The Trials and Tribulations of the English South Africans

Aida Parker was a highly articulate, conservative South African journalist, whose Aida Parker Newsletter was read around the world before she passed away in 2002.  Her excellent writings should not be forgotten.  This article (original title:  “Unlikely Start for British Emigrants to Cape Colony – a Human Wall”)  is taken from The Aida Parker Newsletter, Issue No. 140, November/December 1990, published by Aida Parker Newsletter (Pty) Ltd., Auckland Park, Johannesburg, South Africa  Consent was granted for the use of this material, providing acknowledgment was made of the name of the copyright holder: Aida Parker Newsletter (Pty) Ltd.  It has been slightly edited for publication here.


[1].See The Long, Long Trek of the Afrikaners, by Aida Parker.  Published by Bible Based Ministries.

[2].Many scientists working in the fields of paleontology and anthropology are opposed to the truth of the Bible; but they are retained here because of their worldwide fame, and for no other reason. – Editor.

[3].Although many of these men went on to do great things for the country, Milner was an internationalist who, like Rhodes, planned to use these men as part of their secret ambitions for world domination; and indeed the very formation of the Union of SA was a major step towards their goal.  We would disagree, therefore, with the author that this was a “good” thing Milner did.

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