How Socialism Reshaped Africa

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Main article by Aida Parker


by Shaun Willcock

The following article should be carefully read and digested by every Socialist and Communist in general, and in particular by every black African Socialist and Communist.  We have been told Communism is dead.  Far from it.  The supposed “death of Communism” was a deliberately manufactured deception.  It is alive and well, though usually now under different names (such as “social democracy”) and not as overt as it once was, for purposes of deception.  Many countries in Africa, including South Africa, as well as around the world, prove conclusively that Communism is very far from dead.  It is a powerful, extremely active, global force.  The United States itself is increasingly under its sway today.

As you read, always bear in mind that this piece was written in 1990; and many years have elapsed since then.  And yet ask yourself this question: since this was written, how far have the countries listed here progressed, either for good or ill?  Tragically, two things have happened: first, the African countries which cast off the economic policies of Socialism/Communism still wallow, for the most part, in the poverty caused by those insane policies decades ago, and furthermore, often continue to suffer under other aspects of Socialism/Communism; and second, other African countries have continued to doggedly pursue Socialism/Communism, and are in fact worse off now than they were when this was written.  Zimbabwe is such a case: there, Marxist maniac, Robert Mugabe, managed to utterly destroy the country once known as the breadbasket of Africa, turning it into basket case, having violently driven its highly skilled white farmers off their farms; so that today, Zimbabwe is far worse off than it was in 1990.

And then there is South Africa.  In 1990, when Aida Parker wrote this, South Africa was still under a white government; but not even four short years later, despite all the warnings issued by knowledgeable anti-Communists in SA and elsewhere, in a massively rigged election the African National Congress (ANC) of Nelson Mandela, in alliance with the SA Communist Party (SACP), came to power.  And SA was now placed firmly on the road to full-blown Communism.  The lessons of the rest of Africa were not learned; the warnings, loud and clear, blaring from one failed, collapsed Socialist/Communist African state after another, were not heeded; and the new ANC/SACP government forged ahead with its monstrous Socialist/Communist plans.  There were those, liberals mostly, with their heads in the clouds as always, who thought that SA would somehow be different from the rest of Africa and would follow a different path; that Mandela, the liberals’ Great Hope, would somehow enable SA to buck the trend; that this country would finally prove to the world that a black-ruled African country could actually succeed, following a free-market, Capitalistic course.  How wrong they have been proved to be!  SA under the ANC is following precisely the same path to economic collapse and extreme poverty.  The warnings were ignored; the lessons of three decades of Socialist stupidity went unlearned.

This, in fact, was precisely why Aida Parker wrote the special Spring 1990 issue of her magazine, The Aida Parker Newsletter, from which this article was taken.  This is what she said: “We have little time.  The SA we have known, and think we still possess, lies gasping.  The ANC/SACP alliance rides high.  Their programme is in top gear.  They are going from strength to strength.  They play the media brilliantly.  They have amassed an unbelievably well-thought-out, well organised, well-financed and highly professional campaign.  Yet, the undisputed fact remains: they have nothing concrete, absolutely nothing of value to offer South Africans.  This is where we come in.  This is what this special issue of APN is all about.  In it, we have tried to take the guesswork out of things: to show people, simply and clearly, how socialism has destroyed life, hope and happiness for hundreds of millions of people; how that awful pattern must be repeated here should the hammer-and-sickle ever fly over the Union Buildings in Pretoria.  This time, we have really gone for broke.  The decision to push ahead with this extra-large issue was taken after many meetings with Black moderates…. They came to see us because they are desperate men.  Their greatest need, they told us, was material with which to counter the ANC/SACP propaganda machine.”

Alas for South Africa, all that she and so many other moderates and conservatives (of all race groups) did was not, in the end, enough.  The ANC/SACP was victorious.  And although the actual emblem of the hammer-and-sickle does not fly over the Union Buildings in Pretoria, the ideology behind that hammer-and-sickle emblem is now being firmly legislated throughout the country.  Communism was indeed victorious, and sits in power in the Union Buildings.

It is too late to prevent the Marxist/Socialist takeover of SA, but it is never too late to work hard to reverse it.  Political power now lies in the hands of black South Africans.  Only they can bring about this change.  It is our prayer that the information contained herein would still be used, all these years later, to open the eyes of many to the horrifying reality of what Marxism/Socialism does to countries.  And then, perhaps, if enough thinking black South Africans begin to use their heads instead of their emotions which have thus far united them to the ANC because they mistakenly think this organisation brought them “liberation” and “freedom”, the day may yet come when the awful period of ANC rule over South Africa will be nothing but a sad, horrible memory.  That day is in all likelihood still decades in the future; a long, hard road lies ahead; but come that day inevitably must, given enough time, as the wheels come off this once-great land, and the dream of great prosperity for the millions of black South Africans lies shattered by the wayside.

And always let it be kept in mind: the greatest need of all men, in South Africa, Africa and the world, is for the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Africa will remain the Dark Continent as long as Socialism, Communism, Romanism, Islam, and African ancestor worship and witchcraft continue to hold sway.  Freedom does not come from embracing this or that “ism”, whether it be Marxism, Socialism, Romanism, Mohammedanism, or any other; true freedom is spiritual, it is freedom from bondage to sin and Satan, and only Jesus Christ, God’s Son, can give it.  “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed” (Jn. 8:36).  This is the glorious message Africa needs to hear.

Shaun Willcock, Bible Based Ministries