“Blessed” or Cursed John Paul II? His Papal Beatification

A “Miraculous” Healing Attributed to the Intercession of the Dead John Paul II

As we have seen, in order for any Papist to be beatified, be he pope or peasant, at least one miracle must be attributed to his intercession.  What this means in practice is that it is claimed – and supposedly proven – that some Papist who prayed for some miracle to be performed through the intercession of the dead one with God, actually received the miracle from the deceased.  In John Paul’s case, the “miracle” that was paraded before the world concerned a French nun, Marie Simon Pierre Normand,  who (so it was claimed) requested God to grant her healing through the intercession of John Paul II, whom she invoked, and was miraculously healed of Parkinson’s disease – the very disease from which John Paul II had suffered.  The case was investigated by the Vatican medical board and a group of theologians, and was approved; in other words, they found it to be a genuine miracle of healing.  No surprise there: the Vatican desperately wanted to beatify John Paul II – desperately needed to beatify him, from its own perspective – so its own medical board and its own Roman Catholic theologians approved the “miracle”.  Imagine that.

Back in 2007, it was reported that the nun, supposedly miraculously healed, had suffered a relapse – something the “Church” of Rome denied, of course.  According to the Vatican’s Congregation for Saints’ Causes, its medical and legal experts, “having studied the depositions and the entire documentation with their customary scrupulousness, expressed their agreement concerning the scientifically inexplicable nature of the healing.”  Thereafter, the Vatican theological consulters evaluated the case, and “unanimously recognized the unicity, antecedence and choral nature of the invocation made to Servant of God John Paul II, whose intercession was effective in this prodigious healing.”

Next, during the ordinary session of the Congregation, its prelate-members expressed their “unanimous approval.”  They expressed their belief in the miraculous nature of the nun’s recovery, “having been achieved by God in a scientifically inexplicable manner following the intercession of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II, trustingly invoked both by Sister Simon herself and by many other faithful.”[7] Oh, they piously attribute the “miracle” to God ultimately – but only after the nun prayed to the dead John Paul, and the dead John Paul supposedly interceded with God on her behalf!  In other words, God may have had a hand in the healing, but it was all thanks to the intercession of a dead pope, after he was invoked in prayer by a living nun!

And these devil-blinded men (2 Cor. 4:4), along with over a billion of the world’s inhabitants, cannot see  the sheer blasphemy of what they are claiming!

After their approval, the final judgment had to be issued by the Congregation for Saints’ Causes, after which Benedict XVI had to sign a decree formally recognising the “miracle”.  Clearly both the Congregation and Benedict were perfectly willing to do what they had to do, and accordingly a communiqué issued by the Congregation announced on the 14th January that Benedict “authorized the dicastery to promulgate the decree of the miracle attributed to the intercession of Venerable Servant of God John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla).”