Behind the Arab Revolutions

Do you see the pattern that has emerged over these decades?  It’s virtually the same each time: 1) There is a so-called “popular uprising”, supported by the Communists or Islamists.  2) The world media spreads propaganda condemning the targeted ruler as a tyrant, despot, etc. (in the Middle East, this is often true, but in Rhodesia and SA it was not).  3) The U.S. State Department, the CIA, and their allies in the UK and elsewhere work behind the scenes to bring down the government.  4) The ruler is forced out of power (by the U.S. and others) and the “democratic forces” (Communist or Islamic) sweep to power.

We are now witnessing the very same programme being followed in the present Middle East revolutions!  They have not deviated from the script, for it has worked so well in the past.  We witnessed, firstly, the so-called “popular uprising”; then, we saw the world media telling the world that it was a “democratic” protest against dictatorial rulers; next, evidence started emerging (and more will follow eventually) of U.S. government activity behind the scenes to bring down these governments.  It has already emerged that the U.S. government had been working behind the scenes for three years with the revolutionary forces in Egypt to overthrow Mubarak – even while he was being publicly supported by the U.S.![13] Lastly, we saw rulers being forced from power, with their resignations being demanded by the U.S. and other countries.  This has again been shown in Libya, just as it was in Egypt: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton explicitly stated that the goal of the air strikes against Libyan forces is to oust Gaddafi.  She listed the goals as, “Number one: stop the violence, and number two:… the decision by Colonel Gaddafi to leave.”[14] His “decision”?  What nonsense!  The U.S. aims to oust him from power by force.

“There are precious few identifiable bases for American involvement in the Libyan civil war.  Muammar Gaddafi is a brutal, repressive dictator, but how does his mistreatment of Libyans affect the vital interests of the United States, Americans’ lives, liberty, and property?  The Obama Administration has offered no such basis for intervention.  He [Obama] is not acting to defend Americans’ interests, he is acting to assert America’s role as a global policeman and make himself the world’s officer in charge.  He has assumed the extra-constitutional role of Guardian of the Libyan people.  That role is not contemplated by the American constitution.  It befits not a President of the United States but an Emperor…. Rather than make his case for war to Congress [which according to the U.S. constitution is given the exclusive power to declare war], President Obama made it to the United Nations [and the UN passed a resolution permitting him to do so]…. [He] viewed the assent of the United Nations, and not of the Congress of the United States, as both necessary and sufficient for the Chief Executive to go to war.  That sets a dangerous precedent… It presumes the authority of the U.N. Security Council is superior to that of the Congress of the United States in matters of war.”[15]

Incredible as it may seem to those who still naively think America is a land of freedom and a champion of conservatism, anti-Communism and anti-radicalism, it is actually supporting (by its actions in the Middle East) the radical Islamic elements – including al-Qaeda! – bent on taking over one Arab country after another!  Incredible, yes…but true.  Even Arab leaders have pointed this out.  After U.S. air strikes started against Gaddafi’s forces, a top official in the Palestinian Authority said it is widely understood in the Arab world that the military strikes against Gaddafi will aid the Libyan rebels, whose leadership is largely comprised of radical Islamist groups seeking power in that country.  A member of the now-deposed government of Egyptian President Mubarak asked: “Doesn’t the Obama Administration understand Gaddafi is the one Arab leader who is fighting back against the Islamist revolt threatening his regime?”[16] Oh, the Obama Administration knows it very well! – which is why it wants Gaddafi out.