Still Blood on the Harlot’s Lips

In September 1994, three Protestants were murdered, and a 13-year-old girl was raped, by Roman Catholics in San Juan Chamula, Mexico.  Over 500 Protestants had been exiled from their homes for a year, and when they returned they were attacked by 300 Roman Catholics, led by powerful authorities; and it was in this attack that the murders and the rape occurred.  The three were murdered in their own homes.  Reason?  The Roman Catholic authorities hated the Protestants because they would not purchase their alcohol or participate in their parties.  The mayor of San Juan Chamula was suspected of being involved in covering up the violent crimes in the area for the past 20 years.[22]

In May 1995, local political leaders in Hidalgo State, Mexico, used threats, imprisonment and forced labour to pressurise newly-converted Protestants to recant.  The pastor of a church in the town of Aguatitla said that the harassment was aimed at several families, newly converted, in the nearby town of Pueblo.  Two converts were jailed overnight and denied food and water.  A local resident tried to defend them, but was also detained, and another man who tried to defend them was tied to a tree all night.  The next day the Protestants were ordered to begin four days of forced labour without pay, hauling and breaking rocks for 12 hours a day.  Then they were ordered to sign a document stating that they would not worship with their fellow Protestants.

On the same day that the two Protestants were jailed, local political leaders held a town assembly and announced that the “new” religion of Protestantism was false, and should be eradicated from Pueblo.  Townspeople then threatened to burn down the homes of Protestants and chase them out of town.[23]

In September 1995, John Paul II told Brazilian bishops that their “Church” must do more to fight the influence of religious sects and the “serious damage” they were causing to the Roman Catholic faithful.[24]

In 1996 it was reported in the Washington Post, “In the last two decades, as many as 30 000 former Catholics who have converted to Protestantism have been expelled form their home towns in Chiapas…. In perennial conflicts that have surged in recent months, many of the converts have been burned out of their homes.  Others have been beaten, tortured, raped, and hundreds have been killed”.[25]

Also in 1996 the UK’s Sunday Telegraph reported: “John Paul II summoned all his strength for a fiery anathema against the Protestant sects [in Central America], rebuking them for their insolence and malice.  He was flanked by Central American bishops in full regalia, a striking display of the splendour and magisterium of the Catholic Church.”[26]  Such words, such anger from the pope, would have been taken to heart by the fanatical Roman Catholics of Latin America.

In 2001 the Roman Catholic cardinal, Maradiaga, of Honduras, attacked “evangelical sects” in Honduras, and appealed to the government to review the work of such “sects”.[27]  And also in 2001, Protestants in three Mexican villages were threatened with imprisonment, expulsion from their homes, denial of access to water and electricity, and death.  In San Nicolas, in the central state of Hidalgo, Protestants were given a deadline to renounce their faith, or they would be forced to leave their homes and community.  In Arroyo-Arena San Lorenzo La Lana, Choapa, in the southern state of Oaxaca, two Protestants, newly converted, were imprisoned on two separate occasions and told to deny their faith.  In addition, local authorities ordered that six Protestant families in the community (a total of 40 people) were to have their water and electricity cut off, and their homes and animals burned.  They also received death threats.  And in Los Llanitos, Teopisca, in the southernmost state of Chiapas, town authorities formally declared in May that the town’s Protestants would be expelled unless they agreed to participate in all the Roman Catholic festivals.[28]

Yet again in 2002, the Roman pope urged Brazilian bishops to counter the influence of “sects”.[29]

And the incidents reported here are just the tip of the iceberg.  There have been thousands more over the decades: beatings, tortures, rapes, murder.  Clearly, the devout Papists of Latin America are taking the papal words to heart, and violently persecuting Protestants wherever and whenever they think they can get away with it.


This persecution of Protestants did not happen in the Dark Ages, it is happening now!  This is the true nature of Roman Catholicism.  This is what she has ever been: a giant persecuting false religious system.  And what she is doing to Protestants in Mexico and some other places, she would gladly do to Protestants anywhere else, the very moment she has the opportunity, all present talk of “love” and “unity” notwithstanding.  Foolish, ecumenically-minded “Protestants” throughout the world have been deceived by Rome into believing that the old, hate-filled, persecuting Roman Catholic institution is a thing of the past, and that in its place a new, loving, friendly, kind, gentle Roman Catholic “Church” has emerged.  They have fallen for the Vatican’s extremely clever global public relations exercise, and they have done so because they are utterly ignorant of what the Bible teaches.  Men err when they do not know or believe the Scriptures (Matt. 22:29), and ignorance of the Bible is almost universal within so-called “Protestantism” today.  The great biblical truths which believers of the past held so dear have been forgotten, or distorted, or ignored.  A “feel-good”, sensationalist-seeking emotionalism has taken the place of sound doctrine.

What saith the Scripture?  It says that Popery, that great, wicked, antichristian religious system, is “drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus” (Rev. 17:6).  Does Scripture anywhere indicate that there would come a time when the Great Whore would cease to persecute the saints of God?  No; it does not.  Quite the contrary, in fact: we read in Dan. 7:21,22 that the Papal system will make war with the saints right until the very end!  In those lands where she finds it necessary, she employs the ecumenical approach: presenting herself as a grand old lady, smiling benignly upon Protestants and imploring them, ever so sweetly, to unite with her; but in those lands where she can get away with it, she shows herself to be the same old Harlot that she has ever been.

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