The Vatican and the Occupy Movement

The Vatican and the Occupy Movement, PDF format

In 2009 I published an article entitled The Pope of Rome Calls for a World Government.[1]  To properly understand the present article, it would be useful to read that earlier article again, for the information covered there has direct reference to what is going to be said here.  That article was an analysis of a major encyclical (papal treatise) published by the Roman pope, Benedict XVI, in June 2009.

The encyclical was called Caritas in Veritate (“Love in Truth”).  In it, Benedict called for internationally regulated globalisation, and a powerful world government in the form of the United Nations.  As I said in my article, the Papacy wants to use the UN to advance its own agenda for world government and world domination.  Despite the Vatican’s own reservations about, and disagreements with, various aspects of UN policy, it nevertheless still seeks to use the UN to further its own objectives in the world.

The Vatican is fully supportive of the international Communist call for a New World Economic Order, and this encyclical was a ringing endorsement of that call.  It was brim-full of classic Communist statements and buzz-words.  And in it, Benedict called for a “profoundly new way” of organising global finance and business.  He actually called for the establishment of “a true world political authority” to oversee the world economy and work for the “common good”!

Which brings me to the Vatican’s latest call, and following this, how it all ties in with the rapidly-expanding “Occupy Wall Street” movement, which is causing such a stir in the United States and spreading worldwide.  In late October, the Vatican called for a “global public authority” and a central world bank to reign over the financial affairs of the world in the wake of the (very engineered) global economic collapse!  Beyond all doubt, this latest call simply builds on the papal encyclical of 2009.  It is merely the next stage in the development of the Vatican’s long-term plans for controlling the world.

Let’s then look into all this more closely:

This latest Vatican document is called Towards Reforming the International Financial and Monetary Systems in the Context of a Global Public Authority.  It was released by the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.  Its timing was deliberate, with the entire world extremely nervous and anxious about the global economic crisis.  And as correctly pointed out by CNBC, it “should be music to the ears of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ demonstrators and similar movements around the world who have protested against the economic downturn.”[2]  More about “Occupy Wall Street” later.  But first let’s dissect parts of this document.

It condemned what it called “the idolatry of the market”.  Put simply, it condemned outright Capitalism, not only in this statement but in another, where it spoke of the “inequalities and distortions of capitalistic development”.  Yes, the document also mentioned how “Marxist communism” had failed by 1991. But this simply means Rome does not accept all aspects of Marxism.  It has, over the decades, actually created its very own brand of Communism: what we could call a “Catholic Communism” as opposed to a merely “Marxist Communism.”[3]

Continuing in this anti-Capitalist vein, the document stated that the present global economic crisis “has revealed behaviors like selfishness, collective greed and hoarding of goods on a great scale”.  Nice-sounding Communistic phraseology.  It also threatened that there would be severe worldwide problems and the collapse of governments if no action was taken: “If no solutions are found to the various forms of injustice, the negative effects that will follow on the social, political and economic level will be destined to create a climate of growing hostility and even violence, and ultimately undermine the very foundations of democratic institutions, even the ones considered most solid.”

It spoke in such Communist terminology as “promoting the common good”, “to achieve the global common good”, the value of “intervention in the markets”, the “inequalities” between rich and poor countries.  And it stated that “the world’s peoples ought to adopt an ethic of solidarity as the animating core of their action.  This implies abandoning all forms of petty selfishness and embracing the logic of the global common good which transcends merely contingent, particular interests.  In a word, they ought to have a keen sense of belonging to the human family which means sharing the common dignity of all human beings”.  This quotation is just replete with Communist ideas.  Communists have always advocated that all possessions should be shared, that all should be brought down to the same level, that “the common good” must determine everything.  It all sounds very nice and caring and just, but it is at its very core the very opposite of such things.  It is designed to make some more “equal” than others.  For more on this notion of “the common good”, etc., as used by the Vatican, again I refer the reader to  my previous article, The Pope of Rome Calls for a World Government.

And the document also called for the establishment of “a supranational authority” with worldwide scope and “universal jurisdiction” (emphasis added) to guide economic policies and decisions.  This authority, it claimed, should start with the United Nations as its reference point, but should become an independent authority later, and given the power to ensure that developed countries were not permitted to wield “excessive power over the weaker countries.”  Oh, how African and Latin American Marxist states would love that!

It stated: “Specific attention should be paid to the reform of the international monetary system and, in particular, the commitment to create some form of global monetary management” (emphasis added).

And it stated: “In fact, one can see an emerging requirement for a body that will carry out the functions of a kind of ‘central world bank’ that regulates the flow and system of monetary exchanges similar to the national central banks.”  And this would be a major step towards a true world government: “These measures ought to be conceived of as some of the first steps in view of a public Authority with universal jurisdiction; as a first stage in a longer effort by the global community to steer its institutions towards achieving the common good” (emphasis added).  There is no question whatsoever that what the Vatican is angling towards is an eventual single global monetary policy as part of a world government.  This is the unambiguous meaning of this portion of the document: “Of course, this transformation will be made at the cost of a gradual, balanced transfer of a part of each nation’s powers to a world Authority and to regional Authorities, but this is necessary at a time when the dynamism of human society and the economy and the progress of technology are transcending borders, which are in fact already very eroded in a globalized world” (emphasis added).  Read that again.  And then read my previous article and see how the Vatican sees itself as that “world authority.”  The United Nations may be useful to its goal, but only for a time.  It holds itself (oh, so incorrectly) to be the Church set up by God Himself to govern the world, and thus it could never view the UN as a permanent solution.  Eventually, it believes, the UN must give way to the Vatican itself.

Astoundingly, this Vatican document actually refers to the tower of Babel and the attempt made there at  world unity!  But in doing so it completely misses the true lesson of what occurred there.  Consider these words from the document:

“Through the account of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9), the Bible warns us how the ‘diversity’ of peoples can turn into a vehicle for selfishness and an instrument of division.  In humanity there is a real risk that peoples will end up not understanding each other and that cultural diversities will lead to irremediable oppositions.”  Hold on a minute!  This completely ignores the basic fact of what occurred at Babel: God Himself confounded the languages of the people there, precisely so that they would divide up into diverse people groups and be unable to unite as one!  Yet the Romish cardinal who wrote this document, Peter Turkson, with the subtlety of the serpent, makes it appear as if the confusion of tongues was in fact a bad thing!  No, it was God-created and was a very good thing!  It abruptly terminated a united rebellion of mankind against God.  But in this devilish way, this Vatican document takes the account of the tower of Babel and uses it to push a teaching that is the very opposite of what the biblical account actually teaches!

It goes on: “The image of the Tower of Babel also warns us that we must avoid a ‘unity’ that is only apparent, where selfishness and divisions endure because the foundations of the society are not stable.”  No, this is not the warning of the tower of Babel!  It is not about “apparent unity” (the unity was real).  It is about how God viewed that early first attempt at the creation of a world government by men rebelling against Him!  He was against it then, and He is against it now.  But we should not expect a Roman Catholic cardinal to be able to properly interpret the biblical account of Babel.  Darkness cannot understand light, and ungodly men continue to desire what they did on Shinar’s plain so many centuries ago.

Further muddying the waters with its utter misunderstanding and misapplication of the Babel account, the document goes on to say: “The spirit of Babel is the antithesis of the Spirit of Pentecost (Acts 2:1-12), of God’s design for the whole of humanity: that is, unity in truth.”  At Pentecost, the Lord showed that His Gospel was to be proclaimed to all peoples of the earth; but the Lord does not approve of the whole of humanity being united.  Only true Christians are truly united as one in Christ!  The true Christian Church is where true “unity in truth” is to be found, and nowhere else on earth.  The Lord unites all His elect as one, in one spiritual Body; as for the world, it is God’s enemy.

When the document was released and its contents began to cause a stir, the Vatican spin doctors went to work quickly.  Robert Moynihan, editor of  Inside the Vatican magazine, claimed that the Vatican only “allegedly” called for a central world bank.  He wrote, “I say ‘allegedly’ because the text in which this call appears is not by Pope Benedict, but by a Vatican office, the Council for Justice and Peace.  Such an office can issue papers which do not bear the Pope’s ‘seal of approval’ in the same way that a papal encyclical would.  We are dealing here, then, with something on the order of a ‘position paper,’ not a text containing authoritative magisterial teaching.  It is a serious document, worth weighing with real attention… but not a document with binding doctrinal authority.”[4]

Oh, come, come now, let’s not play games.  Yes, it’s true enough that this latest document is not a papal encyclical.  But coming as it does on the heels of the 2009 papal encyclical in which the pope of Rome called for a world government, and issuing forth as it does from a powerful Vatican office and the pen of a cardinal of Rome, which would not issue a document contrary to papal teaching even if said document was not officially sent forth by Benedict himself, we are on very safe grounds indeed when we say that this document sets out what the Papacy wants.  Oh, and did you notice Moynihan tripping over his own feet?  He wrote, “I say ‘allegedly’ because the text in which this call appears…”  If the call for a central world bank appears in the document (and Moynihan says it does), then how can it be an alleged call?  Either it is there in the document or it is not.  If it is, then it is not an alleged call, it is a call for a central world bank!

Now we must turn to an examination of the “Occupy Wall Street” (OWS) protests, and then how the Vatican document fits into what is happening in cities around the world.  These are decidedly pro-Communist, anti-Capitalist protests.  Demonstrators say they are angry over economic inequalities, government bailouts of big banks, corporate bonuses, etc.  They claim that the giant U.S. corporations have caused the country to go broke, and thus the corporations need to be destroyed.

But is this a “spontaneous” uprising of malcontents, as the mainstream (lamestream) media wants us to believe?  Not at all.  It is a very cleverly manipulated movement.  Behind it is the international Socialist network, controlled by elite, powerful and extremely wealthy men, committed to world government controlled by themselves, who have been pulling America down for decades, seeking to transform the country into a Socialist state.  This is why the liberal, leftist U.S. Democrats are flocking to align themselves with the OWS movement – including radical Socialist, President Barack Obama, himself.  He is on record as saying, “I think that it [the movement] expresses the frustrations that the American people feel.”[5]

How did the “Occupy Wall Street” movement begin?  Adbusters magazine is believed to have come up with the idea.  It is a Canadian anti-Capitalist magazine, the stated objective of which is to “topple existing power structures and forge a major shift in the way we live in the 21st century.”[6]  Adbusters is deeply committed to the United Nations, and took to heart the UN’s call for a global tax.  The protesters in the streets of Manhattan demanded the implementation of this tax. How did this magazine galvanise the “Occupy Wall Street” movement?  Here’s how: its founders, Kalle Lasn and Bill Schmalz, issued a call on their website in July 2011 to flood lower Manhattan with 90 000 protesters.  They wrote: “Alright you 90,000 redeemers, rebels and radicals out there, a worldwide shift in revolutionary tactics is underway right now that bodes well for the future…. The time has come to deploy this emerging stratagem against the greatest corrupter of our democracy: Wall Street, the financial Gomorrah of America.”[7]  And that was that.  On September 17, a thousand people converged on Zuccotti Park in the Wall Street financial district, and three weeks later the movement had spread to some 70 major cities and 600 communities across the U.S, and even to hundreds of other cities worldwide.

Lasn, a Baltic-born Communist activist, could barely contain his delight when he said of Capitalists: “Their moment in the sun is over…. We are going to dismantle this global casino and come up with a new economic system where they don’t have anywhere near the power that they have had up to now.”[8]

The “Occupy” protesters claim to be for the poor majority and against the rich minority.  They shout loudly and hold up banners proclaiming that wealth must be taken from the rich (via taxes, or via “other means”) and given (“redistributed”) to the poor.  They see themselves as “the poor.”  It’s all so much hogwash.  At the very top, these anti-big banking louts are being manipulated and financed by the very banking establishments they hate so much!  For this movement is just the latest strategy being used by the world’s leading super-financiers to destroy America and what’s left of the western Capitalist system.  Their ultimate objective is a world government ruled by themselves.  They see Communism and liberalism as the means to an end, that’s all.  This is why these ignorant “Occupy” youths are shouting slogans against the banks and Capitalism even while those very banks are the ones funding their movement!  What so many do not know is that it was the incredibly powerful and wealthy bankers who secretly financed the Communist Revolution in Russia in the early years of the twentieth century: Paul Warburg, J.P. Morgan, etc.  In 1973 David Rockefeller, a one-worlder and the super-financier who helped fund China’s rise to power, said the following – and bear in mind he well knew that the Communist mass murderer, Mao, had massacred over 40 million of his own Chinese people: “One is impressed immediately by the sense of national harmony…. Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution it has obviously succeeded… in fostering high morale and community purpose.  General social and economic progress is no less impressive…. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in history.”[9]

And it is these very men – the same kinds of men who financed the Russian Communist Revolution, the Chinese Communist Revolution, and the Nazis – who are now financing the “Occupy” demonstrations.  And for precisely the same purpose – to “communize” America!  And these foolish, naive “Occupy” demonstrators have no idea how they are being manipulated.  They love Barack Obama, yet Obama received more money from Wall Street than any other previous presidential candidate!  Most of the demonstrators wouldn’t even be aware of that.  Nor would they be aware of the fact that the Democratic Party they love so much has a perfectly cosy relationship with the very banks they are protesting against.[10]

Why do these super-financiers want to destroy America and make it a Communist state?  For one simple reason: a Communist state is easier to control than a Capitalist state.

Further evidence of the Communist control of the “Occupy” protests behind the scenes: the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), the largest federation of unions in the United States, threw its weight behind the “Occupy” protests as well. And one of its affiliates behind this campaign, the Working America group, is headed by a Communist activist named Karen Nussbaum.  She worked for the Venceremos Brigades to Cuba.  These were the orchestrated “tours” of Cuba, supervised by Castro’s intelligence service, the aim of which was to help create Communism in the USA.  They were in fact organised by members of the Weather Underground terrorist group.  Nussbaum was also a member of the Black Panther Support Committee.  And she is now involved in the “Occupy Wall Street” revolution.

And then there’s this: “Russia Today”, a Moscow-funded broadcast channel, reaches millions of Americans with Communist propaganda (yes, Russia is still Communist!), through such media carriers as Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Verizon Fios, Cox Cable, RCN Cable, MHZ Networks, and Dish Networks.  To mask its connection with Russia, it changed its name to the more innocuous-sounding “RT.”  And here’s the bombshell: RT – Russia Today – is a major financial backer of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement![11]  It has sent its own reporters to cover the protests, and has referred to them as “America’s Arab Spring”, playing up the alleged police brutality against the protesters.  It is a known fact that an RT correspondent in the UK is being deported after being accused of espionage work against Britain; it then stands to reason that some of RT’s reporters in the USA are Russian agents as well.

Plus, there are the blatantly pro-Communist slogans of the OWS protesters themselves.  For example, some on May 1st (May Day, the Communist holiday) were seen holding up signs reading, “From Wisconsin to Libya – Workers Unite for Communism!”

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has also begun to demand a Constitutional Convention in the U.S., so as to totally change the social structure of the country.  Such a convention has been something desired by leftists in America for over a century, and again this just reveals the true nature of those behind the “Occupy” movement.  There is nothing “spontaneous” about it.  It is a Socialist-led movement all the way.

In late October 2011 an organisation called was planning to launch its own protest movement to complement the “Occupy” movement, its objective being to “make Wall Street pay” and to rebuild the entire U.S. financial system.  But wait till you learn who funds the Tides Foundation, which is funded by billionaire George Soros!  Soros, a businessman and investor, is a Hungarian Jew who became an American citizen, and a former member of the Board of Directors of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), a major branch of the Illuminati, which works for a world government.  He supports many “progressive-liberal” (read: Socialist/Marxist) causes.  His Open Society Institute donated $3.5 million to the Tides Foundation between 2007 and 2009 alone.  Furthermore, Fenton Communications, a PR-firm closely partnered with the Tides Foundation, represented the “Occupy” march past millionaires’ homes in New York.  And Fenton also came up with the PR-strategy of  Fenton Communications was founded by David Fenton, an activist who worked for the Weather Underground terrorist organisation.

And something else: the Soros-funded Tides Foundation has also financially supported Adbusters magazine![12]

Plainly, “The new Wall Street campaign serves as further evidence suggesting the anti-Wall Street movement is a well-planned campaign and not the spontaneous uprising its leaders claim.”[13]

These “Occupy” protesters are liberals, anarchists, Socialists, Communists, libertarians, environmentalists – in short, they represent all the various left-wing groupings that have come into existence over decades to promote the Socialist/Communist agenda.  The OWS protests are far from being conducted by nice, clean-cut, intelligent youngsters (now joined by many older people).  The ugly truth is there for those willing to look…and see.  Unsanitary tented camps have sprung up wherever the OWS demonstrators have gathered.  They have taken over public and private parks, making it impossible for law-abiding citizens to enjoy them.  And sexual assaults and rapes have occurred during these protests.  Just some incidents: a 14-year-old runaway allegedly sexually assaulted at the OWS protests in Dallas, Texas; a 19-year-old student activist allegedly raped at the OWS protests in Cleveland, Ohio; and a man arrested on charges of indecent exposure to children at the OWS protests in Seattle, Washington.[14]  Marijuana smoke wafts up from the parks where these tent cities have mushroomed, and so far at least one person has died from a heroin overdose.[15]

There have also been many cases of violence, vandalism, extortion, perversion, and lawlessness, at “Occupy” rallies.[16]  Makeshift weapons have been constructed by protesters to be used against police when they try to clear the parks.  The police wrongly permitted the tented camps to spring up, but when they finally move in and do something, the protesters often turn violent; and when the police defend themselves, they are charged with police brutality in the media.  It is all so typical of Communist tactics, but the masses are too ignorant to see it.

And there have been many instances of hooliganism and filth as well; such as a man photographed defecating on a police car, a couple fornicating under blankets on the sidewalk, and others urinating and defecating at bank entryways, and in public parks.  Oh, their mothers must be so proud of them.  These are the numbskulls of decades of America’s State education system, a system that has failed to educate but has churned out “useful idiots” for the Communist cause.  The Marxists long ago planned to hijack American (and other western countries’) education systems; and they did so, and what we are seeing on the streets is the result.

And inevitably, like flies to rotting meat, the protesters were very quickly joined by various left-wing “celebrities”, people who understand nothing at all about how the real world works but who love to “get involved” and “do something”.  And their naive “fans” fall for it and act as if these actors and others know what they are doing, which they do not.  Let’s be frank here: “celebrities” are not known for their intellects and erudite thinking.  This involvement of the adulation-hungry celebrities in the movement was well covered by researcher/writer Kelleigh Nelson when she wrote: “On September 19, Roseanne Barr, the first celebrity to endorse the protest, spoke to protesters calling for a combination of capitalism and socialism and a system not based on ‘bloated talk radio hosts and that [expletive deleted] Ayn Rand book.’ (Uh, excuse me Roseanne, I think you’ve been eating too much sugar.  We already have a combination of what little remains of capitalism and a huge new amount of socialism – a nice euphemism for full-fledged communism)…. Filmmaker Michael Moore spoke against Wall Street, saying, ‘They have tried to take our democracy and turn it into a kleptocracy.’ (Michael, we were once a representative republic who followed the ‘rule of law.’  Now we are as you state, a ‘democracy’ which is nothing more than ‘mob rule.’) Susan Sarandon and Kanye West were also there to add their two-cents worth.  Other celebs include folk singer, Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, Tao Rodríguez-Seeger, Tom Chapin, David Amram, and Guy Davis.  Others who are in support of the OWS according to Wikipedia include the usual suspects, Noam Chomsky, George Soros, and Yoko Ono.”[17]  A real rogues’ gallery of leftists indeed!

Nelson also writes, “Karl Denninger, one of the original Tea Party founders believes there are many similarities between OWS and the Tea Party demonstrations since many Tea Partiers have joined in the ranks of the OWS.  As we’ve seen with Tea Parties across the nation, many are being led by infiltrating change agents and haven’t a clue of where the real battles lie.  This is just another example of the deliberately dumbed down electorate reacting like lemmings and being led by socialist propaganda.”  Those conservative Americans who are pinning their hopes on the Tea Party movement may be in for a rude awakening in time.  Nelson is right: Americans are so dumbed down now that those who call themselves “conservatives” are often very far from true conservatism, and are much closer to the liberals and Reds than even they might realise.

There is also a decided anti-Jewish flavour to the “Occupy” protests.  Protesters call for “Zionist Jews” to be “run out of the country”, they condemn “Nazi bankers Wall Street”, they call for an end to financial aid to Israel, an end to Israel’s occupation of Gaza, the destruction of the state of Israel. They have even called for the killing of Jewish Americans.  UK columnist Charlie Wolf wrote: “The movement is anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic.  There has been no shortage of vile anti-Semitic slogans at the Occupy Wall Street protest.  These are more than just insinuations, but signs equating Jews with banks and the rich, protesting U.S. foreign relations with Israel (especially defense funding), mention of the Rothschild family and asking people to Google ‘Jewish Billionaires’”.  He added: “Many Jews should be shocked to join any movement that has received endorsement from both the Communist Party and the Nazis.”[18]

By no means would we endorse Zionism, the Rothschild/Illuminati world conspiracy (which is real), nor do we support the state of Israel just because it is Israel, as if to support it is a Christian duty, as some professing Christians mistakenly think.  But the “Occupy” movement so obviously has a Communistic agenda, which explains why it is enthusiastically supported by the likes of Obama and his Democrats.  And yet people are so dumbed down, and so ignorant of Communism today, that they can’t see it.

The world Communist movement is supporting Muslim terrorists, and they hate Israel.  And these Muslim radicals are involved in the “Occupy” protests.  For example, one of the main organisers behind the “Occupy” protests in Orlando, Florida, is a Muslim activist with links to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood![19]  It is not surprising, therefore, that there is such an anti-Jewish element to these protests.

And despite the blatantly anti-Jewish nature of many of the OWS protests, the powers behind the scenes can always find ways to play down the facts as they begin to emerge.  Some Jewish groups have stated that the OWS movement is not against Jews, and that it even represents Jewish ideals.  And then – surprise, surprise –it turns out that the most prominent of these groups – “Jewish Funds for Justice” – is in fact funded by (once again) George Soros!  And so are various other “progressive” (read: Communist) groups who are bending over backwards to show that there is nothing anti-Jewish about the protests.[20]  “Jewish Funds for Justice” is led by people associated with Communist and Socialist groups.  From its inception, Jews have been at the very forefront of the world Communist movement.  The Jews supporting the OWS protests are Communist and Socialist Jewish activists (like Soros himself).  They don’t care that OWS is anti-Semitic, because Communist Jews are not interested in their Jewishness, only in money and power.

What we are witnessing worldwide, in the rise of this “Occupy Wall Street” protest phenomenon, is a well-orchestrated, well-funded campaign to promote a radical Communist agenda, with pro-Islamic, anti-Jewish elements, not unlike the rise of Nazism and anti-Semitism before World War Two.  It is a most dangerous movement.  Essentially it is a Trojan horse.  Behind it are the one-world elite, but using these naive youngsters to further their agenda.  The young protesters themselves are really irrelevant in all this, apart from their status as cannon fodder for those manipulating the puppet strings behind the scenes.  And remember: it is far from over.  It might slow down some as winter sets in across parts of the United States, but Kalle Lasn, its founder, believes it will flare up again next year when spring arrives in the northern hemisphere.  And he said: “When the second phase of this movement rises up next Spring after the Winter is over and this first occupation phase of the movement comes to a close then I think we will see some crystal clear demands coming out of this movement.  We will also see some powerful ways of making those crystal clear demands come true.”[21]  Ominous words.

If violent street protests erupt between police and protesters as they did in the Communist-orchestrated violence of the 1960s and 1970s in America, these young, naive, foolish protesters will be gunned down, and their backers won’t care.  The end will have been achieved.  Over 1000 arrests of protesters have occurred across the U.S., with some already being hurt in the clashes.  This could so easily escalate to an all-out confrontation with riot police.  The movement continues to gain momentum, with support pouring in from all kinds of groups, even ones which supposedly should be at loggerheads, such as the Communists and the Nazis.  Trade unions are throwing their considerable support behind the movement; for unions have long been under Communist direction.

If things continue to snowball like this, the potential is being created for anarchy and the breakdown of society.  In much of America and the west, anarchy is already here, as shown by lawless gangs of street youths committing crimes with impunity, having no fear of being caught: pillaging, looting, raping, assaulting, murdering.  And what is the next logical step?  Martial law, and then the removal of whatever freedoms America still has left.  But by then, Americans will be so tired of the violence that they will welcome martial law – just what the one-worlders want!  Make no mistake – massive shifts are under foot.

Let us get back now to the Vatican document.  It is not at all surprising, seen in this light, that the Vatican is calling for a central world bank leading to an eventual world authority.  For, even unknown to many within the one-world political establishment, behind the Illuminati, the Bilderbergers, the CFR, and all other internationalist groups lie the Jesuits of Rome.[22]

As quoted above, CNBC said the Vatican’s latest document “should be music to the ears of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ demonstrators and similar movements around the world who have protested against the economic downturn.”  And in USA Today, an article entitled “Vatican Meets OWS: ‘The Economy Needs Ethics’”, Jesuit priest Thomas Reese is quoted as saying that the Vatican view is “closer to views of the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement than anyone in the U.S. Congress.”[23]  Reese is senior fellow at the Woodstock Theological Center, Georgetown University.  He was placing Benedict to the left even of Obama and of liberal U.S. Democrats.

When asked at a news conference if the document could become a manifesto for the “Occupy” movement, its co-author, Romish Cardinal Peter Turkson, replied as follows: “The people on Wall Street need to sit down and go through a process of discernment and see whether their role managing the finances of the world is actually serving the interests of humanity and the common good.”[24]

Turkson was more direct when he told the National Catholic Reporter that “the basic sentiment” behind the protests is in line with Catholic social teaching.[25]

It is crystal clear, then, that the Vatican has taken careful note of these worldwide protests against Capitalism that have flared up, and is jumping on the bandwagon – fast – by producing a document that will endear it to the “Occupy” protesters and possibly serve as a manifesto.  And this would suit Rome admirably, which has been promoting its own brand of “Catholic Communism” for decades now, and sees itself as the one to lead the revolution that will usher in a New World Order with itself at the head.

And, as Rome positions itself to be at the forefront of these events, the Reds, as they have done in one Marxist revolution after another across the globe, have hijacked various religious denominations and organisations and stuffed their leadership with wolves in sheep’s clothing, and then used them to support the revolutionaries.  Religious leaders in America have been speaking up and condemning, not the violence and madness of the protesters, but supposed police brutality against the protesters!  A religious organisation called “Faith in Public Life” brought out a petition condemning the police.  It turns out that this “religious” organisation is funded by none other than – George Soros.  Again.  In 2009 his Open Society Institute gave it $450 000.  A year later it was given another $25000 “to expand work focusing on the Catholic community.”[26]  Hmmm.  Why that community, in particular?  It so happens that one of the men on the board of “Faith in Public Life” is one Tom Chabolla, who previously served as associate director of programs for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).  The CCHD is a major leftist, radical Roman Catholic organisation with ties to some extremist political radical groups, such as ACORN.    Another religious leader, Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, who wrote about the alleged police brutality in the Washington Post, is a former president of Chicago Theological Seminary.[27]  She now works at the Center for American Progress, a group funded by George Soros!  And Chicago Theological Seminary is affiliated with the United Church of Christ’s “Rev.” Jeremiah Wright, who was Barack Obama’s pastor for many years!  Wright is a radical leftist and a religious charlatan.  Thistlethwaite was far more concerned about what she termed “the institutionalized violence of income inequality” (Reds have always harped on about “institutionalized violence”, as if the structures of Capitalism are to blame for violence, and not the Communist agitators who stir up violence against it) and alleged police brutality than she was about the sexual violence being committed against young girls by the “Occupy” protesters at various venues.  She is a typical “liberation theologian”, a false “Christian” who supports anarchy and uprisings against the State contrary to Romans 13, and overlooks the real perpetrators of crimes, believing that the end justifies the means.

It is no wonder, in light of all this, that the Vatican is showing its support for the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.  To understand it, one must understand the nature of the relationship between Rome and Communism ever since the death of the pro-Nazi, anti-Communist pope, Pius XII.  He was succeeded by a pro-Communist pope, John XXIII, in 1958; who was in turn succeeded by another pro-Communist pope, Paul VI.  Then came John Paul I, who was murdered in the Vatican after just over a month; and then John Paul II, another pro-Communist pope, but a promoter of the Vatican’s own brand of “Catholic Communism” as opposed to “Moscow Communism.”[28]  And this policy of harnessing Communism to serve Rome’s own goals has continued under the present pope of Rome, Benedict XVI, the reason being that Rome sees Communism as a global force that is taking over the earth; and Rome always positions itself to be on the winning side.  It seeks to use the muscle of Communism to advance its own agenda for world domination, by aligning itself with the forces of world Communism (now often going by various other names, notably “social democracy”).

Very, very momentous times lie ahead.  True Christians must understand the times, and be much in prayer.  Things are moving very fast now.

November 2011

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