A Mass Grave of Babies and the Lie of Limbo

“It’s horrific when you sit down and think about what has been done,” said Eileen Strong, a founder member of a group called the Relatives of the Milltown Babies, which demanded that “Church” leaders apologise for leasing the land to the wildlife trust, identify the grave sites, and return the land to the cemetery with new grave markings. “We were always taught never to say no to a priest but it’s about time someone stood up to the Church.”vi Indeed it is horrific, and indeed many Irish Papists are at last beginning to stand up to their false “Church” more and more, in the light of the priestly child abuse scandals that have rocked Irish Roman Catholicism to its foundations. The times are changing, and the Lord God is tearing away the hypocritical mask of piety worn by the priesthood of Rome for so long.

Another member of the Relatives of the Milltown Babies, Colette Walsh, was a teenage mother in the 1960s. She gave birth to a stillborn son with severe brain damage, and she said he was treated “like a piece of dirt” by hospital staff. As was common at the time, the male members of her family took responsibility for the child’s burial, and she was not told exactly where her son was buried, nor did she ask. “That was the culture at the time,” she said. “You were expected to get on with your life and put it behind you.” After consulting the record books at Milltown, she found an entry for a nameless baby, identifiable only by her married name in the adjacent column. That was how she discovered that the plot of land in which her son had been buried had been leased to the Ulster Wildlife Trust. “What angered me is that no one was ever consulted about this,” she said. “No one thought of the grief and hurt that this would cause the families.” She said, “There must be hundreds of mothers, fathers, aunts or uncles out there who know about one of these children. We want people to come forward and talk to us. They have nothing to be ashamed of.”vii

A founder member of the group, Donna Hanvey, whose newborn baby brother was buried at the site in 1966, said: “It’s unkempt and full of rubbish, yet there are burials in there – as many as 11000. It’s as simple as that.”viii

Once it became clear that the Relatives of the Milltown Babies really did have a case, Rome lost no time in dispatching a priest to make the most of the situation and thereby attempt to play down the tragedy. Priest John McManus met with the families concerned and also conducted a vigil service at the cemetery boundary at “Christmas” time in 2008. What a useless, empty gesture! But sadly it was doubtless appreciated by the Roman Catholic families, misled as they are to believe that such a “service” would somehow be beneficial. Working with the families, he demanded that their children’s resting place be mapped, marked and preserved. The priest said, “We’re coming out of what we can only regard as a mistaken theology of a hundred years ago. People have been carrying the grief and burden of losing a child for decades and it’s important we get this right.”ix What astounding audacity! Doubtless by the “mistaken theology of a hundred years ago” he means the Roman Catholic teaching about “unbaptized” babies and limbo. Well, the truth is that it was a theology maintained until just a few short years ago, not a century ago! And furthermore, Rome prides itself on being “always the same” – yet here this priest admits it was a “mistaken theology”! Well then, if Rome was mistaken about this, what about all its other unbiblical, heathenish doctrines and dogmas? What about Mary worship? Prayers to the dead? Prayers for the dead? Saint worship? The worship of the wafer in the mass? What about Purgatory? The seven so-called sacraments? Salvation by works? What about all the other heathenish doctrines? Will Rome ever admit to these being “mistaken theology”? Don’t hold your breath, because it’s not going to happen. It’s one thing for Rome to drop the teaching on limbo; but it will never drop its other, officially defined “doctrines of devils”.