The Pope of Rome calls for a World Government

The Pope of Rome Calls for a World Government, PDF Format

On the 29th June 2009 the present pope of Rome, Benedict XVI, published a major new social encyclical (Papal treatise) entitled Caritas in Veritate, which means “Love in Truth”.  In it, he called for internationally regulated globalisation, and a powerful world government in the form of a reformed United Nations.

Cliff Kincaid, an American journalist and media critic, asked: “Who will investigate the U.N.-Vatican Connection?”  This was the title of an article he published, in which he said: “The Boston Globe won a 2003 Pulitzer Prize for covering the Catholic Church’s decades-long cover-up of priests who sexually abused children.  There is a Pulitzer Prize waiting for the reporter who can figure out why the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church, considered by Catholics to be the personal representative of Jesus Christ, has emerged as an advocate of one of the most corrupt and non-Christian organizations on the face of the earth – the United Nations.”[1]

Well, I don’t have to try to figure out why the pope of Rome is an advocate for the United Nations.  I know why.  And so does every Vatican researcher who understands that the pope of Rome is the Antichrist of Bible prophecy, and the Roman Catholic “Church” is the Great Whore of Bible prophecy (Rev. 17).  But I won’t hold my breath waiting for a Pulitzer Prize for knowing this and exposing it.  I know there won’t be any.

It’s very simple: the pope of Rome is a major advocate of the UN because the “church” over which he presides is not a true Christian church, but is described as a harlot in the Bible; and because he wants to use the UN to advance the Papacy’s own centuries-old agenda for world government and world domination.  That’s why.

Rome may (officially) view it as a pity that the UN favours abortion and euthanasia; it may be unfortunate, as far as Rome is concerned, that the UN, instead of being an outright Roman Catholic-controlled organisation, often pursues its own agenda.  It may be a pity, as far as Rome is concerned, that the UN supports the New Age concept of “meditation” to achieve “cosmic consciousness”, not to mention other outlandish New Age religious concepts.  And in fact, in his encyclical Benedict makes a few statements condemning neo-paganism and pantheism, etc.  Ideally, Rome would want the UN to be a truly 100% Roman Catholic world body.  But such things will not prevent Rome from seeking, with all its might, to make use of the UN to further its own objectives in the world. After all, this is the religio-political institution that supported the Nazis,[2] even though the Nazis were deeply involved in the occult[3] (as, after all, are a great many Roman Catholic priests themselves).  This is the religio-political institution which readily used, and still uses, the forces of international Communism to further its own agenda.[4] This is the religio-political institution which is quite happy to overlook all Barack Obama’s anti-Papist positions on various moral matters because, by supporting him, it can achieve other, more important objectives, as far as it is concerned.  When it comes to moral matters, the Papacy is utterly immoral.  Like the harlot the Bible calls it, it plays the field.  Whatever will further its objectives, it seduces and uses.

Benedict, although conservative in certain respects, is not conservative when it comes to globalisation and a New World Order.  Rome’s stance on politics is decidedly supportive of the Reds (now known by various names, not solely as “Communists” anymore).  This Papal document is thus very pleasing to Roman Catholic liberals, but not to Roman Catholic conservatives.  Even the liberal New York Times realised that the Papal call for a world political authority amounted to an endorsement of a New World Economic Order, which is the goal of the international Communist movement.[5]