Assisi 2011: The Papacy’ s Interfaith Abomination

The Jewish Rabbi’s Speech

  A Jewish rabbi, David Rosen, had the following to say during his address at Assisi:[20]

 “This vision of pilgrimage, of ascent, is central to the prophetic vision of the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth – the messianic vision of universal peace.”  He then went on to quote the prophecy of Isa.2:3,4, and 11:6-9.  But in truth, there is no “messianic vision” in the Bible (rightly divided) of “universal peace” between people of different religions and of no religion – rather, there is only peace between true Christians; those from every nation who are converted to Christ, and are added to His true, universal Church.  As for Isa. 2:3,4, this is a wonderful prophecy of the true Church (the “mountain” in this prophecy, mystical Zion); and Isa. 11:6-9, too, is fulfilled spiritually, not literally: there is not coming a time on earth when the wolf will literally dwell with the lamb, or the leopard lie down with the kid – but whenever fierce opponents and persecutors of true Christians are converted (like Saul of Tarsus), then this lovely prophecy is spiritually fulfilled.  This rabbi, and indeed all religious Jews, are mistaken in their understanding of these prophecies because they reject Jesus of Nazareth as the true Messiah.

  He added: “For demonstrating this aspiration [to peace] in such a visible manner already in Assisi twenty-five years ago, we owe a debt of gratitude to the memory of Blessed John Paul, and we must give profound thanks to his successor Pope Benedict XVI for continuing in this path.”  How utterly sad that, after all Rome has done by way of persecuting Jews through the centuries, even right up into World War Two when the Vatican’s servant, Adolf Hitler, tried to exterminate them[21], its whitewashing of its own bloody anti-Jewish history has been so successful that even many rabbis have become convinced that the Papacy has changed and actually likes them now!


The Islamic Scholar’s Speech

  Kyai Haji Hasyimmuzadi, the general secretary of the International Conference of Islamic Scholars, addressed the Assisi event.  Here is some of what he said:[22]