The Arab World Explodes

And what makes this all the more terrible is the covert backing being given to these madmen by the Obama White House! Previously, America was a strong supporter of Israel in the Middle East.  Of course, it was not always simultaneously anti-Islamic, and at times the White House was very supportive of regime changes in the Muslim world that were anything but peaceful or good for the area, or for the world.  It all depends on what kind of men are ensconced in power in the United States.  One just has to remember how America, under Jimmy Carter, turned on its ally, the Shah of Iran, and backed the violent Islamic revolution of the Ayatollah in that country back in 1979.  For its own reasons, the U.S.  has at times given covert support to some of the worst Muslim terrorist organisations on the face of the planet.  Nothing unusual in that: the U.S. has often supported other terrorist outfits as well and even helped them come to power, especially Communist ones such as the ANC in South Africa.  The American people, as a whole, have historically been Capitalist, anti-Communist, and America has been a bastion of freedom; but the American government has often been the very opposite: anti-Capitalist, pro-Communist, under the control of the One-World, New World Order Globalists plotting behind the scenes.  And these powerful men long ago took control of the media, Hollywood, etc., and have succeeded in swinging large swathes of the American people away from their once-traditional conservatism, into the arms of the liberal, leftist, pro-Communist (and now also pro-Islamic) radicals ruling from Washington – without them even being aware of the Socialist revolution that has occurred in America without a shot being fired. Yes, there was support for some Islamic regimes before.  But never before has the U.S. been so pro-Islamic in general as it is now, under Barack Obama.  This is a man who is extremely fond of Muslim madmen, and quite obviously anti-Israel.  Now let me make myself clear: I do not subscribe to the unbiblical doctrine that the Jews who make up the modern state of Israel are in some way the “people of God”.  This is nonsense.  God’s people are true Christians – whether Jews or Gentiles (Gal. 3:28).  There is no special status for Jews, as a nation, any more, and the Bible makes this abundantly clear.  Jews, just like Gentiles, must turn from their sins and receive Christ the Lord by faith, or they are lost.  “Christian Zionism” is an utterly false teaching.  But that being said, let me add immediately that, while it is wrong to take the attitude of “Israel right or wrong”, nevertheless the Jewish state has an absolute right to exist.  It is a sovereign state, it is there, it has been there for many decades, and it has every right to defend itself against the wicked, horrifying aggression of the Arab world.   And it is shocking that the world media, the Obama Administration, and so many other liberals, Reds, and their fellow-travellers have turned or are turning their backs on Israel and embracing the madmen of Islam. It wasn’t that long ago when such Arab organisations as the PLO were recognised for what they were: brutal, murderous terrorist outfits, to be shunned by all.  But today?  Today, Israel stands alone, not only against the same terrorist Islamic groups it has always fought, but now also against its one-time Western allies, such as the USA and the EU.  What a world we live in, where the atrocities committed by Soviet-backed Muslim terror organisations in the 1970s and 1980s are now forgotten or swept under the carpet, as lily-livered liberals and deliberately deceptive pro-Red hardliners in power in the West rush to support them!