Assisi 2011: The Papacy’ s Interfaith Abomination

  The theme of the 2011 Assisi event was “Pilgrims of Truth, Pilgrims of Peace.”  It  was called a “Day of Reflection, Dialogue and Prayer for Peace and Justice in the World”.  According to Benedict XVI, the objective of the event was as follows: “Through this gathering we wish to express, with simplicity, that we believers have a special contribution to make towards building a better world, while acknowledging that if our actions are to be effective, we need to grow in dialogue and mutual esteem.”[13]  For the biblical Christian, “building a better world” is not his mission on this earth.  This world is God’s enemy!  It is heading for destruction.  But Roman Catholicism is not biblical Christianity.

  Romish Cardinal Turkson, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, said that 25 years after John Paul II’s initiative, “the world needs peace”.   It has always needed peace, and it has never had it, and never will, for the world rejects the Prince of Peace Himself.  He said, “After 25 years of collaboration between religions and of common witness it is time to take stock and to re-launch the commitment, given the new challenges.  The challenges are the financial and economic crisis, which is lasting longer than foreseen; the crisis of democratic and social institutions; the food and environmental crisis; the biblical migrations; the more subtle forms of colonialism; the continuous scourge of poverty and hunger; the uncontrollable international terrorism; the growing inequalities and religious discrimination.”[14]  Yes, these are the things the Vatican is poking its nose into around the world, because it harnesses these leftist “causes” to promote its own objective of eventual world domination.  But nowhere in the Bible does it say these are the “challenges” the Church must seek to overcome.  The Church’s only purpose in the world is to preach the Gospel to the lost.  But what would Turkson know of that?  His “Church” is a Whore, not the Virgin Bride of Christ (Rev. 17).

  Later he added: “Violence between religions is a scandal that perverts the true identity of religion, veils God’s face, and estranges from the faith.  The path of religions to justice and peace, as a primary commitment of conscience that longs for the true and the good, can only be characterized by a common search for truth.  The search for truth is a premise for knowing one another better, to overcome all forms of prejudice, but also to overcome syncretism, which clouds identity.  For all of us to participate on a common path in search of truth means to recognize one’s own specificity on the basis of what makes us equal – we are all capable of truth – and different at the same time.”  He also said that the search for truth is a condition to “defeat fanaticism and fundamentalism”, which seeks to obtain peace by imposing “one’s own convictions on others.”

  There is so much in this statement that only a very brief critique can be given here.  Again we see the phrase, “the search for truth”.  But for true Christians, the search is over: they have found in Jesus Christ all the truth (Matt. 13:45,46).  The world’s religions, including Roman Catholicism, “search for truth” because they are of the devil, and have no knowledge of the truth.  And note how he spoke of “overcoming syncretism”, even while the Assisi event was a major syncretistic event!  The forked tongue again.  The smokescreen, deliberately raised.  And, significantly, he spoke of the need to defeat “fundamentalism”, equating it with fanaticism; but did he mean by this only such fundamentalism as radical Islamic fundamentalism?  Certainly not, for Rome has been combatting evangelical fundamentalism for decades, and equates it with Islamic fundamentalism!  And the irony here is that Rome itself has been the most rabidly and fanatically intolerant religion of all, through the centuries of its existence!