Still Blood on the Harlot’s Lips

Christians must pray for their brethren in Christ in places such as Mexico.  You who still enjoy many freedoms: have you any idea what it is like to stand for Christ in a country such as Mexico?  If you do not purchase alcohol or participate in drunken revellings of false religious festivals, people may think you are mad, and at the worst you may be laughed at, or jeered; but in Mexico, you may be killed!  Bless God for the safer circumstances in which the Lord has placed you; but pray for your brethren in Mexico, and pray for men to be raised up to go to that land with the Gospel; and pray, too, for yourself, for it may be that you will one day face the trials they are facing.  Are you ready to suffer for your Lord?

Be not deceived by her!  She may wear a smile on her harlot’s face today, but it is the smile on the face of the tiger.

April 2009

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