Behind the Arab Revolutions

In the light of facts like these, it is no wonder that the powerful Illuminati banking establishment would desire the collapse of these Islamic banks in countries such as Tunisia and Egypt.  And so, with vast money at their disposal, the Illuminati bankers could bankroll the Middle East Arab revolutions from behind the scenes, with the cannon fodder in the front lines being none the wiser.  Doubtless it would be their plan to install puppet regimes in these Arabic states, subservient to the Illuminati.  The Rothschilds’ International Crisis Group may be co-ordinating these Arab revolutions behind the scenes – and Mohamed El Baradei, touted as a possible leader for Egypt in the wake of Mubarak’s fall, just happens to be a trustee of the International Crisis Group!  Dr D.K. Bolton wrote in Foreign Policy Journal, January 19, 2011: “NED [National Endowment for Democracy] and [billionaire George] Soros work in tandem, targeting the same regimes and using the same methods…. At least ten of the twenty-two directors of NED are also members of the plutocratic think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations”.  The Council on Foreign Relations, often referred to as “America’s secret government”, is the American equivalent of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in Britain; and both organisations are branches within the umbrella Illuminati system.

Also, revolutionaries from Otpor in Serbia said that publications and training which they received from the US-based Albert Einstein Institution staff were instrumental in forming their strategies some years ago in the Serbian revolution.  The Albert Einstein Institution is funded by the Soros Foundation – and a number of protest organisers on the streets of Egypt during the recent Egyptian uprising were wearing Otpor T-shirts!  These T-shirts were given out by Otpor at training sessions.[8]

Another significant detail, from the Freedom House website: Freedom House, which is funded by George Soros and the Middle Eastern Partnership Initiative (MEPI), ran a programme back in 2007-8 which supported young activists working for political change in the Middle East and North Africa.  They met at the time with then U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, and in 2009 with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in Washington, D.C., as well as with U.S. government officials, members of the U.S. Congress, and think tanks.  And then (surprise, surprise!) they returned to Egypt and received grants to implement initiatives such as “advocating for political reform through Facebook and SMS messaging”!  Everyone knows what a huge part such social networking activities played in the Middle East revolutions in Egypt and elsewhere in recent months!  In fact, Facebook and Twitter were the primary means of organising the Egyptian revolution.  As still further evidence, also from the Freedom House website: “From February 27 to March 13 [2010], Freedom House hosted 11 bloggers from the Middle East and North Africa for a two-week Advanced New Media Study Tour in Washington, D.C.”