“Blessed” or Cursed John Paul II? His Papal Beatification

The Iniquitous Beatification Ceremony

During the vigil held at Rome’s Circus Maximus during the night before the beatification ceremony, which was attended by 200 000 people, the nun who claims to have been healed by John Paul’s intercession gave her “testimony”.  She said to the crowd, “John Paul II is looking upon us from heaven and smiling.”[10] Apart from the tragic reality that John Paul is in hell, not heaven, it is amazing how many people, Protestants as well as Papists, have this absolutely false and unbiblical idea that people in heaven are looking down on those they loved on earth.  There is nothing in all the Bible which even hints at such an idea, and indeed for those in heaven to be able to see all that is occurring on this sinful earth would take away from the perfect peace and joy which we know from Scripture that they are experiencing.  It is thus a fallacy.

The beatification ceremony in Rome was attended by over one million pilgrims – the most crowded beatification in history.  St Peter’s Square was packed, and the vast crowd stretched all the way back to the Tiber River, over half a kilometre away.  In his homily, Benedict XVI said that John Paul II had blessed crowds thousands of times from his window overlooking the square, and then he said: “Bless us now.”[11] This of course was a prayer to John Paul II – the sheer blasphemy of it all!  Benedict read the formula of beatification, in Latin: “We grant that the venerable Servant of God John Paul II, Pope, henceforth be called Blessed and that his feast may be celebrated in the places and according to the regulations established by law, every year on October 22.”[12] At that moment a smiling portrait of John Paul II was uncovered on a large banner that hung from the main loggia of St Peter’s Basilica.  A huge shout of applause ascended from the thousands in St Peter’s Square, sweeping down Rome’s streets as thousands more followed the event on video screens.

World leaders were also present in large numbers to witness the event: 62 delegations led by heads of state and government, as well as royal families, besides the other countries officially represented.  Not only such leaders of predominantly Roman Catholic countries such as the president and prime minister of Italy, the president of Poland, the presidents of Mexico and Honduras, and a representative of the European Union, and not only others such as the U.S. ambassador to the Vatican and representatives of the royal families of Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and the (supposedly Protestant) United Kingdom, but even a country such as Israel was represented by a member of the Israeli Knesset.  How utterly tragic that today, so many Jews think the Vatican, which for so many centuries has been the deadly enemy of Jews, is now on their side.

Even Zimbabwe’s illegally elected dictator-president, Robert Mugabe, attended!  He was educated by the Jesuits – a fact which speaks volumes about the man he is – and although he is banned from travelling to the European Union because of the brutality of his government towards the people of Zimbabwe, the Vatican didn’t share these scruples and permitted him to attend.  And this speaks volumes about the Vatican and the Roman Catholic institution!  That an institution claiming to be the true Church of Jesus Christ on earth could permit a monster like Mugabe to attend the ceremony, shows to all the world (if the world paid any attention) just what kind of institution this really is.  It welcomes into its embrace the unrepentant scum of the earth.  But to those who were shocked by Mugabe’s presence at the beatification we would say: study history!  The Roman Papacy through all its centuries of existence has always supported the very worst of dictators and tyrants, whenever it has deemed it beneficial to do so.  Mugabe is by no means the first, and he will certainly not be the last brutal dictator to be raised within the bosom of this Harlot religion, and to be supported by it afterwards.  Birds of a feather flock together.  The Bible says of the Great Whore, “with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication” (Rev. 17:2).


The Veneration of John Paul II’s Blood, and Other Bizarre Relics

Immediately after the mass was held at the beatification ceremony in St Peter’s Square in the Vatican, Roman Catholics could pray before John Paul II’s mortal remains in his coffin, which was set in front of the main altar in St Peter’s Basilica.  And then – again – for the really macabre part: a reliquary containing the blood of John Paul II was presented for veneration during the beatification ceremony!  Yes, you read right.  His blood!  Where did they get it from?  Well, towards the end of his life, in case a transfusion was needed, four vials of his blood were extracted but never used.  Two of them were held at a hospital in Rome which runs a transfusion centre, and the other two were given to John Paul’s personal secretary.  The liturgical celebrations office placed the two vials held at the hospital into two reliquaries, and one of these vials was presented during the beatification, and afterwards housed in the Vatican.  The other was returned to the hospital.  During the ceremony, the nun who was supposedly miraculously healed through John Paul II’s intercession, carried in procession the reliquary during the liturgy.  She was accompanied by another nun who had assisted John Paul II’s physician.[13]

Now that is macabre indeed.  But it is par for the course from Roman Catholicism, which is a religion of death, superstition, and such bizarre relics as the blood of “saints”, the fat from the body of one who was burned alive, toenail parings from another, a feather of the angel Gabriel, a number of heads of John the Baptist (each one claiming to be the genuine one), enough wood supposedly from the cross to fill a whole forest, a perspiration-soaked vest of Pius IX (claimed to be more potent precisely because it was unwashed), butter and cheese made from the milk of the Virgin (yes, really!), the diapers of the baby Jesus, and other such claims.  They even claim to possess as a relic (in fact, more than one!) the foreskin of the Lord Jesus after He was circumcised!



And now the process starts for the eventual canonisation of John Paul II.  It is not likely to take as long as most: Rome wants “Saint John Paul II”, and as soon as decently possible.  Perhaps even as soon as indecently possible.


All Bible-believing Christians must have the deepest compassion for the over one billion deluded Roman Catholics, who followed this accursed Man of Sin and Son of Perdition, John Paul II, during his life, and who now venerate him after his death and pray to him.  And continue to follow his successor, the present Antichrist, Man of Sin and Son of Perdition, Benedict XVI, and the diabolical religion over which he presides as the supposed “Vicar of Christ”, to whom subjection is required for salvation according to Roman Catholic doctrine.


May 2011



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