A Mass Grave of Babies and the Lie of Limbo

Then in May, this Romish bishop “blessed” the land for the first time.xvi He said, “We now entrust these children to the abundant mercy of God so that they may find a home in His kingdom.”xvii Here we see Rome’s false theology yet again: the remains of these children have lain in that plot for decades; yet this man prayed that God would be merciful to their souls so that they “may find a home” in His kingdom. According to the Bible, the Word of God, when a person dies his soul goes immediately to either heaven or hell, and nothing that anyone can do or pray on earth will alter that. Yet this Romish bishop prays as if the souls of those children were floating about somewhere for all this time, unable to find a resting place in heaven until he prayed this prayer! Thus he deceived those listening to him into believing that the eternal destiny of those children was in his hands! In this wicked way the power of Rome’s bishops and priests is solidified over the deluded people who believe them. That this was indeed the effect upon the grieving Roman Catholic relatives present at the “blessing” was evidenced by the many who wept as he prayed, and by the words of Relatives of the Milltown Babies founder Donna Hanvey, who said that the “blessing” was a day many like her had been waiting for. She said, “The bishop has done an awful lot for us. First came the apology and now he’s blessed the graves and recognised these babies which has made such a big difference to us.” It was also shown by the words of Colette Walsh, whose son was buried there, and who said, “This has been a wonderful day for me. It’s a day I never thought I would see. It’s been a long time coming. The apology the bishop gave was unbelievable but the fact he blessed the graves just shows that these babies will never be forgotten now.”xviii

The tragedy here is that these poor people have been deceived and misled by a religious institution falsely claiming to be a Christian church: the Roman Catholic institution. It callously dumped babies’ bodies in an unmarked grave because as far as it was concerned, they did not deserve proper burial in the “holy ground” of the official cemetery as they had died without being “baptized.” How cruel to teach that, because a child’s soul could supposedly not go to heaven, its body could not be buried in a “proper” cemetery! Even if they sincerely believed the “soul in limbo” teaching, what had that to do with the body? Why should the earthly remains of a person be punished because its soul was not in heaven?

But this is how Rome has been. For example, it exhumed the bones of John Wycliffe and burned them, because it believed Wycliffe had been a heretic whose soul was in hell. It did the same to others as well. And the same mentality lay behind the treatment of the bodies of “unbaptized” infants.

These poor, deceived Roman Catholics suffered untold pain because their religion taught them that their babies were in limbo. They then suffered further pain because their religion taught them that a “proper” burial meant being buried in ground that had been supposedly “consecrated” by a priest. This is nothing but heathenism. There is no such thing as a “consecrated” burial ground, and it makes no difference whatsoever to a person’s eternal state whether he is buried in so-called “holy” ground or not. None of this is found in the Bible. It is all heathenism, adopted into Roman Catholicism centuries ago. It is all a lie. Roman Catholics have been fed a double lie: they have been lied to regarding the bodies of their dead relatives, and they have been lied to regarding their departed souls.