America: Communism Triumphant


The Vatican/Communist Plot for the Fall of the United States of America

  The loss of America’s liberties, and its descent into Socialism/Communism, has been nothing short of phenomenal.  Far too many conservative Americans and others are too short-sighted.  They look at the presidency of Barack Obama, the two massively rigged elections which brought him to power, and think that the loss of America’s liberties and its descent into Socialism began pretty much with his rise, or perhaps a few years before – at most just a few decades.  They could not be more mistaken.  What has happened in the United States has happened over a period of many, many decades.  And here is something else that is vital to grasp, and never forget: the rise of Islamic influence within America, as terrifying and dangerous as it is, is in fact not the greatest danger; not even the real issue.  No; to understand what has happened to America, one must understand Communism, and Roman Catholicism.

  In my book, “Holy War” Against South Africa, which was first published in1996 – just two years after the Communist takeover of South Africa by the African National Congress of Nelson Mandela – I explained that the fall of South Africa to the forces of international Communism was the next stepping stone towards the ultimate goal: the takeover, by the forces of the Vatican working through international Communism, of the United States of America:

  “The Vatican desired South Africa for its immense wealth, and because it was not part of the world order which the Vatican was seeking to establish.  The fall of South Africa would also mean the weakening of the United States of America – the ultimate target of Vatican global conquest.  The Soviet global strategy in many ways paralleled the Vatican’s, and for this reason was being manipulated by the Jesuit forces behind the scenes in its war against South Africa.  Romanism desires world domination; so does Communism.  Romanism desires the fall of the West; so does Communism.  Romanism desires the wealth of the West; so does Communism.  Romanism desires the elimination of biblical Christianity; so does Communism.  These are the reasons behind the Vatican’s support for Communism in South Africa and elsewhere.  It sought to harness the might of international Communism to achieve its own ends.

  “The ultimate goal is the conquest of the United States of America, the most powerful of all Western countries.  For many, many long years, the Vatican has been working for the downfall of the US.  Due to the military strength of that land, it had to be severely weakened from within, by infiltration; and also by the destruction of its allies in the West – such as South Africa.  It is a fairly well-known fact that the US has been heavily infiltrated by Communist agents, right up to the top levels of government.[9]  But what is hardly known at all, is that agents of the Roman Catholic institution have also been infiltrating the US government for many, many years.[10]

  “This massive interference, by Roman Catholic and Communistic agents, in the top echelons of American government, will explain a fact that has perplexed so many in recent decades: that, despite the fact that the United States should have been doing all in its power to keep South Africa from falling to the forces of international Marxism, it was doing the very opposite!  It was fighting against South Africa’s government!  It was an enemy to South Africa, not a friend – and it bears a huge amount of responsibility for the ruin of South Africa, as shall be seen in the following pages!

  “Yes, the US government during past decades was South Africa’s enemy, not its friend.  Its goal was to destabilise the country and see to it that the ANC became the government![11]  For many years, the American CIA built up a vast network of opposition groups in South Africa, and infiltrated political, cultural, academic, religious and other groups.[12]  And this was because the US government had been so heavily infiltrated by Vatican and Communist agents, working not only for the destruction of South Africa, but for that of the USA as well.

  “The picture, then, is this: the conspiracy is nothing less than world domination.  The free Western nations stand in the way of that goal, and must be conquered.  Leading them all is the United States.  So its government was heavily infiltrated, in order to do two things: firstly, to work from the inside to move the United States in the direction of a Socialist, and ultimately Papal-controlled, society; and secondly, to use such influence as the infiltrators already possessed in the US government, media, etc., to actually support the revolutionary forces fighting to gain control over other free countries, such as South Africa.”[13]

  Space does not permit a full examination of all these things, but for further evidence of the Vatican’s diabolical push to gain control over the United States, see my articles (available freely on our website) entitled: a) America’s Alien Invasion: the United States is Becoming Roman Catholic; b) The Pope of Rome in America 2008: Why Now?  and c) The Vatican/Obama Alliance.[14]

  As can be seen from the quotations above, the fall of the United States was a long-term objective of both international Communism and the Roman Catholic institution.  Rome, in fact, has used the muscle of Communism to do its dirty work for it.  By this I mean that after World War Two the Roman Catholic institution threw its weight behind international Communism, perceiving that Communism would sweep the world.  This is precisely what it did, and Rome made use of it to advance its own agenda in many parts of the world – including the United States.