Still Blood on the Harlot’s Lips

Still Blood on the Harlots Lips, PDF format

The Roman Catholic institution, today, makes use of the ecumenical and the interfaith movements to get her way, far more than she does of open and bloody persecution.  Yes, she still causes wars and revolutions, which result in the deaths of tens of thousands, even millions; the massacre in Rwanda and the massacres of Serbians by Roman Catholic Croatians are two recent examples.  But when it comes to dealing with Protestants, she usually prefers to subtly undermine and to infiltrate today.  She prefers the honeypot approach to the rack and the sword.  For this is, after all, the 21st century, and Rome is supposed to have changed.  The Great Whore now wears a smile on her blood-stained face, and lovingly refers to Protestants – most of the time at any rate – as “separated brethren”.  She clucks soothingly like a mother hen, calling her chickens to gather under her wing, and gullible, foolish “Protestants” all over the world are falling over themselves in their rush to do just that.  She joins hands with Protestants, speaks of “love” and “unity in Christ” and “healing the divisions of the past”, of being “one in the Spirit” and “part of the same family”.  The days of the Roman Catholic Crusades, the Papal Inquisition, and other Roman Catholic horrors of the past seem so far off now…don’t they?

But the truth is, whenever and wherever she thinks she can get away with it, she still, today, resorts to those time-tested and sorely-missed methods she so enthusiastically made use of in past centuries.  For she remains the same old Harlot she ever was, and ever will be: the blood of Protestants still dribbles from the corners of her mouth, even though that mouth is now smiling and speaking flattering and soothing words to them.


In Central and South America, where Roman Catholicism is immensely strong, persecution of Protestants has been going on for decades, particularly in Mexico.

In fanatically Roman Catholic Mexico, Protestants are being violently persecuted by Roman Catholics.  In the Mexican state of Chiapas, these Roman Catholics are known as “traditionalists”, because they blend their Romanism with ancient pagan Mayan beliefs.  But this is something Papists have always done, and continue to do, all over the world.  Rome calls it “inculturation”, and it is actively encouraged.

Town bosses, known as caciques, seek to keep evangelical Protestants out of their villages.  Bibles are confiscated and burnt, Church buildings are destroyed, some Protestants have been jailed and others expelled from villages, either for evangelising or for refusing to participate in pagan festivals, and others have been killed.

In January 2006 two Protestant men in Mexico were arrested simply because they refused to pay a 350-peso fee to provide liquor and other things for the Esquipulas religious festival.  One of them said, “I really didn’t think we would have to participate in this festival, because it was for a Catholic patron saint and we aren’t Catholics.”  But the town bosses, the caciques, didn’t see it that way.  They locked the two men up in such a small jail that they were unable to even lie down, and denied them food or water for almost three days.  After being released, they, their parents and siblings were forced to leave their village, and their land was confiscated.[1]

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