The Long, Long Trek of the Afrikaners

Possessing such qualities, these are not people about to cry quits.  They have survived unbelievable odds before in their determination to preserve their place in the African sun.  They will continue to survive.  And, above all, the many shameful excesses of hatred against the Afrikaner might have been far less frequent had the level of understanding about these tough, gutsy people been higher.  Please read on.

The Afrikaners

Who are the Afrikaners?  What is an Afrikaner?  The objective facts about them are well enough known.  The history of the Afrikaans-speaking section of the SA nation began on a brisk autumn morning in April, 1652, when three small ships under the command of Jan van Riebeeck dropped anchor in the Cape of Storms’ stunningly beautiful Table Bay.

These men, mainly Dutch but some German, were to found the first White community since the days of Carthage and Greece to settle, survive and retain its identity on the continent of Africa.  Van Riebeeck’s instructions were precise.  He was to build a fort to house his 80 men, plant a garden “in the best and fattest land” (one can still walk in it) and “show all friendliness and amiability” towards the indigenous people (Bushmen and Hottentots) in order to buy cattle from them.