America: Communism Triumphant


Above All, the Deliberate Destruction of Americans’ Morality and Their Churches

  Truly, the U.S. is in deep, deep trouble – and that is a major understatement.  Thinking Americans know it; but thinking Americans are an endangered species these days.  Like the rest of the western world, but perhaps to an even greater degree, Americans have lost the ability to think, to do proper research by reading, to even want to do proper research or to read, and are instead lost in never-never land, their minds so bedazzled by TV, Hollywood, internet entertainment and modern music that they no longer know how to sit quietly and think through the great issues of our times. 

  But while they have been flitting away the hours, days and years with mind-numbingly stupid entertainment, their enemies have been very hard at work.  And over a number of decades now, they have done their work so well that America is no longer the free and prosperous country it was a couple of generations ago. 

  Over many decades, the conspirators targeted, and took control of, various institutions within American society.  They took control of the American public school system, using this control to dumb down the population.  They greatly damaged the free enterprise system, impoverished much of the middle class, and created a sense of entitlement and dependency upon the government within the population. 

  And above all, they destroyed the morality of the American people.  This, indeed, is the greatest cause of America’s fall: the collapse of morality, which has followed the collapse of America’s churches.  A couple of centuries ago a European historian, after travelling through America, observed, “America is great because America is good; and if ever America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great.”  This is precisely what has happened.  For a long time, America was a land of  moral people.  Certainly they were not all true Christians: no country on earth has ever had a population where every single citizen is truly converted to Christ.  But it was a land in which many true Christians lived, and even the larger number who were not true Christians were still, nevertheless, deeply influenced by the teachings of the Bible.  There were many preachers of righteousness, congregations seeking to live holy lives unto the Lord, sending out missionaries to the ends of the earth, and producing more sound Christian literature than anywhere else, with the possible exception of Britain.  It was consequently a country of moral people, in general.  And precisely because of this, it was the freest country that the world had ever seen; the most prosperous, with the highest standard of living; a land of refuge for the persecuted of the earth, whose shores beckoned multitudes of suffering souls to leave their own wretched countries and seek a new life where men were free.  This was a country which the Lord blessed, and which forged ahead of even the other great western lands until it came to occupy the pre-eminent position among the nations of the earth.

  But what happened?  The internationalists knew that they could not conquer America by warfare.  It was just too strong.  Instead, they would destroy it from within, by undermining and ultimately destroying America’s morality.

  And in this they have been astoundingly successful!  Today, the United States of America is a thoroughly immoral, wicked, perverse society, in which the biblically-influenced morals of earlier generations have been completely overturned.  Most are simply unable to discern between good and evil anymore.  Pornography, fornication, shacking up together, adultery, divorce, abortion, sodomy, even sodomite “marriages”, etc., are all fully accepted and the norm now.