A Mass Grave of Babies and the Lie of Limbo

And note how breezily Rome simply dismisses its shocking errors, and the pain and trauma caused by them. As we wrote in a previous article on “limbo”: “Rome’s motto has always been, ‘Always the same.’ It claims that it never changes. It claims that it teaches the truth which the apostles taught. And yet here we are, in the 21st century, and Rome is backtracking on what it permitted its blinded devotees to believe for many, many centuries! Literally millions of Roman Catholics have lived and died in the belief that unbaptised children cannot go to heaven, but must spend eternity in a place called limbo, a place that is not hell and not purgatory but also not quite heaven. And now – Rome has ‘backtracked’! It now simply says, ‘Oops – there’s really no such place after all. We’ve allowed our priests to teach this concept, for centuries, to the poor grieving parents of babies who die in infancy without being baptised; but, well, ahem, the place really doesn’t exist.’ And this monstrosity is believed by millions to be a Christian church?”x For centuries Roman Catholic parents who suffered the loss of a child before it could be “baptized” were fed this lie, and were expected to just get over it and accept their “Church’s” heresy. Millions lived their entire lives believing that their children were in limbo, and all because they failed to apply a few drops of water to their heads in time.

The Ulster Wildlife Trust stated that it would transfer any established graves back to the “Church” of Rome once an accurate map of the burial sites had been made by archaeologists using ground-penetrating radar equipment.xi Although the results were not made public, relatives said the results had confirmed their suspicions that graves were indeed contained there.xii A spokeswoman for the Ulster Wildlife Trust said, “This could really open a can of worms. We purchased this land in good faith and have been co-operative with the families and the trustees of the cemetery. But ultimately this was a mistake by the Church and we feel it is their responsibility to resolve the matter.”xiii Very true. If indeed the wildlife trust had no inkling of these things when it purchased the land, the fault lies entirely with the “Church” of Rome. Its callousness and utter disrespect for people is revealed starkly by this incident.

In April the “Church” of Rome apologised for selling the land, after admitting that the plot of land contained graves, many of them belonging to infants and newborn babies. The Roman Catholic bishop of Down and Connor, Noel Treanor, apologised for the distress caused to relatives whose loved ones were buried there.xiv In a newspaper advertisement, he said: “It has become apparent that part of the ground included in the lease [to the Wildlife Trust] contained the unmarked graves of babies and older people buried many years ago. On this Good Friday I, on behalf of the trustees of the cemetery past and present, apologise to all those who have loved ones buried in this section of the cemetery and I regret the hurt and distress that this has caused. I want to reassure them that all necessary steps are being taken, with the cooperation of the Ulster Wildlife Trust, to take back possession of this sacred ground. When the ground in which the loved ones are buried has been returned to us, we will restore this part of the cemetery and erect an appropriate monument to the memory of all those who are buried there, both young and old, so that it will be a fitting place for their relatives to visit, pray for and remember their loved ones.”xv Of course, praying for dead relatives is completely unbiblical and heathenish, as is “blessing” ground; but then, Rome is a heathen religion. As for the “apology”, Rome’s apologies are never worth anything anyway. Those babies were tossed into unmarked graves, and the “Church” of Rome, which must have known where they were, later readily let the land become part of a wildlife reserve, doubtless in the hope that all evidence of this aspect of its doctrine and practice would thereby be covered up; and now, having been found out, it “apologises”.