America: Communism Triumphant


Movies and Music: the Twin Pincers That Have Destroyed America’s Morality

  Two industries, in particular, were used to destroy America’s morals: the movie and the music industries.  Hollywood (with television) and rock music have done the Gramscian task of destroying the morality of the United States. 

  If the hardy, brave pioneers who conquered the American wilderness and created a free and prosperous country for their children’s children could see the kind of descendants for whom they risked their lives!  If they could see what their children’s children have done with the precious freedoms they obtained for them!  Imagine what they would feel, if they could see that the land they lived and died to create is now the land of empty-headed Hollywood actors and crotch-grabbing “musicians” – the likes of the effeminate, ghoulish, plastic-faced paedophiliac known as Wacko Jacko, and of the gutter-mouthed Eminem, to name just two.

  Imagine a country where the opinions of movie and rock “stars” are considered important!  This is America today.  Some movie “star”, whose one and only claim to fame is that he or she is good looking and makes millions every year because of it, opens his or her mouth to pontificate on some “issue” – the environment, or gun control, or what those “evil Christian fundamentalists” are doing – and all of American society stops to listen, mouths agape, eyes shining, hanging on every inane word as if the “star” was somehow above mere mortals and possessed of supernatural wisdom.  But this is because, as far as modern Americans (and westerners in general) are concerned, the movie and music “stars” really are above mere mortals.  They are referred to as “screen gods and goddesses”, or as “idols”.  The very name tells us that this is idolatry!  It is the worship of the human creature instead of the Creator  (Rom. 1:25).  And these vacuous men and women are idolised with as much worship as was ever bestowed on the gods of ancient times by fawning, teary-eyed multitudes.

  Consider just one year in America’s modern history, the year 2011.  It is typical of every other year, and it gives any thinking person enough ammunition to prove conclusively that America has become a land in which morally degenerate celebrities are worshipped as idols, no matter what they do or how they live, as shown tragi-comically by columnist Frosty Wooldridge:

 “Did anyone notice the buxom seamstress Kim Kardashian… married the Jolly Green Giant basketball player, only to divorce him after 72 days of blissful matrimony?  It splashed all over ‘People,’ ‘US’ and ‘National Enquirer’ where people with enquiring minds want to know the truth.  If the ‘truth’ be told, only the page numbers carry any realistic ‘truth’ in all those magazines.  Kim became the #1 name on the personality search on Google for 2011.  She headed ‘Entertainment Tonight’ as America’s favorite poster girl.  She displaced stalwart Britney Spears for the first time in 13 meaningful years and millions of vacant-minded fans…

  “…Michael Jackson, known pedophile and remarkable ‘father’ of three Caucasian children – checked out of life by injecting endless drugs into his body.  He may have wanted to sleep for a night, but his personal physician Doctor Murray gave him eternal slumber in Never, Never Land…

  “As ‘Desperate House Wives’ clamored for top billing, ‘All My Children’ or was it ‘Days of Our Lives’ went the way of the DoDo bird?… If anyone watched or watches all those meaningless soap operas, they may be part of the vital statistic showing that the average American in his or her lifetime watches television for a mind-numbing 15 years in eight hour segments…

  “In ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ Chastity Bono, daughter of legendary singer Cher, now goes by Chaz, a transgender male.  Chaz said, ‘I am so happy to have danced here tonight and showed America a “new” kind of man.’  At 271 pounds on a 5'6" frame with none of the male components, we enter a Brave New America.”[16]

  Americans (and indeed the rest of the western world’s peoples) have become for the most part an utterly self-absorbed people: as shown by the huge popularity of TV shows in which so many are perfectly willing to appear before millions of viewers and air their dirty linen, exposing the most intimate parts of their private lives to the world, so as to soak in the empty, stupid, psychobabble-saturated “advice” and “counsel” of celebrity shrinks and New Age gurus, who rake in millions from the gullibility of those they have duped with their words.  They sit in the TV studios, cameras rolling and with the studio audiences on the edge of their seats with gleeful anticipation, and with their eyes full of tears they pour out their woes to the celebrity “expert”, about how their parents treated them when they were children or how their husbands or lovers are treating them now, or some equally inane diatribe about some equally pathetic subject, utterly absorbed in themselves and their petty little problems.  Worse yet, millions more actually tune in, every day, to voyeuristically watch and be entertained by this trash.

  And yet all around the world, millions of people are dealing with real, life-and-death matters every single day: starvation, disease, war, suffering on sometimes continent-wide scales, while these spoiled, overfed, luxury-wallowing creatures, living in the most prosperous country on the face of the earth, whine about their hard lives.  Psychology, that great blight upon the western world, has turned Americans (and the rest of the western world is not far behind) into a nation of “I-specialists” (It’s “I this” and “I that”, me-me-me-me), so concerned with looking inwardly and bemoaning their imagined sufferings that they cannot even see what is happening all around them, as their once-blessed country is turning into a dictatorial police state right under their noses.