The Pope of Rome calls for a World Government

This second option is Rome’s second-best one.  Ideally, what it would like to see brought into being is a world political body, either a reformed UN or its successor, fully controlled by the Roman pope himself!  As ex-priest Richard Bennett put it: “The kind of world government Pope Benedict XVI is seeking to advance is one over which the Papacy would again sit as moral and judicial authority.  It is to be a one-world civil body composed of member nations, all of whom are equal in status and power.  Over the civil body of member nations is to be a political governing body which in turn will enforce through civil law the ideas of Catholic social doctrine.  While papal plans for accomplishing this agenda are still being formulated, much of their strategy and practice is already at work in the world.”[21]

The bottom line is that according to Roman Catholic doctrine, its pope is the Vicar of Christ on earth, and the whole world should bow in submission to him.  According to official Roman Catholic canon law, “the Roman Pontiff alone has the right to judge Heads of State” (Canon 1405).  And according to para. 41 of the encyclical of the pope, Pius XI, entitled Quadragesimo Anno and published in 1931, “[T]hat principle which Leo XIII so clearly established must be laid down at the outset here, namely, that there resides in Us [each pope of Rome] the right and duty to pronounce with supreme authority upon social and economic matters.”  Benedict XVI, in this latest encyclical, was simply carrying out what he and the entire Roman Catholic hierarchy believe to be his absolute right and duty.

And let none think that the popes only believe they should have power over Roman Catholic people the world over!  Oh no.  They demand absolute authority and control over every single human being on the face of the earth.  This is what they have always demanded.  Nothing has changed.  This is why Benedict’s encyclical is not only addressed to Roman Catholics, but to “all people of good will”.  “The new social structure will include every human person of the temporal realm.  In his latest encyclical Benedict, citing Pope Paul VI, states, ‘authentic human development concerns the whole of the person in every single dimension.’  And, ‘The truth of development consists in its completeness: if it does not involve the whole man and every man, it is not true [authentic]…development.’  What many true Bible believers may not understand is that ‘the whole man and every man’ in the temporal realm will be required to conform to the goals of the world administration devised by the Popes of Rome and enforced by the nation states and the governing body superior to them.”[22] This is shown by the following quotation from the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church: “The overcoming of cultural, juridical and social obstacles that often constitutes real barriers to the shared participation of citizens in the destiny of their communities calls for work in the areas of information and education.  In this regard, all those attitudes that encourage in citizens an inadequate or incorrect practice of participation or that cause widespread dissatisfaction with everything connected with the sphere of social and political life are a source of concern and deserve careful consideration.”[23] Translation: those people who oppose the eventual abolition of private property must be “re-educated” (indoctrinated) so as to remove all such pro-Capitalistic, pro-individualistic “attitudes”.  It could have come straight out of a Communist handbook!

What the world would discover, to its cost, if ever such power was given to the Papacy, is that a Papal-dominated world body would be infinitely worse than what it is now.  For there is no fanaticism so great as false religious fanaticism, and there has never been upon the earth a more deadly institution than the Roman Catholic institution.

These are truly momentous times.  World events are unfolding at a very rapid pace, so rapid that it can be difficult to keep up.  But Bible believing Christians, in the midst of all the whirling confusion in the world, must follow events from Rome if they want to understand the world.  That is the centre of Satan’s power, the very heart of all his strategies and plots which are taking shape in the world.  The seven-hilled city is Satan’s seat.  Christians must be as the children of Isacchar, “which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do” (1 Chron. 12:32).  Christians need to have an understanding of the times, to know what God’s spiritual Israel, the Church, ought to do.  The world flounders in confusion about the times, because it cannot discern the truth about Rome.  Christians have the inspired Word of God, and the great enemy has been identified for us.  Keep your eyes on the seven-hilled city!  It is lusting for world domination, as it always has.  And any increase in its power and authority means an increase in the danger Christians face.

October 2009

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