America: Communism Triumphant


Conclusion: Are You Ready?

  The world is entering a period of uncertainty, chaos and increasing dictatorship.  The Futurist fallacy of a seven-year future tribulation, a future Antichrist, and all the rest of it is all nonsense.  The Antichrist is here and has been here for centuries already, sitting on the seven hills of Rome (2 Thess.2; Rev. 17), and believers through all these centuries have suffered tribulation; but prophetically, we are in that period just prior to the Lord’s second coming, when the nations of the earth, deceived by Satan, are compassing “the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city” ( Rev. 20:7-9) – the true Church, in other words.  Worldwide, the true Church, the remnant of true believers, is now being surrounded for the purpose of annihilation.  The Lord will never permit all His people to be exterminated, of course; but this prophetic picture indicates a period of worldwide persecution.  The net is tightening.   If even the United States of America, once the freest nation on the face of the earth, is now becoming a dangerous place for Christians, then where in the world is safe now?  Only in Christ is there true peace and safety.

  Are you ready for what may yet come? 

November 2012



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