The Pope of Rome calls for a World Government

But Martino did not stop there: he left us in no doubt as to Rome’s intentions for the United Nations.  “This organization,” he said, “should have political, efficient authority to be able to respond to the demands of the world, and this is what John XXIII had already said in Pacem in Terris and Benedict XVI repeated it.”[19] This shows that the present pope is simply following in the path of his recent predecessors, who, as we have already noted, were pro-Communist.  It also makes all too clear what the Vatican would like to achieve through the UN.  There are those who think that Rome is totally at variance with the UN.  It is true the two have their ups and downs in their relationship, but make no mistake about it, the Vatican strongly believes that via the UN it can achieve its own purpose for the world, namely, nothing less than eventual world domination.  Just as it sought to use Nazism to achieve such a goal, and then Communism, so it seeks the same via the UN.

This Papal encyclical was timed to be released shortly after the United Nations Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis called for global taxes and stronger global institutions.  What very few know is that the president of the UN general assembly was a Roman Catholic priest, a Communist named Miguel D’Escoto!  And at that conference this servant of the Papacy called for the world’s nations to revere “Mother Earth”, and concluded with words from the pope of Rome blessing the participants at the conference![20] Thus we see the growing influence of the Vatican over the United Nations, despite the areas of difference between the two.

And not only was the encyclical released soon after the UN conference, but also just before a meeting of the G-8 nations, as well as a Vatican meeting between the pope of Rome and US president, Barack Obama!  As they say, timing is everything.  It was designed to have maximum impact, and it did.

Astoundingly, Benedict warned that the world government he was calling for could “produce a dangerous universal power of a tyrannical nature” and this must somehow be guarded against.  A couple of points well worth noting here.  In the first place, the United Nations already is a dangerous universal power of a tyrannical nature.  How could such a danger be guarded against when it already exists?  In the second place, the Roman Catholic institution is, itself, a dangerous universal power of a tyrannical nature!  Worse, in fact, than what the UN has been, because Romanism is a tyrant not only over the bodies of men, but over their souls.  Religious tyranny is always the worst kind of tyranny.  The history of Romanism has been the history of the greatest tyranny the world has ever known.  And Bible prophecy said it would be so.

And in the third place, in order to (supposedly) guard against the world body being a dangerous tyrant, we can expect that the Roman pope will be seeking for means whereby the real power of such a world body would reside in himself! After all, this has always been Rome’s desire and goal: to rule the world.  If the UN, or any successor to the UN, can be harnessed to achieve this goal, it will be.  Thus far, Rome has not been as successful as it would have liked in controlling the UN.  Often the UN goes against Rome’s objectives, especially in such matters as abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia, etc ., all of which Rome claims to be opposed to, and all of which the UN supports.  Rome would dearly love to re-constitute the UN in its own image, or, failing that, to see the UN dismantled and a new world body created in its place, more in line with Rome’s own objectives and more easily malleable to Rome’s will.  And perhaps, by saying that the world would have to guard against a world body becoming tyrannical, the Roman pope is hoping that in time, his own “moral authority” could be accepted by the world, or at least by much of the world, as necessary to reining in the potential tyranny of a world body.  It’s a long shot, but from his perspective, it’s worth it.  Failing that, however, Rome is prepared to turn a blind eye to abortion, euthanasia, etc., as indeed it has done many times, if by doing so it can achieve a greater goal.  This is why, despite his strong pro-abortion, pro-homosexual stance, US President Barack Obama has been enthusiastically supported by Rome, and millions of American Roman Catholics were encouraged to vote for him.  Obama serves Rome’s greater objectives, so it turns a blind eye to certain policies of his.  And Rome will readily do the same with the UN, if it serves its own purposes thereby.