Behind the Arab Revolutions

The first step towards achieving their goal of a single world government is the creation of regional governments across the world.  And within each regional government, each country loses its national sovereignty.  Much has already been achieved in fulfilment of their plans, which are centuries old.  They have, for example, pretty much united Europe as one bloc – the European Union.  They are well on the way towards uniting the United States, Canada and Mexico as the North American Union.  They are well on their way towards uniting the African countries, via the African Union.  And the same is true of Asia, and of Australasia, and other parts of the world too.   But the Middle East!  The Middle East presents them with a huge headache.  The internationalists know that the Middle East needs a good kickstart to force its nations into the One World Order that they are creating.  Within this region, some Islamic strongmen have resisted the push for a regional government, and for integration into the World Order.  And if, for whatever reasons of their own, they resist the internationalists’ plans, they are targeted for removal from power.

And although a major objective of the internationalists is to divide the world up into a handful of regional governments, leading to a fully-fledged world government, it is not only for power that they are doing this, but for money.  Ah, truly the Bible says, “the love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Tim. 6:10).  For this reason, if you want to know why something is happening in the world, “follow the money” is always sound advice.

The world banking system is almost completely in the hands of a few elite One-Worlders operating in the shadowy world behind the scenes, members of the Illuminati.  At the very pinnacle of this complex world banking system is the House of Rothschild.  They and their associates own most of the shares in the world’s central banks – and most of these central banks which pretend to be government banks are in fact privately-owned.  The economies of such Middle Eastern countries as Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, and Algeria (note: most of these have been at the centre of the recent revolutions) have in fact been controlled by the Rothschild’s central banks, and their International Monetary Fund.