The Vatican-Obama Alliance

To look at just one of these policies: Obama supports giving permanent residency and citizenship to illegal immigrants in the U.S., a move enthusiastically supported by America’s Roman Catholic bishops because, given the fact that the vast majority of illegals in America today are Roman Catholics from Central and South America, such a move would massively increase the numbers and consequently the power of the Roman Catholic “Church” in the United States.[vi] On the 8th October 2009 Romish cardinal Theodore McCarrick told the U.S. Senate that a new bill (supported by Obama) would help bring illegals “out of the shadows” and give them permanent residency and citizenship.[vii]

The bottom line is that Obama’s vision of a Socialist America (and a Socialist world) is very much in line with the Vatican’s vision of the same, as outlined in Rome’s document entitled Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, put out by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.  This document states that the “demands of the common good” are such things as “the commitment to peace, the organization of the State’s powers, a sound juridical system, the protection of the environment, and the provision of essential services to all, some of which are at the same time human rights: food, housing, work… basic health care…”  The document is full of such Socialist nonsense, couched in nice-sounding phrases like “protection of the environment”.  It is easy to see how perfectly Obama’s Socialist vision dovetails with Rome’s at this point.  It speaks also of the State’s authority to “attain the common good”, and of the need to subordinate all other rights, including property rights, to the “right” to “the common use of goods”, which means that “goods are meant for everyone.”  In other words, as it says elsewhere, the “redistribution of income and wealth.”  This is outright Communism, and Obama loves this Roman Catholic social teaching!

In December 2008, soon after his election, Obama and the Roman pope spoke by phone.  In March 2009, Obama held a meeting in the Oval Office with the chief of the U.S. Conference of Bishops, the Romish cardinal Francis George.  Then in May 2009 he spoke at Notre Dame University, an important Roman Catholic university in the U.S., and was welcomed as a great hero there, and honoured.  Before visiting the Vatican he met with reporters for various Roman Catholic media outlets at the White House, saying to them, “From a personal perspective… having a meeting with the holy father is a great honor and something I’m very much looking forward to.”[viii] And then he travelled to the Vatican and had a very cordial, friendly meeting with Benedict XVI, the pope of Rome.  “It’s a great honor to meet you, thank you so much,” he said to the Roman Antichrist.[ix] At the meeting he introduced some of his top aides to Benedict, at least two of whom, being Papists themselves, reverently kissed Benedict’s ring.

Before the meeting the White House – with its eye on the gigantic Roman Catholic vote in the United States in the 2012 election – was at pains to emphasise Obama’s strong affinity for the Roman Catholic “Church”.  Deputy National Security Advisor Denis McDonough, one of the two Papists who kissed the Antichrist’s ring and who has been the chief architect of Obama’s friendly overtures to the Roman Catholic hierarchy and voters, said before the visit, “Given the influence of the Catholic Church globally, as well as in the United States, and frankly, given the influence of the Catholic Church and Church social teaching on the president, himself, he recognizes that this [visit to the Vatican] is much more than your typical state visit.”[x] How the United States of America has fallen, when its president can bow and scrape thus to the leader of the most dangerous religio-political institution on earth, the sworn enemy of America!

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