The Vatican-Obama Alliance

Although Alinsky was an atheist and openly contemptuous of Roman Catholic and other religious rituals, he nevertheless worked very closely with radical Romanists on activist political matters from his earliest years.  In Chicago he had many Romish allies.  As far back as 1938, while working in Chicago, he worked closely with a devout Roman Catholic named Joseph Meegan, who directed a local recreation facility, and together they formed the Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council.  Meegan’s brother was a Romish monsignor, and secretary to a liberal bishop, Bernard J. Sheil, who founded the national Catholic Youth Organisation.[xxxiv] Alinsky gained the support of this bishop.

Other liberal and radical Roman Catholic priests were very closely connected to Alinsky.  One was Jack Egan, a leftist radical priest who was a member of the board of Alinsky’s IAF and who was deeply involved in creating the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and the Catholic Committee on Urban Ministry.[xxxv]

Alinsky also gained the support of the Romish diocese of San Antonio, Texas.  This diocese was deeply involved in promoting liberation theology, and it opposed President Reagan’s policy of seeking to prevent Communist takeovers in Central American countries in the 1980s.

The Citizen’s Handbook notes that “Much of IAF organizing occurs through Christian churches particularly the Catholic church.”[xxxvi] In fact, the CCHD is “actively practising Alinsky’s techniques.”[xxxvii] And this has been documented, not by Protestants, but by conservative Roman Catholics, who have shown that literally millions of dollars, raised by Roman Catholics, have been poured into various Socialist social action networks in the U.S. on the instructions of the Roman Catholic hierarchy!  The CCHD does not attempt to deny it, admitting that it has provided ACORN with grants of over $7.3 million during the past decade alone.[xxxviii] One conservative Papist writer and activist, Stephanie Block, documented the fact that Obama was the lead organiser, in Chicago, for the Alinskian Developing Communities Project, which received $40 000 from the CCHD in 1985 and $33000 in 1986.[xxxix] The Developing Communities Project operated under the Gamaliel Foundation, a network of Alinskian organisations supported financially by the CCHD.[xl] The Gamaliel Foundation’s executive director is Gregory Galuzzo, said to be an ex-Jesuit priest.[xli] The Developing Communities Project was an offshoot of the Calumet Community Religious Conference, which in turn was the creation of several Chicago area Roman Catholic “churches”.  The Calumet Community Religious Conference is under the leadership of Jerry Kellman, who was trained by Saul Alinsky.  Kellman, it turns out, is a convert to Romanism.  And Kellman was a mentor of Barack Obama!

Let’s look more closely at Jerry Kellman, who, as one writer put it, “trained the man who would become president.”[xlii] A Jew by birth, he converted to Roman Catholicism in 1983.  His office is in Chicago, on a property owned by a local Roman Catholic “church”.  He has a master’s degree in divinity from Loyola University (Loyola was the founder of the Jesuit Order).  He is actively involved in the life and activities of his “church”.  A left-wing activist, he settled in Chicago decades ago and attended a school run by Saul Alinsky, studying community organising.  And it was he who, twenty-five years ago, brought the young Barack Obama to Chicago and hired him as a community organiser, a move that was to have a profound effect on Obama’s life and ideology.  “Community organising” meant nothing less than radical, Marxist-inspired protests, campaigns, etc., ostensibly on behalf of the “poor” and “marginalised”.

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