Antichrist in the UK 2010

Antichrist in the UK 2010, PDF format

The Roman Antichrist, Benedict XVI, visited the United Kingdom in September 2010.  This was the first official state visit by a pope of Rome to the country since the Reformation, when King Henry VIII broke with Rome in 1534 and the so-called “Church of England” (the Anglican institution) was established with the king as its head.  Although Benedict’s predecessor, John Paul II, visited Britain in 1982, it was not an official state visit, but was billed as a “pastoral visit” by the spiritual leader of Britain’s Roman Catholics, coming to visit his flock.  Even so, however, John Paul II was received by Queen Elizabeth II, and so it was, still, a political visit, even if not officially a “state visit.”  The pope of Rome, as the head of a political state – Vatican City – travels, always, as both a political and a religious leader.  But in 1982 there was a pretence of the visit being merely pastoral.  This time round it was all out in the open: Benedict XVI was coming on an official state visit to the United Kingdom.  Very evidently the time was deemed ripe, and there was confidence that, 28 years after the last visit, the Roman pontiff could be welcomed officially, without much protest.  “This time it is openly (because the climate is deemed safe) what papal visits are: a claim to being the supreme head of all Christians, and of all countries.  From the earliest times popes have had political pretensions.  Boniface VIII (1294-1303), in one of his papal proclamations said, ‘Listen to the Vicar of Christ, who is placed over kings and kingdoms.’  In 1570, Pope Pius V, in a bull (formal written statement) against Queen Elizabeth I, with gross impudence claimed to be ‘prince over all nations and kingdoms.’” [1] The “Church” of Rome believes itself to be the only true Church on earth,[2] and that all human beings should be subject to the Roman pontiff.  Truly, Antichrist can never say, with the Lord Jesus Christ, “My kingdom is not of this world” (Jn. 18:36).  Antichrist’s kingdom is most definitely a worldly kingdom.The Purpose of the Papal Visit

Former prime minister, Gordon Brown, personally issued the invitation to Benedict to visit the UK on a state visit.  The question is: why?  Politicians always do everything for their own political advancement, and this invitation was no exception: Brown “was desperate to curry favour with Scottish Catholics, and to damage the rival Scottish National Party, inconveniently gaining ground among that Catholic constituency (traditionally faithful to [Brown’s] Labour [Party]).  And so the state invitation was sent in the queen’s name (as head of state, it is Queen Elizabeth who formally issues such invitations).”[3]

But why was the Vatican so eager to have its pope visit the UK?  The press could harp on and on about his visit being to “improve strained relationships between Anglicans and Roman Catholics”, but that does not in any sense capture what this visit was all about.  The coming of the Antichrist to the shores of Britain at this time was nothing less than a victory journey by this man, who is now so confident of Britain soon falling like a ripe fruit into the lap of Rome.  And everything that took place during the visit was geared towards that objective.  Everything.  From the symbolism, to the speeches, to the “beatification” of John Henry Newman, a sinister, devious Romish cardinal.  More about him a little later.

That Benedict could travel to Britain as a head of state is shocking, and shows just how far Britain has fallen.  The queen, even though unbiblically declared by law to be the head of the “Church of England”, nevertheless should never have welcomed Benedict to British shores, for the Papacy has been fanatically committed to destroying the British monarchy, British government, Britain’s “State Church”, and British Protestantism, ever since the Protestant Reformation in the sixteenth century when the land ceased to be officially Roman Catholic, and it has sought to do this by any and every means possible, fair or foul – especially foul.  The history of the last four and a half centuries is replete with the Papacy’s attempts to regain control of Britain, and especially England.  As I wrote in my book, Satan’s Seat: England “became the Jesuits’ main target…. They established seminaries on the continent, for the purpose of training Roman Catholic missionaries to work in England, Ireland, and Scotland.  Working secretly, they spread throughout England, hearing confessions, preaching, etc.  They clandestinely printed and distributed tracts against the queen and the ‘Church of England.’  While some were at times caught, others succeeded in infiltrating the government itself.”[4]

In the words of a nineteenth-century Papist cardinal, Manning: “If ever there was a country in which there is much to do, and perhaps much to suffer, it is here [England].  I shall not say too much if I say that it is for us to subjugate and subdue, to conquer and to rule, an imperial race.  We have to do with a will which reigns throughout the world, as the will of old Rome reigned once; and it is for us to bend or break that will, which nations and kingdoms have found invincible and inflexible.  Were heresy [i.e. Protestantism] conquered in England, it would be conquered throughout the world.  All its lines meet here; therefore, in England the Church of God [i.e. Roman Catholicism] must be gathered in all its strength.  You have a great commission to fulfil, and great is the prize for which you strive.”