Assisi 2011: The Papacy’ s Interfaith Abomination

 “…many human problems on this planet in fact originate from people with religions, even though the problems arising from people of religions do not mean they originate from the religion itself.”  That problems arise from religious people is certainly true of both his own Islamic religion, and Roman Catholicism, to name just two.  But they do arise from the religion itself, when that religion teaches that violence can be used to coerce someone, as both Islam and Romanism have done.  The devil created the world’s religions, which is why their followers cause so many of the problems in the world.

  He said: “…so as to attain lasting harmony and co-existence among religions, therefore what is not similar [among the religions] should not and must not be forced to be opposing, and what views are not shared should not be imposed.”  And yet Islam does impose itself on those who do not share it, insisting that all men should convert to Islam even at the point of a sword if necessary.  There’s no escaping this, it is the teaching of  the Koran itself, and this Islamic scholar was doubtless banking on the fact that members of other religions are so ignorant of Islam that they do not realise this.  The same is true of Romanism.

  The deceptive nature of Islam’s teachers was also shown at an inter-religious meeting held in Munich a few weeks before the Assisi event.  Here, a Moroccan professor of Muslim dogma and comparative religion, Mohammed Amine Smaili, said that the 1986 Assisi meeting “marked a decisive and memorable about-face in our history” because the world’s religions established a consensus that dialogue is the only way that humanity can understand itself.[23]  If this really was so, then why has Islam advanced by violence and force ever since 1986?  Looking at the advance of Islam worldwide today, the good professor would have to forgive us if we simply cannot see it using “dialogue” to help humanity “understand” itself.  And then, revealing the two-faced, deceptive nature of Islam, he added that the “democratic reform movements” sweeping across North Africa and the Middle East have also reflected the “spirit of Assisi”, as they bring people of different religions together to promote greater freedoms and human rights.  In the first place, there is absolutely nothing truly “democratic” about the violent uprisings that have been engulfing the Muslim world, if by “democratic” is meant people using their vote and peaceful means to bring about regime change.  If by “democratic” he simply means mob rule and the bringing to power of new tyrants to replace the old ones, then yes, it has been “democratic”.  In the second place, considering that the “spirit of Assisi” supposedly is about peace between religions and between religious and non-religious people, then the violent uprisings in the Muslim world cannot reflect a spirit of peace.  But then again, considering that the true “spirit” behind the interfaith Babel at Assisi is none other than the prince of darkness himself, leading men astray and leading them to hell, the Islamic uprisings then do reflect the same spirit.  For Satan appears as a spirit of “peace” or as a spirit of war; either way, he deceives mankind.

  In the third place, the Islamic uprisings have not “brought people of different religions together to promote greater freedoms and human rights”!  This is so obviously untrue that one is forced to the conclusion that this Islamic professor is deliberately trying to pull the wool over our eyes.  The uprisings have been Muslim uprisings; and during the uprisings as well as in their aftermaths, Muslims have actively and violently persecuted non-Muslims, including Copts and true Christians.  Non-Muslims are fleeing these Arab states in huge numbers as they see the writing on the wall.  Their lives are in great danger.