The Vatican-Obama Alliance

Kellman taught people how to do effective “organising” in churches, using the methodology of Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation.  Again, one must understand that such “community organising” meant in reality radicalising churches, turning them into hotbeds of Socialism in which liberation theology replaced the proclamation of a spiritual message.  In this way Chicago churches became tools of the revolution, just as they had in Third World countries the world over.  The United States was now experiencing what so many parts of the world had already experienced: Marxist-oriented churches which were preaching the “gospel according to Marx.”

And then, after he became the executive director of the Developing Communities Project, an inner-city work of the Calumet Community Religious Conference, working predominantly amongst blacks in Chicago, Kellman felt he needed a charismatic black organiser who would better relate to blacks and to black churches.  A 24-year-old Barack Obama applied for the job, and was accepted.

And Kellman’s Developing Communities Project, which Obama now worked for, had an office in the rectory of Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Roseland.

In his book, Dreams of My Father, Obama refers to Kellman over and over, but under the pseudonym of “Marty Kaufman.”  And when he signed Kellman’s own copy of the book, Obama wrote, “To Jerry, a friend and a mentor.”  The relationship between them is thus very strong.

That early influence of the Alinsky/Kellman “community organising” on Barack Obama can be seen today in the U.S. president, as he recently established “Organizing for America”, a grassroots project “aimed to be an opportunity for millions of Americans to pitch in and help advance his agenda.”[xliii]

No wonder, then, that the group, Catholics for Obama, stated that “President Barack Obama reflects core values of Catholic Social Teaching, which informs how we live our faith in the world.”[xliv]

The purpose of the Alinskian training sessions in the religious context, is to promote Marxism and radical change in America.  “Their worldview is marred by visions of class struggle and perpetual revolution,” wrote Stephanie Block.  “They are systematically trained to renounce moral truth in favor of consensus-based ‘values.’”[xlv] This is the kind of religious radicalism that Barack Obama imbibed in his earlier years – a Roman Catholic version of Marxism, where Marxists and radical Marxist-inspired Roman Catholics work together for the purpose of taking control and ushering in a Communist society.  Essentially, it is the heresy of  “liberation theology”, which has had such a devastating impact on African and Latin American countries.  For decades, American Christians have viewed liberation theology as something only faced by their brethren in Third World countries; but this was a huge mistake, for now liberation theology is radicalising America.

We have seen, then, that Obama has been heavily influenced, and supported, by radical Roman Catholics since his youth, so that he has been immersed in the heresy of liberation theology, which is nothing less than “Catholic Communism”.  Priests of Rome have laid their guiding hands on his shoulders from his youth up.   Various priests – including at least one Jesuit priest!  According to a major report by the Capital Research Center, Left-wing Radicalism in the Church, Barack Obama was trained by leading Alinskian organisers while he was in Chicago, including a Jesuit priest![xlvi] It is true that Greg Galuzzo, the lead organiser for the Gamaliel Foundation, that network of Alinskian organisations mentioned before which received CCHD grants, is said in the report to be an ex-Jesuit priest; but two things must be noted here.  First, there have always been Jesuits who pretend to leave the Jesuit Order so as to fool its enemies, but who in truth remain in it and serve its purposes.  They are essentially double agents for Rome, and Galuzzo could be one of them.  But second, even if he truly is an ex-Jesuit priest, his many years of intense Jesuit training and indoctrination would not have been easily cast off, and thus, either way, Obama has been influenced by Jesuits!

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