Is the Pope of Rome Guilty?

The Evidence Proves It: Yes, of Course the Pope of Rome is Guilty

And as the scandal continues… as reports now flow in of child sexual abuse by priests from one European country after another – Germany especially, but also Austria, Holland, Italy, Spain, Malta, as well as countries elsewhere such as Brazil and Nigeria… as it becomes obvious that the number of children abused by Roman Catholic priests around the world amounts to tens of thousands, in fact hundreds of thousands… the question has arisen: is the pope of Rome himself, Benedict XVI, guilty as well?  If not of actually abusing children himself, then at the very least of protecting those who did?

And the short answer is: yes, of course he is.  There’s no question about that, and only naive Roman Catholics, and of course the Vatican’s own spin doctors, will continue to deny it in the face of all the evidence.

There are serious – and extremely credible – allegations that Benedict knew about alleged priestly sexual sins, and failed to act; in fact, in at least one case he actually sent the priest back to work with children, where he continued with his sexual abuse!

The idea that the pope of Rome could indeed be guilty of, at the very least, the cover-up of child sexual abusers within the priesthood is only difficult to accept if one already believes, as Roman Catholics do, that the pope of Rome is the very Vicar of Christ on earth, the successor of Peter, the “Holy Father”.  When one already believes lies such as these, it is impossible to imagine that such a “holy man” could ever be guilty of crimes against the innocent.  But for true Christians, and in fact for anyone who rejects the claims of the pope of Rome about himself, or the claims made on his behalf by Papist doctrine and dogma, it is very easy to accept it.  Like every other pope of Rome before him, Benedict is a mere man, after all; a sinful human being.  He has been a Romanist all his life.  He became a priest in the same way that hundreds of thousands of other men do.  He was required to take the vow of celibacy, just as every priest is required to do, and regardless of any feelings, emotions, and sexual desires he had.  And as a man he had them, and has them, as all men do.  He then rose up through the ranks of the priesthood, becoming in time a bishop and then a cardinal.  During all those many years, as his power and influence grew within the religious system he served, he would have been well aware of the sexual goings-on within Roman Catholic seminaries, monasteries, and convents, and in thousands of parish “churches” around the world.  Then he became the Inquisitor-General – the head of what is today called the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly known as the Inquisition – under his predecessor, John Paul II.  And in this position, he was responsible for maintaining and enforcing doctrinal orthodoxy,[6] and was in fact responsible for dealing with sex abuse cases for over 20 years before becoming pope of Rome.  The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith is the Vatican office which decides whether or not accused priests should be given full canonical trials and defrocked.  This means Benedict was “one of the best informed in the Vatican about the extent, and even the detail, of every paedophile scandal reported to Rome.”[7] The bottom line: he knew.

As Vinnie Nauheimer, a Roman Catholic author who has written extensively on the subject of priestly abuse, wrote: “Are we to believe someone astute enough in his old age to orchestrate his election to the position of pope, was, in his prime, unaware of what was going on in his own backyard?”[8]