Assisi 2011: The Papacy’ s Interfaith Abomination

Assisi 2011: The Papacy’ s Interfaith Abomination, PDF format


In 1986 the pope of Rome, John Paul II, held a massive interfaith gathering in Assisi, Italy, billed as a “World Day of Prayer for Peace”.  It was attended by representatives of many religions of the world.  And back then, a quarter of a century ago in the wake of this momentous gathering, I wrote the following in  the Bible Based Ministries Newsletter:  “On October 27, members of different religions came together at Assisi, birthplace of Roman Catholic ‘saint’ Francis, for a day of prayer.  This was at the instigation of the pope.  Around the world, three governments and guerillas in 11 lands held a 24-hour truce.  12 religions were represented, and prayed for peace. Continue reading