America: Communism Triumphant


What about Islam? 

  Violent, bloodthirsty Islam is certainly growing in power and influence in America.  And this rise of the Islamic menace is frightening many Americans.  There can be no doubt that Americans should be deeply concerned about Islam’s progress within their country.  But first and foremost is the threat of Romanism and Communism.  The vast majority of Americans will never accept the religion of Islam; whereas a huge number of them readily accept the religio-political system of Roman Catholicism (“It’s a Christian church!”).  And they have readily embraced Communist principles without even realising it. Muslim terrorists are nothing but tools.  For decades, Communists have used Muslims to do their dirty work for them (and the Papists, in turn, have used the Communists!).  Islam is violent and makes a lot of noise, and thus while Americans are being frightened out of their wits by Islam, Communists continue their nefarious work quietly, behind the scenes.  In other words, the Islamic threat, while certainly real, is not the greatest threat to the USA at all.  If the creeping Communist revolution had not been so successful, Islam would never have made the progress it has in the United States.  If the secretive Papist and Communist agendas were defeated within America, Islam would be defeated as well.  But as the Papist and Communist agendas advance without resistance within America, expect to see the parallel advance of Islam.  America’s hardline Marxist leaders see immense value in allowing murderous Islam to grow in power and influence not only in the Middle East but in America itself, and the Marxists’ “useful idiots”, the politically-correct liberals who also fill positions of power within America, certainly will not oppose them.  These almost-Reds treat this diabolical religion with kid gloves and hand-wringing apologies, and have neither the guts nor the inclination to clamp down hard on the Muslim madmen within America who are carrying out acts of terrorism to their chants of “Death to America”.

  And so the Vatican uses Communism, Communism uses Islam, and Americans lose their freedoms.