on CD) entitled The Vatican in World Affairs: 1987-89 and The Vatican in World Affairs: 1990-92.  I also recommend the following books: New Lies for Old, by Anatoliy Golitsyn, in which this ex-KGB officer revealed, many years before it happened, that the so-called “collapse of Communism” in 1989-91 was a planned, strategic deception, designed to fool the West; and The Perestroika Deception, by Anatoliy Golitsyn, in which the author explains the secret intent behind the Leninist strategy which so-called “former” Communists (they are anything but “former” Communists!) have been and are pursuing under cover of fake “reform” and “progress towards democracy”, to create the New World Socialist Order.

  This has been confirmed by another Communist defector, Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, a top aide in the Romanian Communist government, who in 2012 said in an interview: “There is still a widely popular belief in the U.S.  and Western Europe that the nefarious Marxist legacy was uprooted in 1991 when the Soviet Union was abolished…. This is simply wishful thinking.” [4]