How Socialism Reshaped Africa


What we have presented here is the merest whisper of the stupendous, nearly incomprehensible tragedy that has overwhelmed Africa in the cause of doctrinaire socialism.  It is incredible that any nation would wish to duplicate such gargantuan human tragedy.  Yet, just as the era of radicalism in Africa recedes [as she and many others thought in 1990 – Ed.], so the diehard ideologues of the ANC/SACP seek the same socialist fate for the “New South Africa.”  South Africans are fooling themselves if they believe the results would be any different here to what has happened elsewhere in Africa.  It is something for all of us, Black and White, to fear and guard against…

Originally published Spring 1990; republished July 2011

Aida Parker was a highly articulate, conservative South African journalist, whose Aida Parker Newsletter was read around the world before she passed away in 2002.  Her excellent writings should not be forgotten. This article is taken from a special issue of The Aida Parker Newsletter, published in spring 1990, Auckland Park, Johannesburg, South Africa.  Consent was granted for the use of this material, providing acknowledgment was made of the name of the copyright holder: Aida Parker Newsletter (Pty) Ltd.  It has been very slightly edited for publication here.

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