The Vatican-Obama Alliance

Obama and the Vatican may differ officially on such issues as abortion, sodomite “rights”, etc., but they are in agreement on such social/political issues as aid to the developing world, nuclear disarmament, and building ties to the Islamic world.  In other words, they agree on Socialist, liberal and even Marxist policies.  As McDonough put it, “The president, in both his words and in his deeds, expresses many things that many Catholics recognize as fundamental to our teaching.”  “There’s certainly a lot of common ground,” said Press Secretary Robert Gibbs – the other one who kissed the papal ring.[xi] As the president of the Catholic Democrats organisation, Patrick Whelan, put it after the meeting: “Overall it was clear that the common ground between the U.S. Government and the Holy See – on poverty, the environment, international armed conflict and peace in the Middle East – far outweighed their differences.”[xii] Precisely so.  Obama himself said in the interview before his meeting with Benedict that the issue of abortion had sometimes drowned out other aspects of Roman Catholic social views: “That part of the Catholic tradition is something that continues to inspire me.  And I think that there have been times over the last decade or two where that more holistic tradition feels like it’s gotten buried under the abortion debate.  As a non-Catholic, it’s not up to me to try to resolve those tensions.  As I said, all I can do is to affirm how that other tradition has made me, a non-Catholic, I think reflect on how I can be a better person and has had a powerful influence on my life.  And that tells me that it might be a powerful way to move a broader set of values forward in American life generally.”[xiii]

Politicians are often accused of saying nothing with a lot of words.  But in this case, we would do well to ponder carefully what Obama said here, for he was not just blathering on.  Apart from blithely dismissing the murder of millions of unborn children, he was saying that he was in agreement with Roman Catholic social doctrine on a number of important issues, and would seek to implement that social doctrine in American life!  Thus, although not himself a Roman Catholic, he was pushing forward the Vatican’s own agenda for the United States of America.  Americans are seeing the proof of this, in the national health care reform matter, in the matter of illegal immigration, in relations with the Islamic world, etc.  Both Obama and the bishops support a Socialist health care system, giving health care to illegal immigrants, granting illegal immigrants citizenship status, etc.  No wonder the Roman Catholic hierarchy in the U.S. so enthusiastically supported Obama and continues to do so, even though he is in favour of abortion!  He knows that he would not have won the election were it not for the support of the Roman Catholic “Church” and its millions upon millions of followers, and he is not about to lose the opportunity of winning a second term with that support by being foolish enough to oppose Rome’s agenda for the United States.  Besides, as he himself has admitted, he is decidedly in favour of much of Roman Catholic social teaching.  This is because he is a Socialist/Marxist, and the Popish hierarchy has been pro-Socialist for a long, long time.  To millions of ordinary Roman Catholics, abortion is a huge and very important issue, but what they fail to realise is that American politics, as with politics the world over, is about far more than this single issue.  And their religious leaders are more than willing to turn a blind eye to Obama’s abortion policy if he will do their bidding in other matters.[xiv] Which is what he is doing.

When Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing, putting him in the ranks of various sinister and creepy world leaders who have received this worthless award for acts of terrorism and similar “noble” deeds, the Vatican warmly congratulated him, saying, “this most important recognition will ultimately encourage such a difficult but fundamental commitment for the future of humanity, so that it might bring the expected results.”  What the Vatican means by “expected results” is that Obama is expected to push forward the Vatican’s own goals in international affairs.  If anyone is in doubt as to what these are, he simply has to consult Benedict’s new encyclical, Caritas in Veritate, in which the former Inquisitor-General calls for a “world political authority”, a world government.  I have analysed this document in a recent article.[xv]

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