Behind the Arab Revolutions

Behind_the_Arab_Revolutions, PDF format

What is behind the Arab revolutions that have been occurring throughout the Middle East?  If you haven’t done so already, we suggest you read our previous article on this topic: The Arab World Explodes (But It Has Nothing to Do with Democracy), available on our website.  These revolutions truly have NOTHING to do with “democracy”!  “The concept of western-style democracy in the region is laughable, and has virtually no historical precedent, except in Israel.  So, when the governments of the US, UK, and EU demand democracy in Egypt, it is the ultimate in hypocrisy and a gross ignorance of history…. Even a cursory review of Middle East history – for, say, the past 2000 years – will show that democracy is a concept that is completely foreign to the Middle East (because of the mindset of the people).  It will not work and has never worked there – just as it has never worked in most of Africa.”[1]

Nor are these revolutions spontaneous!  They have been deliberately, calculatingly planned, and their outworking is all according to a predetermined script.

What forces, then, are at work behind the scenes, orchestrating and controlling these violent revolutions?  The goons being used are for the most part radical Muslims of the Shi’ite sect, backed in particular from Shi’ite-ruled Iran.  Iran wants to ignite a Shi’ite conflagration across the Arab world that will engulf all Arab governments which are allies of the hated West.  But behind the scenes, unknown to most of the world let alone to the Arabs themselves, far more powerful forces are at work, and towards very specific objectives.

These sinister hidden forces we can term the internationalists, or the One-Worlders.  There are various powerful organisations which form the intricate network of One-World internationalist organisations.  To name just a few, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers.  All of these, and many more, fall under what we could call the umbrella movement known as the Illuminati. But at this point most writers and researchers on these subjects come to a halt.  They think that with the Illuminati they have reached the pinnacle of secretive world power.  In this they are very mistaken.  As I show in my book, “Holy War” Against South Africa, behind all these forces – behind even the Illuminati itself – stands the Vatican, and in particular its Jesuit Order.  As I wrote:

“That there are powerful forces working for world domination – Communistic, Masonic, Islamic, etc. – many researchers have realised.  And details about the plans of these conspirators have been published from time to time.  All too often, however, researchers, having unearthed many solid facts about these institutions,  religious systems, and ideologies, fail to take into account the biblical and historical reality that there is a religio-political system with its headquarters in Rome, far more powerful than all the others, and often pulling the strings behind the scenes in ways not even perceived.  Regrettably, a large number of professing Christians are either ignorant of, or deliberately ignore, this biblical and historical reality.  When seeking to view world events from a sound biblical and historical perspective, believers must keep in mind that ‘all roads lead to Rome.’  In his prophetic Word, the Lord has clearly drawn the attention of his people to one institution: and that is the Roman Catholic institution…. Other religious and political systems, as well as various individuals, have had, and have now, plans for world domination; but the Lord has told us where the real heart of all conspiracy lies, and it is sinful to neglect the revelation of his Word.  This is not to say that other systems are not a great threat to the Church of Christ: many of them are, and for this reason must be warned against.  But to understand the source, the real centre, of intrigue and conspiracy, we must look to Rome.  The Holy Spirit has said, in effect – ‘There!  Look to the city on seven hills (Rev. 17:9)!  There is the great deceiver of the nations (Rev. 17:2)!  There is the source of political and economic and (above all) religious woe (Rev. 18:3,4,5)!’”[2]

The Illuminati has been under the control of Rome’s Jesuit Order from a very early date.[3] And its goal is world domination: through politics, economics, religion, etc.  It uses many front organisations to achieve this long-range objective.  The desire is for a united world, a united global economy and government.  And so, as you read this article and learn something of the One-Worlders’ plans in the Middle East, keep in mind, always, that behind these organisations, even unknown to most of them, stands the Jesuit Order of Rome.